Order of Whispers Scouts Hidden Region

As I mentioned in last week's missive, the Order of Whispers has been investigating a rumor concerning a portion of the Realm of Torment previously unknown to Elonians. Through diligent interrogation of the only known soul to escape the forsaken region, members of the Order of Whispers have located an entrance to the region, and have begun sending in scouts to assess the risks associated with allowing Elonians to enter this land of unimaginable pain and suffering.

The Order is currently refusing admittance to any who are not long-standing and respected members of their organization. They are declining to share even the location of the entrance with any—including myself—who do not serve their brotherhood until such time they deem the information safe for public consumption. While the Order is remaining rather tight-lipped about this investigation, I was able to persuade a guard to share some information. This fellow—who, for the record, was conspicuously talkative for a member of an organization that values secrecy so highly—shared the fact that many of their scouts have encountered Forgotten in this realm. Apparently, the Forgotten are as concerned and curious about this new area as the Order of Whispers and many Elonians.

As for the gems my intoxicated friend mentioned in last week's interview, the Order's scouts report they have seen four different types in this new area. Please do not mistake these gems for the sapphires, rubies, and diamonds used in armor crafting. These are entirely different. And, while their use and purpose is not clear, many amongst the Order suspect them to be some sort of magical artifacts, perhaps used for a ritual or spell. Those in charge of the investigation hope the questions surrounding these gems—as well as the numerous other questions arising about this new area—will be answered upon further investigation. I will continue to share any information as I come across it, and may the Five Gods protect us from whatever evils may be waiting inside this ominous locale.

Mahk Upgrades Miniature Varesh

The up-and-coming Istani toy maker, Mahk, recently had a stroke of good luck. As you may be aware, the young businessman struck a marvelous deal with a group of Vabbian merchants a while ago. This agreement allowed him to pursue his dreams and ensure a successful future for his family. However, the wise Mahk did not expend all of his talent on that project, for he has recently conceived of an improvement to the Varesh Miniature that is sure to be popular.

The idea began when his son complained that his Miniature Varesh toy was easily lost in the tall grasses of the Plains of Jarin, and that, unlike some of the other miniatures the boy had collected, the Miniature Varesh did not possess any weapons or accessories. Mahk, his confidence boosted by his successful dealings with the Vabbians, decided he could indeed improve upon the design. Working with his son's Miniature as a prototype, Mahk increased the overall size of the toy and added a scythe worthy of a warmarshal to his son's prized trinket. The boy then took his new and improved Varesh to various outposts and towns in Istan, showing it to everyone he met. News spread quickly, and within a matter of days Mahk had signed a new trade agreement—in gold ink, might I add—to lead a project that would provide this upgrade for all who own the collectable.

Luckily, the magical essence used to give these toys life also allows the improvement to be applied with no effort on the part of the owners. Once Mahk has perfected his new design, the upgrade will simply take effect. The process involves a form of magic unfamiliar to me. Mahk politely declined to share the details with me, citing the confidentiality of the "Toymaker's Code." But he believes, and I agree, that the changes will give all who own the Varesh Miniature a pleasant surprise.

Watch for these changes to take effect within the next week or so, and don't be surprised if Mahk's machinations make this toy even more desirable and, in turn, more valuable as a collectable.

Random Acts of Kindness

I once again traveled across our fine lands, and during those journeys had the pleasure to note several acts of good will.

In Mihanu Township, Ahken Amun Ra offered directions to the Garden of Seborhin to a lost citizen. With these directions, the adventurer reached his destination in time to meet his party.

Amidst the crowds in the Kodash Bazaar, Holy Alliance Cora gave away some steel ingots to a Warrior in need of new armor. That contribution aided in properly equipping the Warrior for combat, which is a service to all whom he may fight beside.

Back in my beautiful home in the Shing Jea Monastery, Robynn Gravez offered directions to locate a brave Assassin Hero needed for a battle party. Helping people find an extra hand in battle is a help in and of itself, and for guidance of that nature, all citizens should be grateful.

While visiting with the Istanis, I witnessed Kartesh Al Tua offering assistance with a particularly complicated quest. By doing so, he provided aid to both those attempting to complete the quest and those who assigned it, so many thanks to you, Kartesh. At the same location, I also saw Cadavra Ravenstorm offering to escort players to some of the more difficult-to-reach Istani locales for no charge.

Thank you all for your kind natures and honorable deeds. May the Five Gods smile upon you.