Elonian Animal Life

To answer the inquiries that several fine friends posed to me in the Shing Jea Monastery last week, I dispatched a letter to one of my new associates in Elona. I have just received his response, containing information about two of the many animals that reside in Elona. Rangers specializing in Beast Mastery may charm these animals, so keep your eyes open if ever you happen to visit Elona.

The first animal my source informed me about is known as the Pigmy Hippopotamus. According to reports, this strange creature comes up to about the waist of an average-sized adventurer, and is protected by a strong leathery skin. These creatures inhabit both land and water and, according to my source, can be found on the island of Istan. In a small sketch he drew for me, the creature also appears to have a very large mouth—presumably used for attack—and has small ears protruding from the top of its head.

The second animal about which I learned is known as a Flamingo. This bird prefers to scuttle along the ground rather than taking to the air and is similar to the Moas of Tyria and the Cranes of Cantha. Blessed with bright pink feathers, they should not be hard to find. While perhaps not the stealthiest of animal companions, the Flamingo will no doubt be much sought after by those who enjoy exotic animals from across the world. From what I am told, they are also quite efficient in combat, once provoked, flapping their wings in an energetic display of vigorous rage.

I hope my information is of value and that those who put their questions before me are pleased to hear a bit more about Elonian wildlife. I shall continue to share all news of Elona that I receive in future news scrolls.

Guild Emblemers Expand Collection

To prepare for the creation of the citizen-submitted emblems from the recently concluded Emblem Contest, the Guild Emblemers have created a few designs of their own to sharpen their skills. These emblems have once again shown the creative abilities of our fine artisans.

The new collection features a wide variety of themes; from intimidating images of skulls and weapons, to artwork celebrating the beauty of Melandru’s labors, including many emblems with animal themes. One emblem in particular comes to mind, proudly displaying a familiar amphibious being who makes the Shing Jea Monastery his humble home and who sometimes speaks with the citizens there.

Another emblem that was particularly appealing to me displayed a tree dropping some of its leaves. With the change of seasons now upon us, I am reminded of the beauty of the Kingdom of Ascalon shortly before the infamous Searing robbed it of its majesty. I surely miss those days, when the trees were as bright as the fires that forever robbed them of their lives.

The Emblemers have created about two dozen new symbols to serve as icons for the great guilds of our lands, and they should be offered to you very soon. Take a look at them and, of course, I will inform you upon the addition of more emblems, including those from the winners of the Emblem Contest.

Random Acts of Kindness

Over in Ascalon, I espied a Canthan obviously unfamiliar with Tyria who was searching for the quickest route to the Flame Temple Corridor. Kazami Kashibuchi led the visitor to Grendich Courthouse, and instructed him to continue northeast through the tarpits.

In Lion's Arch, a fledgling guild leader was in the market for a Guild Hall, but did not know with whom he should speak in order to make the transaction. Aim Leetskeet quickly sent the leader to the docks so that he could speak with the Canthan Ambassador. Helping a guild leader in turn helps the entire guild.

A young Elementalist in Shing Jea Monastery was asking how to acquire new armor. His confusion was put to rest when Kilandria Kitathas described, in great detail, the different ways to acquire armor.

During recent Guild Battles, Euro Fraternity [FRA] displayed exceptional honor on the battlefield. Throughout the combat, which was long lasting, they consistently showed nobility in their actions and words.

Rest assured, fellow citizens, that your acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. The gods themselves take an interest in mortal affairs, and surely watch for noble deeds such as these to grace their world.