The Hidden Corners of Tyria

Many brave adventurers have traveled from one end of Tyria to the other, be it in search of treasure, in pursuit of a cartographer title, or simply because that path led the way their quest took them. Being a frequent traveler myself, I have often found that asking for directions is the best way to find what you seek. Unfortunately, there are some areas in Tyria that are so distant and obscure, few know their location. I wish to share some directions passed down to me by my predecessor in hopes it will help you visit some of these more remote regions of Tyria.

The first area I would like to help you find is Dragon’s Gullet. Located northeast of the Nolani Academy, this location is full of treacherous Hydras and Abominations who will send less experienced parties fleeing for their lives. It is best to start from Grendich Courthouse, making your way northeast through the Diessa Lowlands and then to the Flame Temple Corridor. Depending on the strength of your party, you can either continue heading northeast past the horde of Charr occupying their sacred temple or, if you are unsure of your abilities to slay the Charr, you can follow the western ridge to the north. Continue to follow that path as it turns east, and find your entrance into Dragon's Gullet. Dragons Gullet is a large area, so be sure to explore every corner of it if you plan to attain the Grandmaster Cartographer title.

Next—to the Shiverpeaks! Northwest of Yak's Bend, you will find the Iron Horse Mines. The easiest way to reach the entrance to the mines is to head south along the path, and then follow it as it turns to the northwest. The Iron Horse Mines is an important mining site for the Stone Summit Dwarves, and it is guarded accordingly. Few travel to this area, and even fewer make it to its farthest reaches alive. To gain the title of Grandmaster Cartographer, however, you will need to chart even the most dangerous parts of Tyria, and this is no exception. Follow each of the paths, and be careful not to get lost as there are many dead-ends; you will easily travel in circles if you are not paying close attention. Of course, you should also remain mindful of the hordes of Stone Summit and Dryders who will hinder your venture.

The next area to which I would like to guide you is also in the Shiverpeak Mountains. Located northeast of Sorrows Furnace, The Granite Citadel is a remote outpost often overlooked by would-be cartographers. Further to the northeast you will find Tasca's Demise and Mineral Springs, both of which are also often missing on maps of Tyria. Mineral Springs is a large and particularly dangerous area, so you would be wise to go with a guide, or at the very least, enlist the services of local henchmen. To reach the Granite Citadel, you can either head northwest from Copperhammer Mines, or northeast from the Deldrimor Warcamp. Following the twisting paths that head to the northeast of the citadel should lead your party to most uncharted areas within Tasca’s Demise and Mineral Springs.

I will unveil more of my cartographical knowledge in a later missive, and of course I plan to disclose my knowledge of Cantha as well. I wish you safe travels, and may Dwayna protect you as you chart the many paths of the great continent of Tyria.

Priests of Balthazar Change
Heroes' Ascent for Weekend

During the course of the last several days, the Priests of Balthazar altered the rules of combat within Heroes' Ascent, drawing a larger crowd and encouraging the creation of many new strategies. Rather than the customary groups of eight battling their way to the Hall of Heroes, smaller parties of six combatants have been entering the cavernous portal to wage combat amongst the ghostly spectators.

Along with the change to party size, Heroes' Ascent also bestowed double fame this past week's end, further escalating the desire to claim the Hall of Heroes. Many heroes have been born this weekend. They claimed their personal glory by littering the Underworld with the corpses of their vanquished foes. The Priests of Balthazar report that the proliferating bloodshed appeased the spirits of the Rift. Immortality tends to make a soul restless, hungry for constant entertainment, and nothing is more satiating to those fallen champions than mortals fighting to the death.

Many champions have been crowned in the Hall of Heroes this past weekend. The favor of the gods shifted frequently, as party after party fought to unseat anyone occupying the legendary Hall. The vanquishers quickly became the vanquished as new and more effective stratagems evolved from the forge of constant strife. Participants declared appreciation for the variety of tactics in use, and many hoped the trend would continue after Heroes' Ascent returned to its normal configuration.

The Priests of Balthazar have stated that they are very pleased with the response to their event, and are assembling a congregation of elders to conceive new ways to bring more combatants to the Battle Isles. The renewed fascination with Heroes' Ascent is still palpable, and some of the strategies conceived during the transient weekend have been modified to be effective now that the changes have reverted. All would deem the occasion successful, and look forward to such events in the future.

Random Acts of Kindness

Having previously noted individuals who inspired an increased feeling of camaraderie and well-being within the world, in this week's communiqué, it seems an auspicious time to pay homage to several noteworthy guilds I met in battle. Each of these showed exceptional sportsmanship:

First, I commend I Play With Fire [Burn]. While this guild made extremely short work of my fearless band of combatants, they were very kind after the battle, sending gracious congratulations to us for having put up a decent fight. Resisting the urge to belittle a slain opponent is an admirable display of control, and for that, I thank you.

Later, after a few victories over some formidable—yet rather rude—challengers, we were bested by a guild known as Tortuga Bay [Grog], a guild that quite simply out-fought us. By all rights, we put up little resistance against their might, and yet upon our defeat they were most humble, complimenting us for a well-fought battle. This display of modesty and fairness is a fine stance to take in any competition.

Over in Heroes' Ascent, there was a guild of extremely talented fighters named GameAmp Guides [AmP] who invited a guest to join them. Even though the party was unsuccessful in their attempt to reach the Hall of Heroes, the members were still exceptionally kind and helpful to their guest, acknowledging his effective configuration of skills and giving meaningful pointers on how to improve it.

The final guild I would like to recognize is Para Sempre Portugal [tuga]. Even though they lost the battle, they remained friendly and civil, and exercised admirable sportsmanship. It is often frustrating—and painful—to lose a guild battle, so I have much respect for their restraint and amicable nature.

Please honor these guilds, and each of their members, for showing great sportsmanship, even in the midst of battle. May their grace in victory and nobility in defeat serve as a model for all.