New Champion Crowned

The echoes of clashing steel and the cries of combat enveloped the Battle Isles this past weekend. Through the carnage arose a new champion—War Machine. This war-hardened guild is an established force in Guild Battles, placing second in the last World Championship. Their path to this year's victory was not an easy one, however; they were put up against the best guilds in all of Cantha and Tyria, each willing to do whatever it took to claim the Champion's title.

War Machine's first challenger was Treacherous Empire. From the predictions I heard from onlookers, it seemed many wanted to see Te win, but most felt War Machine would be the victors. As soon as the battles commenced, War Machine fought with the fury of Balthazar as they laid waste to Te in two furious matches. Observers were in awe of the soon-to-be champions' devastating strategies.

After earning their place in the Championship Match, War Machine was prepared to take on Idiot Savants [iQ]. iQ had just beaten The Last Pride—the previous Champions, and arch-rivals of War Machine—in a series of three matches, and were determined to fight to the last man for the Championship title.

As onlookers waited for the match to begin, an eerie calm settled over the Battle Isles. The only audible sound was the harmonic chant of the Priests of Balthazar as they recited the appropriate prayers to garner Balthazar's blessing for the upcoming combat. While my fellow servants of Dwayna prepared the Resurrection Shrines, the two guilds emerged from the darkness, ready for their challenge. The silence was unnerving as anticipation rose, and when the gates finally swung open, the mass of onlookers erupted as if they had been holding in their sound for centuries.

The Idiot Savants seized a decisive victory against War Machine in the first match. Many of those watching alongside me proclaimed that War Machine couldn't possibly recover after such a loss, while others felt the loss would only strengthen their resolve. Ignoring naysayers, WM rallied well and, after a mighty struggle, emerged victorious. After two epic battles, it was down to one last match.

Onlookers once again fell silent as the final round of the Championship began. Without hesitation, Idiot Savants charged War Machine's guild hall, seeking to end the conflict in a rapid and devastating push. War Machine deflected the attack, and countered with a push of their own. iQ was unable to subdue War Machine's counterattack, and as iQ watched their Guild Lord's health dwindle, the chants for War Machine resounded throughout Cantha and Tyria. War Machine won the Championship, and the masses began their celebrations.

The people have a victor—they have their Champion!

The Struggle to Reclaim Stolen
Arsenal Continues

As predicted, the items stolen from the Cantha-bound vessel mentioned in my earlier missive have been delivered to countless villains and degenerates, imperiling our fine continent. Hoping to even the odds by helping to place these valuable goods in the hands of the worthy, Canthan officials have requested I provide additional details about the weapons identified so far.

The first weapon to surface was the set of Salient Daggers. These razor-sharp blades are being distributed inside the borders of Kaineng City itself! Canthan officials are furious that those responsible for this horrendous robbery would dare have the audacity to distribute stolen wares on the city streets—and right under their noses. May Grenth forever torment these criminals in the Underworld! Assassins are flocking to the city, both to punish those responsible for the crimes against an unarmed merchant ship and, of course, to claim a pair of Salient Daggers for themselves.

My friends among the Luxons tell me of two separate weapons being dispensed within their vassal state. The Outcasts—forever impudent to the rightful rulers of the Luxon nation—have armed themselves with a new type of weapon known as the Hand Axe. This tool of war is proving effective, as bands of Outcasts have been harassing any party leaving the safety of Cavalon.

Also found within Luxon Territory is a Jade Sword. From what I understand, the Luxons provided an unknown blacksmith with a large quantity of Jade, and he was to deliver payment in the form of a new weapon most fitting for the Luxons. Needless to say, the Luxon Armada is enraged that their compensation was apprehended by pirating thieves, and thus have a burning resolve to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

The Kurzicks have reported the finding of a new shield known as the Guardian of the Hunt. These shields have fallen into the hands of the Wardens—xenophobic protectors of Echovald Forest—and Kurzicks fear the Wardens plan to use the shields in their quest to extract revenge from man, upon which they place the blame for the Jade Wind itself.

I have also received the uplifting news that the Lotus Staff has been accounted for, and collectors all across the Kurzick Kingdom are distributing it. It feels good to know that some of these wares made it into respectable hands.

Many other pillaged items have reportedly been found; however, their whereabouts are too vague to make sense of. I am sure the location of these treasures will spread by word of mouth, so keep your ears open for any circulating rumors. May the gods show you the way to that which you seek.

Guild Emblemers Begin Judging
Emblem Contest

Over the past few weeks, the Guild Emblemers have collected submissions from amateur emblemers across Tyria and Cantha. To celebrate the growing relations with the Elonians, the Guild Emblemers requested submissions reflect an Elonian theme. The deadline for submissions has passed, and the judging process will begin shortly.

I was given a chance to view some of the submissions, and I must say I am in awe of the abilities of artisans from our two fine nations. I am sure those designs chosen to join the Emblemers' current collection will bring great honor to our Elonian neighbors, and hopefully will encourage them to open their borders to travelers. Many of the artists chose to create emblems that represent the visiting Paragons and Dervish with images of angels, scythes, and spears, while others based their emblem on the descriptions of Elona the visiting combatants shared weeks ago. While we have not yet seen their exotic land, I am hopeful these emblems will show it justice.

The Emblemers themselves are extremely pleased with the submissions they received, and have vowed to offer similar contests in the future. They tell me the judging process could take several weeks—what with working across two continents—so watch for the announcement of winners late next month.

Random Acts of Kindness

Another week has passed, and with it comes my weekly report on the kindness I witnessed during my travels.

On my way out to speak with the local Emblemer, I saw a young Necromancer named Griffon Man helping a Monk get settled into the Monastery. Not only did he help equip her for training, he also gave her detailed instructions on how to join a guild. Being a novice is always difficult, so I thank you for making it as easy as possible for the young Monk.

In the hectic metropolis of Kaineng Center, I saw Karne Vengeance giving tips and pointers to those new to the area. He provided information on the use of a Superior Salvage Kit, and helped those in the area make an informed decision on their purchases.

Over in Ascalon, I saw a young Mesmer distraught over losing her only weapon. She thought that, without a weapon, and insufficient skills to kill her opponents, she would be unable to continue on her adventure. Celestina Rose helped the Mesmer find a replacement weapon so she could resume her quest, and then accompanied her as she continued to learn her new profession.

Not too long ago, I noticed a young Ranger in Lion's Arch seeking to learn the skill Barrage. Ragnar Of Syvesten and Athena Draconis were both quick to send the Ranger to the Iron Mines of Moladune to capture the skill.

While over in Ascalon City, Cae Of Old Ascalon helped equip a recent inductee of Ascalon's Army with a bow, and with some very sound advice as well. Thank you for your kindness towards those less experienced than yourself.

Back in the comfort of my Monastery, I was fortunate to once again see multiple people answering questions for lost and confused students. Both Beau Arrowhead and Afficted Elemental helped a first year student locate Master Togo to begin mastering a secondary profession.

Thank you to all of those who help make our world a brighter place.