Treasure for the Brave

Over the past weekend, travelers to both The Deep and Urgoz's Warren—two of the most dangerous areas in all of Cantha—found unexpected and bountiful treasure hoards. Those brave enough to enter—and strong enough to return—enthused that their plunder seemed twice as plentiful as what prior adventurers had reaped from those treacherous regions.

Making the already energetic celebration even more joyous, representatives of the warring Kurzicks and Luxons arrived in Kaineng Center and announced they would open normally prohibited areas to anyone seeking a challenge. Generally the two factions limit access to their most elite champions, so every citizen of Cantha reveled in the chance to fight with these famed warriors and hunt for fine treasure in areas they normally cannot visit.

I spoke of the dangers of The Deep in an earlier missive, so I shall refrain from restating too much. Let me just say that it is not a friendly place to visit. Urgoz's Warren also holds many dangers, from booby-trapped bridges to hordes of unsightly beasts. It even has a vast maze that has left many treasure-seekers wandering aimlessly until they collapse from exhaustion, the unprepared inevitably falling as godless monsters wait like vultures to consume them. Often, those who are not killed return quite mad, the demonic taunting of the evil that has consumed the once tranquil cavern driving them to insanity. I was unfortunate enough to meet such a person at the Sardelac Sanitarium while on a visit to speak with Mhenlo of Ascalon. The poor soul spoke of winged demons and giant plants sprouting limbs and tearing his comrades to pieces. After that, most of what he said faded into mumbled ramblings about some sort of great evil tainting the land from within. I could make little sense of his words.

If you managed to survive a trip to either The Deep or Urgoz's Warren, I hope you left with the loot you sought—and more importantly, that you escaped with your wits about you. Although the treasure supplies have now stabilized, you may still wish to visit one of these ominous locations and pillage the exceptional rarities within. That is, of course, if you have what it takes...

Guild Emblemers Outdo Themselves Once Again

The Guild Emblemers throughout Cantha and Tyria have once again collaborated to expand their selection of guild emblems. Guild leaders may now choose their guild's image from a significantly larger number of designs. The Emblemers have truly outdone themselves this time, adding more than two dozen choices to their already vast selection of emblems.

Many of the new emblems pay homage to my homeland of Cantha, featuring artwork that represents my beautiful land. Tyrians crafted their share of emblems, too, bringing forth the spirit of traditional Tyrian art. Some are unlike anything I have seen on either continent, further showing the resourcefulness of the Emblemers' minds. Animals and landscapes from both continents form the basis of many, and a few others, strangely enough, feature food products. It appears one of the Emblemers is a bit of a glutton, or perhaps someone worked through supper and couldn't fully get food off his mind.

The Emblemers report that they will continue to create more unique guild emblems. Given the increased relations with Elonians, we may someday even see some artwork from their lands.

I implore you to take a look at the Emblemers' new selections—even if not currently contemplating a change in image yourself—to marvel at their sheer brilliance and awe-inspiring creativity.

Random Acts of Kindness

I was particularly busy this week, although with pleasure made time to watch for altruistic acts while tending to my weekly tasks. I came across these acts that I felt to be worthy of note:

Over in Lion's Arch, Celine Dreamheart was kind enough to oblige a Warrior in need of iron ingots. She gave him quite a hefty supply at no charge, showing true selfless generosity.

Back in my home in the Shing Jea Monastery, a fellow Monk was confused about her recent assignment. John Spartan was quick to rescue her, helping make use of her Quest Log to remind her of what it was she had set out to do. Thank you, John, for helping this servant of Dwayna on her journey.

In a rather unusual report, I was told of a Warrior named Lone Helper giving away items in an interesting manner: Instead of simply gifting items at random, he collects an assortment of valuables, and then hands them out as prizes for a small game he organizes. Such a creative way to help others is certainly worthy of mention.

Thank you to those I have named above, and to the many others who are no doubt selflessly helping those in need. May Dwayna smile upon you, and may Lyssa grant you all the luck in the world.