New Treasures on the Horizon?

During my travels across Tyria and Cantha I have met many people. And while all have a calling of their own—be it soldier, merchant, mercenary, or scribe—each shares a deep appreciation for unique items.

I recently received word—as yet confirmed—that adventurers have found a few items previously unknown to our world. It is unclear from where these items originated, but early reports state that they are of fine craftsmanship, and are unique in appearance. I have spoken with local blacksmiths and craftsmen in both Cantha and Tyria, and none of them will take credit for the creation of these new objects. So many questions come to mind: What are these wonderful items? Where did they come from? Why have they mysteriously arrived? Yet all of these questions are trivial when compared to the biggest question on everyone's mind: Where can they be found?

One thing is certain: These items are very likely to become an object of great desire for collectors everywhere. Such treasures will no doubt catch a fine price for those lucky enough to find them, particularly while they remain elusive. If you are an adventurer looking for the latest in weaponry, or a trader looking to make a quick profit, you should keep your eyes open for these mysterious new wares.

Weapons of War: The "Touch Ranger"

War between the Luxons and Kurzicks wages on with more carnage than ever. Ever seeking victory, both sides search for the best and most advantageous strategy they can find. Occasionally during these times, one side devises a strategy so effective that its use becomes not just common, but prolific. This is most definitely the case with those known as "Touch Rangers".

The identity of the faction that originally brought the Touch Ranger into its fold is shrouded in mystery, but such combatants are certainly a predominant force in both armies now. Many detachments of soldiers take from one to three Touch Rangers in their parties, and the trend does not seem to be fading. Undoubtedly one faction or another is developing the perfect counterbalance for these powerful fighters, but as of now, they are a force to be reckoned with.

The strategy of a Touch Ranger is simple: young Rangers, having mastered the path of Expertise, are able to use skills at a much lower cost than a typical adventurer. Choosing Necromancer as a secondary profession and learning that trade's "Touch" skills—primarily Vampiric Touch, Vile Touch, and Touch of Agony—the Touch Ranger can quickly reduce an opponent's Health at a low Energy cost. Since the dark Touch skills literally steal the life from the target adversary rather than inflicting actual damage, these skills are resistant to many of the Monk Enchantments encountered on the front lines, such as Reversal of Fortune, Healing Seed, and Healing Hands. Because of a Touch Ranger's ability to steal large amounts of Health without a high cost in Energy, and since Life Stealing skills are resistant to many types of Healing spells, Touch Rangers are one of the deadliest opponents a fighter can face.

When you encounter Rangers in battle, do not assume they all will be wielding bows. They may also be armed with the dark magic of a Necromancer, and that combination is not one to be taken lightly.

Random Acts of Kindness

Once again we call out a few kind souls, out of the many in our lands, for their good deeds. These acts of kindness, however small, make our journeys shorter, our loads lighter, and our troubles that much more bearable.

A young Warrior in Lion's Arch was having trouble communicating his needs to a Rare Materials Vendor. The Warrior desired to purchase steel ingots but did not understand why they were not viewable on the store's shelf. John Howitzer came to this Warrior's aid, providing details about how vendors function, and informing him that if materials are not on display, that indicates the vendor is currently out of stock. John went on to outline how the confused consumer could still acquire his needed materials through trade with other adventurers.

I came across a grand leader named Pwnin Joo while gathering information for a report on the Kurzick/Luxon conflict. Others among his troops were losing hope, but this excellent leader rallied his group, outlined a strategy, and instructed his allies on how to achieve victory over their opponents. With strong and compassionate leadership such as his, Pwnin Joo’s faction is destined to fight with honor.

Sometimes, it is the most simple of kind acts that turns out to be the most useful. While in Kaineng Center, I witnessed a young Assassin, The Assin is Silent, leading a Warrior to the local Skill Trainer. The Warrior exclaimed that he had never once acquired a skill through a trainer because he did not know where they were located or precisely how they functioned. A simple gesture of goodwill on the Assassin's part helped the Warrior a great deal, and proved that it is not only the great acts of heroism, but the small offerings of kindness that make a difference.

We hope that all Tyrians and Canthans will take these small gestures as inspiration to continue to treat all others with honor and respect.