Luxons Earn Much-Needed Victories to Halt the Kurzicks' Push Toward Cavalon

The war between the Luxons and Kurzicks wages on, and neither side has much to show for it. Like tolling bells, success seems to swing from side to side, keeping this brutal war at a seemingly endless stalemate.

The front is just now shifting toward Saltspray Beach—the borderland between the Kurzick and Luxon nations. In recent days, Kurzick forces pushed the Luxons past the Harvest Temple. The Luxon response to the Kurzick occupation was swift and relentless, finding the weaknesses in the Kurzick strategy and exploiting them.

The Kurzicks had been using regiments that were heavy in Minion Master Necromancers, and as expected, the Luxons changed their strategy in response. Soldiers all across the Luxon front started using Verata's Aura, and thus turned Necromancers' own minions against them. The Kurzicks were unable to develop a counter-strategy quickly enough to recover, and soon lost their recently conquered lands.

The battle has now moved to Saltspray Beach. The Kurzicks have begun overwhelming the Luxons with an offense that rapidly kills opponents through the clever deployment of their Rangers. Luxon Monks have found themselves entirely unprepared for the change and are learning the price of underestimating their opponents. The tables have turned, and now it is the Luxons caught unprepared. If they wish to hold their recently reclaimed territory, they are in need of a new plan—and fast.

The Crusaders Praised Throughout Cavalon for their Escorting Service to "The Deep"

A few days have passed since The Crusaders lost ownership of Cavalon, but it will be quite some time before anyone forgets their selfless actions while they owned this bustling Luxon town. Ending months of previously restricted access to The Deep—a lightly explored area of the Jade Sea rumored to hold many treasures—The Crusaders began escorting travelers to the area free of charge once they took ownership of Cavalon.

While The Deep is said to be full of great treasures, it is also rife with danger. Yet for most adventurers, the chance of finding Zodiac Weapons—mystical glowing weapons that can be sold for large amounts of gold—seems to outweigh the risks that go along with entering an area full of deadly oni and man-eating worms. Some adventurers are even testing their Favor of the Gods by attempting to "kiss the Leviathan," the gigantic wormlike creature encased in Jade. Some veterans of The Deep claim that kissing the Leviathan rewards the adventurer with good fortune, while others warn newcomers that the encased beast is just waiting for the right moment to spring to life and strike.

One thing is certain: if you are given the opportunity to test your skill in The Deep, you should accept it. Thanks to The Crusaders, many were able to do just that, and perhaps in the future other guilds will follow the lead of this selfless guild and will offer passage to this most hidden portion of the Jade Sea.

Random Acts of Kindness

We live in a world filled with conflict and turmoil. For many, this has lead to the adoption of an "every-man-for-himself" philosophy. However, there are many who selflessly aid their fellow adventurers and who understand that we must work together to rid our world of evil. These beacons of benevolence are found throughout the lands of Cantha and Tyria. From the ruins of Ascalon to the vast Jade Sea, from the deepest corner of the Maguuma Jungle to the tallest building in Kaineng City, these men and women selflessly aid their fellow heroes with the offer of weapons, tools, knowledge, and guidance.

While one scribe could not possibly come to know all of these exceptional individuals, it has been deemed a worthy effort to note just a few in these missives, as time goes on. For instance, recently:

Hydra Shadowhawk aided a new student of the Shing Jea Monastery by presenting her with a fine pair of daggers. This sort of generosity is beneficial and practical, as a well-armed citizenry may be of real aid in the effort to cleanse the island of the monstrous Afflicted. Hydra Shadowhawk clearly knows the maxim that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and does not hesitate to give without payment. Dwayna blesses all those who give more than they receive.

In Kaineng City, Yatsui Tsundai spent considerable time patiently answering the questions of lost or confused travelers, as well as those newly arrived in Cantha. Yatsui provided a valuable service by freely giving of his local knowledge. With the new threat of the plague, and with armies of rogue guilds attacking unprepared adventurers, such knowledge can mean the difference between life and death.

On a lighter note, Sukimoto Daggerfist spent some time giving dance instructions to young students, and then organized a spontaneous dance party. While this will not directly aid the young people in their quest to overcome evil, it does allow for entertainment and relaxation between battles. Simple joys make our world a better place.

To all benevolent teachers, sincere thanks for your kindness. What to you is a simple piece of advice or an unneeded item can prove to be of great value to another. The heartfelt gratitude of a fellow citizen is treasure, indeed. Be helpful, be generous, and above all be kind to all those around you.