Guild Wars




Guild Wars Holiday Papercrafts

As a special holiday treat, we've got four sets of absolutely free Guild Wars papercraft models for your assembling enjoyment.

Each Tuesday in December we'll release a new model (or model set), culminating in the largest and most ambitious papercraft model we've ever attempted. We won't tell you what it is, but save room at the top of your tree!

Download a .PDF of each model, print it out on heavy paper or card stock, and build it with scissors, glue, and a little patience. When you're done, you'll have a paper Guild Wars model fit for a mantel piece or holiday display!

Model #1 - Gwen Chibi Doll

Q: What's cuter than a little paper Gwen chibi doll?

A: Nothing!

This chibi version of the important Guild Wars NPC is ready to get assembled and fill your holidays with adorableness!

Model #2 - Moa Bird

These jumbo flightless birds are prized by rangers as loyal companions, but you don't need the Charm Animal skill to get your own moa birds—now you can just build them! Considerably smaller and more docile than the real thing.

Model #3 - Rock and (Roller)beetles

These prized beetles are imported from Elona and raced for sport in Cantha, but now you can create your own high speed pack of colorful rollerbeetles out of paper.

This pack of models includes a Rock Beetle, as well as color variants to allow you to build your very own ladybug, flame, wing, hippie, or lightning Rollerbeetle Racer.

Model #4 - Avatar of Dwayna

Let this angelic avatar of Dwayna, the Tyrian goddess of life, grace your home with her comforting presence and unearthly beauty. Set aside some time and a quiet space to build this impressive paper model—she's worth it!