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Guild Wars Community News Archives - 2005

Coldfront Caption Competition 22 December 2005

Guild Wars Coldfront is offering the chance to win a wealth of in-game gold, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Three prizes are up for grabs for players who participate in Coldfront's Guild Wars Caption Competition. Players are invited to take their best screenshot and tag them with an amusing caption to submit. You can find more details at Coldfront, here.

Photics Ezine published 02 December 2005

The Photics Ezine has rolled off the virtual presses and is available for your reading pleasure now. Wow, this is the second anniversary issue! The presentation this month is called A Holiday Love Story, and it offers the usual insight, humor, and quality perspective about Guild Wars. Find it on

New Fansites Join the Fold 01 December 2005

We would like to welcome our newest fansites from around the globe:

Guild Wars Latino: This Spanish-language Fansite offers news, forums, chat, and guild hosting, too.

Guild Wars Tale: Winner of a recent regional competition for new Taiwanese-based fansites, Guild Wars Tale offers Traditional-Chinese News and Forums.

Guild Wars Europe: After a hiatus, Guild Wars Europe is back offering English-language coverage for the European fan base, with news, forums and image hosting as well.

Community News 01 December 2005

Guild Wars Info has added a new section to their site, containing information and image galleries for all of the prestige armors in Guild Wars, including the elusive Fissure of Woe sets. You can find this new section here.

Fansite News 17 November 2005

Guild Wars Poland is starting a new competition for Polish guilds called the Turniej Polskich Gildii, and you can find more information about the tournament at this page.

There's a new game at the Guild Wars Arcade. It's a jigsaw puzzle with everyone's favorite Ranger Lady. We've tried it, and it's a real challenge, but great fun. Click through to give it a try!

We would like to welcome Guild Wiki to the Fansite Program as a Listed site. Guild Wiki provides a wealth on general game information, as well as in-game guides and a Getting Started section. Check them out on this link.

Weekly Fansite News 3 November 2005

Photics has released Issue No. 23 of the Guild Wars E-zine. This months issue presents a Guild Wars Halloween Event review, and also fills us in on future plans for the site. Check it out here.

Guild Wars Norge, our Norwegian fansite, is holding a "Beauty Contest" to find "good, old-fashioned crazy, sexy, cool screenshots." They also report that the user base for their free TeamSpeak 2 server is growing nicely. Click through to visit the site.

Two Fansites Recognized 3 November 2005

We would like to welcome Crossing Tyria to the ranks of the Guild Wars Official Fansites. Crossing Tyria has grown over the last several months to offer a large and varied body of exceptional content in a beautifully-designed site. The friendly forum community is of note, as well. Congratulations to the CT Team. (And be sure to check out the lovely "Thank you" card on the front page of the site a very nice momento of the Halloween Event.)

And heres a long-overdue nod to a site that has been serving the Guild Wars community for a considerable amount of time: Guild Wars Vault. This site, now also designated Guild Wars Official Fansite, consistently discovers new ways to offer more information and resources to the players. From databases to contests, articles to guides, Guild Wars Vault is an excellent player resource, and it also features robust forums, as well.

Fansite News 27 October 2005

Here are the latest updates from several of our Guild Wars fansites:

GWOnline has expanded their armor crafting section, which now includes images of the complete armor sets for both male and female characters, across all professions. You can find the armor crafting section here.

Guild Wars Norge has added a Norwegian language Guild Wars Wiki to their site, which you can find on this link.

Guild Wars Vault is now offering the chance to get free website hosting for fans or guilds of Guild Wars. You can find out more details on their hosting page, located here.

Fansite Updates 20 October 2005

We are happy to introduce two of our newer Guild Wars Fansites who invite you to visit them:

In addition, we want to extend our congratulations and our thanks to Guild Wars Slovenia, whose news reporting is second to none, and whose community is one of the strongest in Guild Wars today. Guild Wars Slovenia has now been designated an Official Guild Wars Fansite.

Community News 20 October 2005

Guild Wars Hispano has sent word of several new additions to their site, including a new weekly podcast on Guild Wars which is published every Sunday, as well as a new listing for guilds on their site, which you can find here.

Guild Wars Photics has presented a new edition, the 11th, in the popular Lost in Ascalon comic series.

Community News 13 October 2005

This week, several of our fansites have posted some noteworthy updates. Here is the latest fansite news: has released the 22nd issue of the Photics ezine, entitled "Loot Greed." This issue discusses the changes to the game brought on with Sorrow's Furnace, as well as offers a guide to some of the quests that you will find within the new explorable areas.

Guild Wars Zhong Guo has given their site a major redesign (best viewed in Internet Explorer), and along with it, they have added considerable new content for those who speak Chinese. Additions include a Skill listing, Elite Skill locations, and mission and quest guides. You can check those out here.

Guild Wars Poland has added two new sections to their site for articles translated into Polish, including interviews, Fansite Friday, Guild of the Week, and others. You can find those located here, and here.

Guild Wars MMORPGs has added a new Guild Wars ladder to their site, which offers an impressive array of functionality features. You can find their ladder in both English and French. Trs gentil !

Guild Wars Coldfront is updating and expanding its site content, and is now offering a detailed Foes Database and an updated Skills Database.

Long-standing Fansite Now Elite 13 October 2005 has been providing strong and excellent support for Guild Wars for nearly two years. With the site's excellent body of content, with its prompt and thorough news posting, and with its attractive and user-friendly design, has shown itself to be a world-class fan resource. We are delighted to designate it as an Elite Guild Wars Fansite. Glckwnsche!

New Fansites Welcomed 22 September 2005

We would like to welcome the following fansites to the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program:

We are currently viewing several additional fansites, and will be posting more news on the expanding family of community sites next week.

New Elite Site Recognized 22 September 2005

Congratulations to France Guild Wars for achieving the rank of Elite Guild Wars Fansite. With their exceptional depth of coverage, their excellent presentation, and their great support of the Guild Wars community, France Guild Wars is indeed amongst the top Guild Wars sites in the world.

Latest News from the Fansites 1 September 2005 offers an update on two new site features:

  • New forums: New forums are available, called The Community Lounge and Player Match-Up. Head here to check them out.
  • Frog Talk Section: This section offers updates on the appearances of the mysterious Frog of Tyria, who provides game info, answers a few fan questions, and provide hints about the future of Guild Wars. Click here for the latest. has just posted a second game based on Guild Wars. This one is a text adventure-style game. Try it out on this link.

Fansite Update 18 August 2005 reports that veteran community member SonofRah has produced an in-depth article on the subject of damage which contains his theories about armor levels, critical hits, armor penetration, attribute requirements, and more. His analysis, "Damage Explained," can be found here.

News from the Community 04 August 2005

Here's the latest from two of our Guild Wars fansites: has released the 20th Issue of the Photics ezine, called Life after Ascension. They also point out their online text-based game and direct our attention to the offered classified ads. reports that their affiliated site, RPGTraders, offers the Guild Wars community a structured, out-of-game environment in which to conduct item-for-item trading, create personal shops and auction off items. Find out more here.

Community News 28 July 2005 has recently completed their Quest Database to list all quests that provide skills as a reward. Users can search the database by skill name or by profession. The skill locations pages are now redone so that skills that are obtainable via quest are linked directly to the quest that gives them as a reward. Follow the links for the Quest Database and the Index of Skill Locations.

The Frat, a Guild Wars guild, has a great comic feature that they are expanding from time to time. Get started on The Frat series by following the link on their front page.

And speaking of comics, is presenting a regular series called Lost in Ascalon, and the newest edition, the 9th, is available here.

New Guild Wars Resources 1 July 2005

The 19th Issue of Guild Wars Photics is online now. You can find the Ascension Guide and Bonus Missions, Part II, online now.

Community News 1 July 2005

We'd like to welcome a new Guild Wars Fansite to the fold:

We also congratulate the following fansite for attaining the rank of Official Site:

New Fansites 3 June 2005

The Guild Wars community is growing by leaps and bounds, and of course the number and variety of fansites new and old combine to reflect the global nature of the game. Awaiting your visit are several new fansites or fan forums, including:

Norwegian-language Fansites:

Chinese-language Forum:

Fansites Update 3 June 2005

A couple of our fansites have been working on new content. With the recent updates, it's great to see the fansites keeping the players informed about the game.

Fansite and Fan Forum Additions 27 May 2005

We have several new fansites and fan forums who have joined the Guild Wars family in recent weeks:

Several other sites will be reviewed in the near future, and we will be listing more sites as they are accepted into the program. If you have a new Guild Wars fansite, or wish to get in touch about an existing fansite, please contact us at Please note that at the present time, the GWCFP is designed expressly for community fansites, and does not include guild sites.

Fansite Recognitions 27 May 2005

We are delighted to announce that two of our fansites have achieved special ranks with the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program:

  • Elite Fansite: Guild Wars Guru has consistently provided exceptional content, news updating, and forums, and has shown itself worthy of special regard as an Elite Guild Wars Fansite.
  • Official Fansite: Guild Wars MMORPGS has developed a very broad range of content, with guides, unique media, and forum hosting for guilds.

Fansite Listing Grows 7 April 2005

We're happy to announce that we have three sites that we would like to recognize. First, two sites have attained the ranking of Official Guild Wars Fansites, for which we offer hearty congratulations:

  • Guild Wars Underground: With coverage in multiple languages, the Underground crew has extended itself to bring even more gamers into the Guild Wars fold.
  • The Italian Lair: This esteemed Italian-language fansite provides excellent news coverage and stunningly-designed guides and content sections.

And secondly, a new French-language site has also joined the Guild Wars community, so welcome aboard to the newly-listed site:

Fansite Language base Expands 28 March 2005

We're happy to announce that the growing staff of one of our fansites — Guild Wars Underground — is now offering fansites in several languages. In addition to English, they provide a site in Czech, Dutch, Polish, and Portuguese. See the Fansite Listing for links to these site.

Fansite Update 25 March 2005

We are happy to welcome new fansites into the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program. The following have joined us as Listed Sites:

We are pleased to announce that the following sites have received place at the Official Level in the GWCFP:

  • Guild Wars Guru: Extraordinary depth of content and fast and detailed posting of news set this site as one to bookmark and visit often. Guild Wars Guru is currently our Recommended Fansite.
  • Guild Wars Info: Amazing presentation and a longevity that few fansites can boast, we're delighted with the excellent support from this exceptional German-language site.

More updates will be coming in the near future. As always, we salute those who keep our community informed about Guild Wars!

New Fansites Added 8 March 2005

The world of Guild Wars is growing, and Guild Wars goodness is spreading around the world! We'd like to welcome several terrific new fansites to the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program:

We look for great things from these sites in the future. If you are creating a Guild Wars fansite please get in touch when the site is ready to be previewed for possible listing on the Community pages.

Community News 15 January 2005

We're happy to present the ever-expanding Guild Wars Guild Emblem Catalogue for your viewing pleasure. The Catalogue we will soon be permanent feature of the Guild Wars Gallery, and will display the many dozens of choices for guild emblems. Find the Catalogue here.

Fan Events Page Added 10 January 2005

We have a new addition to the official site content with our Fan Events page. For those Guild Wars demos, contests, and other fan-based events, we invite you to visit the new page, on this link, or locate it in its permanent position on the nav bar Event tab.