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Passionate Kiss of Nosferatu [KISS]

The Passionate Kiss of Nosferatu is more than one guild. Rather, it's an assortment of various guilds, all sharing the [KISS] tag. And with over 800 members, it is hardly surprising that the KISS tag proliferates widely throughout Guild Wars.

What is the history of the guild?

[KISS] has been around almost two years and was built solely for Guild Wars.

Do you have a guild philosophy? What does the guild aim to achieve?

Teamwork, involvement from everyone, regular faction donations, hints and tips, and much more.

Why does your guild work?

Stability within the leadership, officer commitment, and all round good team work! A leader doesn't make a guild. The members do.

What attracts players to your guild? What sort of players join?

Players who enjoy PvE and PvP. We like people who are involved in well-rounded Guild Wars gaming from Alliance Battles and fast faction farming to fun events like dodge ball and our weekly lottery, as well as PvE help, including farming and completion of games.

What kind of events and activities does your guild have?

  • Alliance chat auctions
  • Treasure hunt (run and find item)
  • Faction farming, and then selling Luxon faction for gold
  • Online scavenger hunt, questionnaires, and brainteasers
  • Team farming of UW/FoW/Deep/DoA and more
  • Guild Bank: a storage area and emergency loan center
  • Daily Alliance Battles against the Kurzicks
  • GvG training with regular GvG
  • PvE help and team runners
  • Dodge ball

Does your cape symbolize anything or have special meaning?

We do not think of ourselves as a bunch of guilds brought together in an alliance. We are one whole KISS guild. All guilds have the same cape, which symbolizes all KISS guilds within the alliance as one.

PvE Game Discussion

How does the guild approach PvE in Guild Wars?

In PvE we focus on farming for experienced members, and game completion for newer members. Roughly 90 percent of our members are highly experienced players in PvE.

Are there any missions you enjoy replaying, and why?

A large majority of our members enjoy farming high-level areas like dungeons and the Deep.

Describe your guild's most bitter defeat.

We don't know the meaning of the word defeat!

PvP Game Discussion

What unique approach to PvP does your guild have?

To us, teamwork and communication is the key to victory. We also like to mix up the game a little and try new builds that people just don't see coming.

Any tricks of the trade you would like to share?

Know your enemy.

Which type of PvP does the guild generally prefer to play, and why?

Alliance battles, because we have more fun and feel more relaxed while playing, though we do have groups within the alliance that also participate in GvG, RA, HA, and TA.

Member Information

Handle: Selket Shadowdancer
Location: UK/China
Position: Officer in the guild that leads the KISS Alliance
Guild Wars deity: Grenth, because I bring death to all those who oppose me.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Fighting my way with some friends to Granite Citadel from Lion's Arch to get Elite Cabal Armor with a level 14 Curses Necromancer. We made it and I ended up level 18 by the time I got there with just one death from the whole run.
PvP or PvE: To be honest I like both equally. Being in the military, I'm a casual player for the most part. But sometimes I like to get down and be serious and creative with team builds in PvP with my guild mates.
Preferred character: I only have one character now. An Assassin named Selket Shadowdancer. She currently fights at long range laying down conditions on her foes with her Shadow Bow.
Why you joined: I joined KISS because they are very well organized and hold a lot of events for their members. I had heard of them previously before joining and decided to give them a try. I haven't looked back since and have now become one of the most respected officers of the KISS Alliance.

Handle: I S U P E R F L Y I
Location: UK
Position: Leader
One interesting fact: I never like to fail. Exceed expectations is the way to go. For me, creating the KISS alliance is perfect proof of this. Ninety-nine percent of our members are happy, like the cape, and are satisfied with the provided help.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The layout. Not the gaming or the graphics but the general build of the game. For example, districts and local chat, and, where ever you go, you find a general team game with a great variety of events and paths.
PvP or PvE: PvP because it requires more teamwork than PvE.
Why your guild is the greatest: Ask our huge alliance. I'm sure they would have plenty to say!
Why you joined: I took over KISS about a year ago and my goal was to create an army of one, alongside some dedicated friends.

Handle: S L A U T A
Location: England
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: It's got great MMO aspects, nicely put together stories, and PvP.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Destroyers for sure. They look the best and are named like my Assassin (DESTROYA)
Guild Wars deity: Abaddon, because of his ability to serve people. And his face reminds me of me in the morning.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: When I first played this game I asked what food can I grow when I "farmed UW."
Gaming background: RPGs in PvE, also some PvP if available.

Handle: Evilness Kills
Location: UK
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: It would have to be Mursaat. They are absolutely awesome, and their Spectral Agony skill would be awesome to have.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Because it has no monthly payment, great graphics, good PvP and PvE, and a low maximum level so you don't have to spend all your time leveling up.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: On my Monk, I died on the edge of a platform, leaving his body slanted (I have a screen shot of it). Also, when playing with my friend, when he died his legs started glowing. It was...weird.
Funniest PUG experience: I went with a PUG group and as soon as the leader added the last person, an Assassin, he started the mission. The person kept saying "wait," but it didn't matter. We entered and the Assassin had only brought Shadow Refuge with him.
Preferred character: My favorite profession has to be Assassin, but my favorite character is Evilness Kills (who is a Dervish) because I have played him the longest and got the farthest on him.

Handle: Sciuto Navi
Location: Netherlands
Position: Member
One interesting fact: My Dervish, Nushi Navi, is named after my laptop, which is also called "Nushi."
Real life experience from gaming: My girlfriend, her dad, her sister, and I all play Guild Wars. Before that we played WoW together on my private server. It's weird. I once yelled "Resurrect the page!" instead of refresh. Another time, I saw a pile of nails lying on the counter, and I thought "steel ingots."
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: I've played WoW and Ragnarok Online but I hate the high levels you have to achieve. In GW you can simply be level 20 in a jiffy and still be "good." Players are more equal to each other here. It's the first game I actually bought in a long time.
PvP or PvE: PvE actually, I like achieving goals, doing quests and all that. PvP is fun too. But still, prefer PvE more because of the adventure.
Gaming background: Mostly PvE, mostly RPG (usually on private servers or just single player RPG). I've played a lot of FPS, too, but lately they're all just the same. Same story, different locations. Shoot, shoot, gah. And the high system requirements aren't nice either; they continue to pump up the graphics instead of working on a great story.

Handle: Killashandra Grey
Location: London, UK
Position: Officer
PvP or PvE: I can't choose! A bit of both is one of the great things about GW. I like to mix it up, help friends with a mission, try and guess where the storyline will go, farm a dungeon, get that elusive title, try a new build in PvP, or rule AB with my guildies.
Why you joined: I wanted to join an active and mature guild that mixed PvE, PvP, and FUN. Then I bumped into KISS and I haven't looked back. Since joining I have been leader of one of the alliance guilds, helped with our wicked website forum and made some great gaming friends.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: When you think of monsters they gotta look scary, tough and put up a good fight…so it has to be DESTROYERS!
Preferred character: Necromancer FTW! From invincible Lich Minion Master to SS farmer to runner, you never get bored with a necro. My favorite, though, has to be in PvP with a blood build I developed around Spoil Victor…so many dead Assassins and Warriors.
One interesting fact: I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to mythology and fantasy fiction. That's the source of all my character names. Now you just have to work out who comes from where.

Handle: Amaltheia Rhea
Location: England
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Definitely a Mursaat because they are gold, shiny, and can levitate.
Gaming background: Well, it all started with Final Fantasy 7, which got me hooked on the virtual world. Then came RTSs like the various Ages Of games and, yes, Warcraft III. Then my friend introduced me to Guild Wars and I've not regretted buying all the games since.
Guild Wars deity: Dwayna. I like Monking and I love to use her on my Dervish.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Hmm…what to choose. I think runes and armor are my biggest flaws. I took a Warrior into an alliance battle with a sword build but rank 11 in axe...that was embarrassing!
PvP or PvE: Hard to say which I prefer more. PvE is great for material rewards (Fellblades are coolest) but then I like PvP for the challenge (though sometimes not).

Handle: Miss Eternal Ele
Location: Norway
Position: Officer
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: No monthly payment, good graphics, awesome PvP, great history, and the lovely females.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: When I got my req. 9 Fellblade from the end chest in the Cathedral of Flames dungeon.
Funniest PUG experience: We were in Stygian Veil, and a guy pulled a classic Leeroy Jenkins.
Preferred character: At this moment, Monk. It can farm everything and is always welcome in groups.
Why you joined: I wanted a friendly little guild. I got the friendliest guild ever, though it wasn't a little one.

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