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House of Moon [MOON]

Guild Information

Why would a player want to join your guild? What sorts of players would your guild accept?

We go out of our way to make everyone feel welcome. We've accepted all kinds of players at all different levels of the game. We don't boot the casual gamer who takes off for a few days at a time. Our guild is mostly made up of mature professionals, a few families and married couples. We're always on the look-out for mature, cooperative players.

Guildies who join us comment on our kind assistance and generosity with weapons and items, especially to beginning players. They often say, "You guys rock!" Or, "Wish I'd found you when I first joined up!" This makes us proud. All players without exception enjoy the birthday parties and shared goodies, the get well wishes for sick children or those who've had a few off days themselves. We welcome back long-time absentees with encouragements to catch up in their game.

Our people also enjoy the videos that one of our creative officers puts together for us. The last one he did included as many of our guildies as possible. A collection of memories that was both poignant and happy, it said a video goodbye to the Guild Wars that we love so much.

The rules of the guild are simple. Treat others with respect. Keep chat channels friendly, and don't use them to advertise items.

Why did your guild choose to play Guild Wars?

Some responses from our members:

  • You get to play an endlessly entertaining, exciting, and interesting game filled with intrigue, stories, action, and strategies for gaming, with no fee.
  • You have the opportunity to create multiple characters with a host of different attributes, armor selections, and weaponry. In addition, you have a vast list of skills and attributes that you can mix-and-match as needed, and you can create special PvP characters for Arenas and other highly specialized builds.
  • The amount of choice in Guild Wars for any one player is totally incredible. We commend the technology behind the monsters and heroes. The vast landscapes are filled with graphics unequaled in any other game.
  • For reality, social contacts, and comradeship, Guild Wars outdoes them all.
  • It wasn't so much that the guild decided to play Guild Wars, but that Guild Wars formed the House of Moon. Although it is true that many guild members know each other in real life, it was an enthusiastic majority that labeled Guild Wars as "the game."

Does your cape symbolize anything or have special meaning?

The cape was designed with some specific ideas in mind. First, the guild started with three players, hence the three stars. The moon represents the name we chose for our guild, and it represents our leader, Moon Shadow Warrior. The translucence of the Moon symbol signifies a doorway to many realms of discovery, upon which we the players have embarked. The cross symbolizes adventures of old, when heroes took up their shields and swords to explore the worlds, as in the Crusades. The colors represent the night (dark blue) and the day (light silver).

Our motto is Nulli Secundus, meaning "Second to None" in Latin.

PvE Information

What heroic accomplishments can your guild boast about?

Rotscale's scaly hide has become the target of more than one guild hunt. After taking Rotscale down multiple times (by rezoning), we celebrated at our guild hall, Hunter's Isle, with a party where the Dwarven Ale flowed freely and the lucky few could show off their new bows.

Does your guild have a favorite region/part of the world? Why?

Guild Wars is truly a beautiful game. It has such diverse landscapes and offers lots of eye candy. It's hard to pick just one particular area. However, if you were to hold a poisoned arrow to our heads, most of our guildies would say pre-Searing Tyria. The majority of the guild started their first characters in Tyria, and that area conveys a sense of peace. Many in the guild keep a character permanently there. Playing in the Charr lands in Eye of the North was like a homecoming for us.

Are there any missions you enjoy replaying, and why?

There's nothing more entertaining than going to Hell's Precipice and watching the cut-scene of Rurik's death while the lead character is wielding a banana scythe and wearing a pumpkin head. It's become almost a guild tradition. We also own Thunderhead Keep. For the first year and a half, we would divide into two teams, each holding a different gate. That made it an especially exciting mission, where the ending was in doubt. Now, we camp the king. Not as much fun, but at least you're guaranteed the win and the bonus, even in Hard Mode.

Member Information

Handle: Moon
Broad location: Ontario
Position in the Guild: Leader
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Without a doubt, I'd have to be Rotscale. He has a moat, a cool bow, wings, and the view from his perch is spectacular!
Preferred character: For versatility and entertainment factor, I definitely enjoy playing the necromancer the most. From his laid-back wave to the mosh-pit, the necromancer is cool to the core, and it has the ability to tank, support or be the primary damage dealer.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: When I started playing the game, I didn't always look closely at the names of the creatures that were attacking. I kept telling my group to kill the naked horseman! This was laughed at continuously. I was very frustrated that the group kept laughing at my suggestion, only to realize that the horseman wasn't so much naked as he was necrid.

Handle: Amber
Broad location: Ontario
Position in the Guild: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: The funniest thing that happened occurred on a day when I was playing a Monk. I'd been a Monk from day one, so my skills were quite adequate, and I was capable of keeping my group healthy. We were fighting monsters in the land areas of Glint. She was waiting for us while we battled through all the portals on the way to her lair. All of a sudden, one of our team says, "Don't heal me. Watch this." And off he ran to display his newly acquired skill of Grenth. The monsters gathered around him, but he kept yelling, "Don't heal me! Don't heal me!" He didn't look well at all, yet he kept yelling his mantra, "Don't heal me!" The rest of us watched the small green dot amongst the voracious, red, grasping and devouring monsters, waiting for a miracle. His Health Bar diminished. Well, I didn't heal him as he had asked, and he died an awful, agonizing death! Not sure why he did that, but we all burst out laughing. It was just too fun!
One interesting gaming fact: I find it fascinating how quickly the brain assimilates new technological advances, how man has evolved his thinking patterns and love of curiosity, landing him in a realm of make-believe and fantasy. I enjoy Guild Wars mostly because of the continuing leaps into the unknown, and the constant enthusiasm of the staff that creates the amazing environments in which we play. It is like looking into the future of all possibilities, an extension of my own life.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: I wanted to take some old runes off my armor and replace them with new. I hesitated only a moment because I felt confident it could be done safely enough. Oh my, much to my horror, the rune and armor disappeared. The pants, that is. I found myself running--much like in those dreams where you are naked--through town to find an armorer. Yes, I actually felt embarrassed!

Handle: Kat
Broad location: New York
Position in the Guild: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: Some friends and I were helping a new player navigate the Undercity of Cantha. We had just finished fighting a group when we noticed the new player was running away fast. It took us a few confusing minutes on voice chat to figure out the new player thought he was following the group, but instead, he was following some random NPC character.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Guild Wars is the most beautiful game I've ever played. In the original campaign, I was amazed at how different each area seemed from the last. I liked the jungles and deserts with their own unique sets of monsters to defeat. I love the fact you can go out exploring areas without being tied down to a storyline or a quest. Each profession requires a different playing style, which really makes exploring the same areas over again lots of fun. And finally, Halloween and Christmas events really blew me away. Seeing the transformation of Lion's Arch into a winter wonderland was quite awesome, not to mention the fact that it was all freely given to us.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: My most embarrassing Guild Wars moment was when I excitedly told some friends that the circle around our characters on the compass map is our aggro bubble. I thought this was news that not everyone knew. Then I found out that everyone, but me, already knew this. Then, my friends told me that it suddenly made sense to them why I always aggro'd monsters we were trying to ignore. Doh!

Handle: Jezz
Broad location: Tennessee
Position in the Guild: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Kanaxai. Who wouldn't like to carry around those sweet axes?
Skill Bar: Fire Attunement, Sunspear Rebirth Signet, Arcane Echo, Meteor Shower, Mark of Rodgort, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Searing Flames, Glowing Gaze. Wowee, the damage! This combination is good for a general build.
PvP or PvE: I prefer PvE much more, for several reasons. I have an addiction to the armor! My Elementalist has five elite sets, and I want to get two more. Another reason I like PvE is the scenery. You really can tell how much effort and attention to detail the designers put into this beautiful game. Even when I return to an area I've visited many times, I often find myself sitting back and saying, "Wow."

Handle: Than
Broad location: Pennsylvania
Position in the Guild: Officer
One interesting fact: My main character (Ranger) has had his original pet, charmed from day one, early release, back in 2005.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Having no monthly fee keeps the game within budget.
Guild Wars deity: Dwayna. I like her style.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: It has an outstanding community that stays fresh and alive. Plus, it's fun to be the little guy going up against the juggernauts.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: The first time our guild conquered the Deep after many failed attempts.
PvP or PvE: PvE. It's more suited to a cooperative feel...the team, the guild against the world.
Funniest PUG experience: A PUG Ranger had a pet pig named Tony Danza. When the pig died, he put onto team chat "Tony is down! Repeat, Tony is down!"
Gaming background: I prefer PvE and cooperative games, always have. It's the same for FPS and RTS games. A group of friends vs. overwhelming AI odds. Good times.

Handle: Caddie
Broad location: Pennsylvania
Position in the Guild: Officer
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Recently, I was leading another guildie through a dungeon. I had my three Heroes and she had her three. I pinned them back and moved forward, scouting. On Team Speak, I said, "Be careful here. There's a boulder that comes along. I think it's this corridor, but I don't recall exactly where." Right as I finished speaking, two of my Heroes died. "We found the boulder, didn't we?" I asked. "Yeah, we did," she replied with a touch of irony.
Preferred character: My favorite professions are Elementalist, Ranger, and Assassin. It all depends on my mood. Some days, I feel like burning things from a distance. Some days, I feel the need to poison the life out of them. And then, there are the days when I feel the need to just hop on something and slay it in a frenzy of daggers. Guild Wars gives me the ability to scratch all of those itches.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: The first time my Ranger had to ascend and kill her doppelganger, I had a hard time of it. After several failed attempts, I came up with a clever idea. Under the theory that my double was an exact duplicate of my Ranger at the moment I went in, I figured I could remove all my armor, go in, put it all right back on, and then quickly perforate his unarmored butt. Sadly, this appears not to be the case. I ended up back in town a mere twenty seconds after leaving, dazed, humiliated, and totally naked. It seemed like such a good idea at the time.


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