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X Legion Of Doom X [LOD]

There's something exciting about a massive PvE guild that runs with 100 members and focuses on elite missions and areas. The X Legion Of Doom X [LOD] is such a guild, known for its daily PWNZILLA runs in the elite area du jour, ranging from classical Underworld and Fissure of Woe all the way to Slaver's Exile. In the days when the original Guild Wars campaign was the only campaign, guild runs focused on Tomb of the Primeval Kings and Underworld/Fissure of Woe, followed shortly thereafter by Sorrow's Furnace. Later, during the Factions era, the guild would finish Urgoz's Warren with a full guild team on a daily basis. By Christmas 2006, the Domain of Anguish became the favored guild activity, with full guild teams running through multiple times every day. After the launch of Eye of the North, full Slaver's runs (including all bosses in a single run) took place for while until people moved back to UW in Hard Mode.

LOD members are proud that their guild can blaze through any elite area/mission. They also pride themselves on being among the first to finish elite areas in consistently record times. However, LOD is never satisfied with these achievements alone, and tries new builds such as a Necro-heavy team echoing Mark of Pain and Feast of Corruption for a full clear of Urgoz HM in record time, or a Rit-heavy team used to clear UW/FoW/Slaver's.

LOD Alliance

As the leader of a full ten guild PvE alliance (with total members numbering around 800), LOD is a shining beacon of active players, especially in the evenings. Alliance activities occur at least once a day and usually involve an elite area, vanquishing, HM missions, and some major title chasing.

Why LOD is Successful

LOD maintains its size, activity levels, and degree of interest in the game through:

  • Constant recruitment of extremely active players, keeping the total membership around 100.
  • Enforcing activity requirements (no afk for more than a week).
  • Busy guild and alliance channels, even at odd hours.
  • A friendly atmosphere with no strict rules.
  • Multiple Vent and TS servers.
  • An alliance leadership consisting of the LOD leader and officers as well as the leadership of the allied guilds.
  • No faction requirements or mandatory activities.

Fun Activities

Although most of the players in LOD consider themselves hardcore PvE players, some fun activities do take place, even if just to hang out. For example:

  • Guild dance parties in multiple costumes/masks and holiday presents.
  • Guild hall pet parties where members can show off certain minipets.

Dinosaur Party

  • Naked dodgeball contest
  • Guild policy that encourages interaction in outposts. If a member spots another and opens a trade with that member, the person spotted should pay the spotter a gold piece.

Meet LOD:

Handle: Oujo Tenshi (also: Kou Tenshi, Touji Goshou, Hannah Megami, Asha of Ephyra, Teel Boggs)
Location: Florida
Position: Guild/Alliance Leader
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Abaddon, I like the idea of being an evil god.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Maintaining such a huge and active guild and alliance for over two years. And of course, my child, PWNZILLA!
Funniest PUG experience: One night while pugging Foundry, the HB Monk had a Margonite gem drop in the first room. Margonite gems were going for about 5k each. The Monk picks up his gem and types "later suckers" and logs out.
My embarrassing Guild Wars moment: The first week I started playing, I tried to sell my armor, not knowing it was customized.

Handle: Weenis Ash
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Position: Officer
Why you joined: After being co-creator and part of the LOD Pwnzilla Run Team, I had a falling out with my old guild, but I knew I had a spot in LOD. This guild is the main reason I play Guild Wars anymore. The people are such great friends and players that I think I'm gonna cry.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: When Oujo and I created the PWNZILLA Run Team for Urgoz. After uncountable wins in Urgoz we moved on to DoA, Slaver's, other dungeons and lots of UW clearance runs.
My embarrassing Guild Wars moment: When I sell high dollar weapons to the merchant by accident. I've accidentally merched a perfect fellblade, a perfect zodiac longbow (req. 8) and, the one that hurt the most, my perfect req. 8 zodiac fire staff.

Handle: Dante Feedmenow (Uncle Dante)
Location: San Jose, California
Position: Number one officer, Oujo Tenshi's right hand man, and the inventor of Uncle Dante's Kick(butt) Scrolls!
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Urgoz, we pwn (own/beat down) him so much I would like to put myself in his shoes and see what it's like.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I always solo the guardian serpents in Urgoz (as a guild tradition), and I rarely die, but when I do happen to die, I am always poked fun at.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: The level cap is at 20, which makes Guild Wars all about skill, not beating down some guy twenty times weaker than you. Also, the graphics are astonishing, and the PvE is simply perfect.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: I am constantly caught without clothing in Guild Wars, and whenever I die like that I get corpse-danced. I don't know how I am able to survive all of this abuse.

Handle: I Am Myth, Laura of Oxbay
Location: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
Position: I am an Officer!
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Guild Wars monsters want to be me! But I'd totally be the Ghostly Hero.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Probably when Papa Weenis and I yell OH YEA!! in UW and aggro a whole room without telling the group.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Holding the Legendary Yellow Dye with my buddy Weenis. It's an awesome UW Game.
Most Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: When Eve (an officer in one of the main allied guilds) yelled at me to shut up in Urgoz once. She doesn't yell at anyone!!

Handle: Kyle of Sparta
Location: Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
Position: The bestest officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Probably one of those giant frost wurms.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: When Alex nuked us both after a late yell of "Oxbay, oh yeah!"
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Because the PvP isn't gank for rank.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: That one GvG that I actually played in, I won.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Monked for a rank 7 guild in GvG when I was only rank 2. It wasn't so bad until, you know, we started getting pwned.

Handle: Anonymous Alchemist
Location: Florida
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Rollerbeetle
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Spectral Agony killed me when I forgot I was not infused.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: It's easy to manage, fun to get rich, and you can normally find nice people on.
Funniest PUG experience: Getting to Slaver's with a PUG Monk. We get in and Duncan door isn't open. The Monk runs to an area and proceeds to thank us for the run.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: First time playing and asking how to save.

Handle: Bart Major
Location: Oshawa, Canada
Position: Part of the LOD Beer Drinking Team.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Glint
Why you joined LOD: My previous guild fell apart and all the best players from that guild came to LOD. After almost giving up, I found that the game can still be full of fun and excitement if you're with the right group of people.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Drunkard title. I haven't found another game with one of those.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: When I achieved Legendary Vanquisher.
Funniest PUG experience: Random FoW team which lasted only three minutes, it was funny and the leader got all pissed.

Handle: Unholey Warior
Location: Florida
Position: Member/max title king
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Kanaxai
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Getting pwned by a level 2 wolf in pre-Searing on my first character.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Fun game with lots of stuff to do and no monthly fee.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Getting Legendary Vanquisher...3 weeks before Bart Major.

Handle: Halla Dragonsblood
Location: Pennsylvania
Position member/officer: I'm a member but I participate in a lot of activities.
Main Character: I'm the person who keeps everyone else going when we clear UW or anything like that. If you haven't already guessed I play Monk 100% of the time. I like to play Monk, not just because I'm good but I like being the person who helps out. And it's always good to hear everyone say great job, Monks!
Why you joined LOD: At first it was just to farm and make money but now that I have been in the guild for a while, I have come to make friends and have a lot of fun with this guild. We do so many things together.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Clearing UW HM for the first time with the guild in record time.

Handle: Lenka Ebonheart, Pendragon, Wildfire, Swiftblade, Warmonger, Soulsiren, Grace of the Furies
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Position: Member
Most spectacular death: Having Death Nova cast on me by my faithful companion, Olias. It shows a definite lack of belief in my ability to survive.
Funniest PUG experience: In Urgoz's Warren, one player went AFK soon after we started. After much discussion the Necro took his minions back to the AFK player and sacrificed himself, resulting in the minions killing the AFK player.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Talking big with my PUG members about how we were going to kick Abaddon's arse prior to starting the Abaddon's Gate mission, only to have my enchantment-dependent Assassin build ripped apart by Abaddon's Corrupt Power skill. I spent almost the whole mission as a corpse.

Handle: Nimer Bontif
Location: Illinois
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Shadow Warrior.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I was bonding a guild team in HA. We were running a new build and they all attacked me with their zergway build. I held them for five minutes before I died, promptly followed by everyone else in less than ten seconds.
Why you joined LOD: I joined for pwnzilla!
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: When I first started playing, I sold a perfect 15^50 req. 8 celestial hammer for 5k. At the time that was the most money I had ever had at one time. Oops.

Handle: Prefon Taine
Location: Indiana Hoosier
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would love to be Glint.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: When I followed a bunny into a cave by myself without knowing what would happen.
Why you joined LOD: To do PWNZILLA and have some fun doing elite missions.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Clearing UW in HM for first time.

Handle: Adam Lyons
Location: Alabama
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Without caffeine, Afflicted Warrior.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: It's an excellent online game with no monthly fee.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: After having a character on my account that had died nearly 700 times, having a character that didn't die until lvl 11 (or the first mission in Factions) made me quite happy.
Funniest PUG experience: With complete ownage comes great comedy...that or groups with three minion masters. Hilarious.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Usually involves accidentally clicking the close button when trying to go to windowed mode.

Handle: Marlin Backna
Location: North Carolina
Position: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Tengu. For some reason, I like bird Warriors.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Oh, the builds! It is strategy to an extreme. In contrast to other games that let you bring counters to everything, limiting the number of skills to eight really makes the game interesting. I also enjoy the low level cap, so that (mostly) everyone is on an even keel.
Funniest PUG experience: I was doing one of the desert missions in the original campaign when a Ranger/Mesmer joined the party with skills like Conjure Phantasm and Healing Spring, and had wasted 50 attribute points in an attribute he didn't have skills for. I think we still made it through, but I both cringed and laughed when he pinged his build.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: I've gone into RA multiple times without the right skills, attributes, armor, and so on. It's embarrassing every time when I'm the first to die.


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