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The Centre Path [TCP]

The Centre Path [TCP] began as a smallish group of Guild Wars friends seeking a comfortable atmosphere, and is now an active guild leading a large alliance. It has a full roster of members supported by 11 officers and the leader. Though its ranks are full, the guild refers applicants to the entire 550-member alliance and usually finds room for prospective recruits.

TCP functions smoothly without strict membership requirements. Associates are treated with respect and shown the benefits of faction farming—a useful skill they soon perform on their own. Longtime participants encourage newcomers to engage in a variety of activities together such as elite missions, Hard Mode dungeons, fast faction farming (FFF), AB, fun activities, and much more. The strong push for faction accumulation has resulted in TCP owning several different towns, giving members another reason to remain in the guild. The first town they controlled was Durheim. At the time of this writing, they owned Saint Anjeka's Shrine.

TCP officers and members gather to celebrate taking a town


Members use the guild website to organize and sign up for weekly in-game activities. Some examples include: GW Trivia, Find Me for a Mini, and Dance-off. GW Trivia is just as it sounds: several trivia questions about Guild Wars are asked and three winners receive Guild Wars in-game items including ectos, cash, and miniatures. Find Me for a Mini consists of a few officers going to outposts throughout all the campaigns in International districts and dish out hints. After an intrepid member finds them, he or she receives the miniature as reward. Dance-off is a contest in which members come to show off their moves. Points are received for things like innovative armor (including special event headgear) and emote spams and vocals, after which the officers vote for the top three. They also hold parties in several towns. The latest was held in Shing Jea Monastery, with liberal use of Transmogrifier Tonics.

Shing Jea Monastery party

Centre Path's members place a much higher priority on PvE because they believe it offers them more return on their time commitment with such rewards as titles, armor, money, weapons, and the enjoyment of Tyria's many scenic views. In particular, they like Urgoz's Warren because of the payoff of Zodiac weapons and Urgoz bows. PvE also gives them many places to farm together in groups and earn faction through FFF.


With victory, there is also defeat, which the Centre Path has experienced. "Our recent most bitter defeat would have to be an Urgoz run. After crossing the fire bridge, someone had aggroed the wrong group, which forced us over the bridge. Those that survived the attack died on the bridge until a complete party wipe. Another defeat was in Fissure of Woe. Having nearly completed clearing FoW, we took a break for a minute. While afk, someone accepted a quest and several foes spawned around the party, which resulted in a party wipe."


TCP likes the Paragon spike team build in AB. It consists of one Paragon with Motivation skills to heal the party, a Paragon with Apply Poison, another with Cruel Spear, and another with Soldier's Fury spamming massive damage. The combination unleashes massive damage, inflicts Conditions, and offers major party support with Chants and Shouts.

Meet the Centre Path

Handle: Narya Of Daath
Location: Tennessee
Position: Guild Leader
Why your guild is the greatest: We are PvE/faction oriented. PvE/faction has a lot to offer for everyone so we always have things going on.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: I met some of my closest friends on GW. I am glad I have had the opportunity to create such friendships with people I play with everyday.
Why you joined: I created this guild because I did not agree with how a lot of other guilds were being led. I wanted a safe and pleasant virtual home for all my characters, and others who wanted to join me.

Handle: Evanescible Brute
Location: Georgia
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: The Seer who infuses armor. He has awesome armor and I want to levitate.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Proof that Guild Wars is the greatest game I've played is the fact that I've been playing it for over a year now. I've played World of Warcraft, other RPGs, and several other computer games, yet I'm still putting in a few hours a day on Guild Wars.
Preferred character: I prefer my Dervish (I Gods Right Hand I), because of the built-in AoE attacks and awesome Enchantments. Dervishes also have awesome armor, and I have all Nightfall, Norn, Monument and core armor. Scythes are awesome looking weapons as well.

Handle: Darius Stonesnake
Location: Alberta, Canada
Position: Officer
One interesting gaming fact: Since joining this guild I have made some great friends...most of whom I spend more time with than my friends in real life. The power base of this guild is centered on a group of people that have joined and become good friends.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: It is a game with feeling. The no monthly charges creates a pressure-free environment to play the game, and the structure of it allows me to meet and get to know people I would never have met or even given a second glance to in real life.
Why your guild is the greatest: I think our guild is great for many reasons. Mainly our leader is fantastic, dedicated, and very involved in our lives. My dedication to her goals stems from the fact that they quickly become everyone's goals, and our enthusiasm about them becomes contagious.

Handle: Dewen The Mighty
Location: Texas
Position: Officer
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Even after completing all of the campaigns, there are still fun and interesting things to do. The fun doesn't end when the campaign ends.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Quite a while back, I accidently entered an Alliance Battle without armor. It was funny, yet embarrassing.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because I log in to a safe, friendly place every day. Everyone gets along, and loves getting together and having some fun.

Handle: Eruivel Helyanwe
Location: California
Position: Officer
Why you joined: I left a guild that had just left its alliance and was going to try to build itself back up. I was new to the game and didn't feel as though I could help in the process. Also, they were very inactive, so when I found TCP, and saw their announcement, I knew it was the right place. They are supportive, have it together, always willing to lend an ear to someone who needs to talk, and make me feel welcome every time I log in.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: I've played other games online and appreciate that Guild Wars allows us to learn the art of skill instead of just killing anything lower level than us. It also allows for guilds to excel in the game and gain recognition.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I've only been playing for about six months, so I don't have great things like FoW armor or an amazing Kurzick title, but I am VERY proud of my rank six delver (Dwarf.) It was the first high title I ever got.

Handle: Black Majica
Location: Indiana
Position: Officer
One interesting gaming fact: I have been playing GW for 19 months now and have ten level 20 characters and ten storage mules. I play daily which has allowed me to accomplish and learn a great deal about the many facets of GW.
Why your guild is the greatest: I have recently been added to the tight-knit family of officers here at [TCP]. As a former officer/guild leader/alliance leader of past guilds I can honestly say I am very proud to be part of this top notch organization.

Play style: My style of gaming consists mainly of PvE helping in missions, farming of all sorts, and AB.

Handle: Queen Of Speydz/Momentarily Mortal
Location: Missouri
Position: Officer
One interesting gaming fact: A majority of my in-game characters are named after 70's classic rock songs and lyrics. For example, Queen of Speydz is named after the Styx song Queen of Spades from the 1978 Pieces of Eight album, and Momentarily Mortal is inspired by the phrase "momentary immortality" from the Styx song Superstars from the 1977 Grand Illusion album.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: You have to equip your skills carefully and know your role because you are limited to eight skills in a mission, and only one can be elite. It also forces the best players to rely on others on their team to know and do their jobs well. Nobody is an island!
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Getting my Fissure of Woe armor for my Mesmer, Queen of Speydz. I went from a complete RPG noob to being able to earn enough money to have nice looking vanity armor on my favorite character. It was a feat beyond my wildest in-game dreams.

Celebrating Halloween with nearly 100 ghost-in-the-boxes, sparklers, and squash serums.


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