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United Aussie Warriors [AUS]

The United Aussie Warriors [AUS] is one of the first (and the largest) Australian guilds. It consists of several guilds in an alliance and recently reached a peak of 450 members, with ages ranging from 10 to 68. The guild was formed by real life partners Topaz and Waking of the Night, in November, 2005. AUS is mostly a PvE guild, although it has a regular complement of Heroes' Ascent players. The guild was created for Guild Wars, although some players have considered opening a World of Warcraft division. When the time comes, AUS plans to move to Guild Wars 2. There are no other long-term goals, other than to provide a friendly guild for all players, embracing both Australian and non-Australian players alike.

The United Aussie Warriors guild philosophy is to help everyone, whether new members or old. The guild's members follow a standard set of rules to keep their gaming environment clean and enjoyable. This includes common sense guidelines such as no spamming, no scamming, no begging, no negative comments in Alliance chat, and so on. Officers have their own code of conduct that encourages helping guildies with reasonable requests, recruiting, publicly promoting the guild, enforcing rules, and organizing activities.

When a member is believed to have violated these rules, a lengthy and involved process begins; kicks and bans are not instituted at the whim of a single officer. Instead, the forums have a "jury duty" section where officers debate whether or not a particular member is problematic. This process prevents undue kicks from the guild for relatively minor affairs or misunderstandings.

Events happen sporadically within AUS. The guild hosts seasonal parties (New Year's, Christmas, and so on), scavenger hunts with prizes worth a several 100k split between teams, and competitions such as the 1v1 event running now. Smaller events are also popular and include elite mission runs through the Deep, Urgoz's Warren, and so on, and special runs, like an all-Assassin group going into Tombs for several hours.

There are many reasons to join UAW, whether it's being part of a mostly Australian group, the occasional events, or the helpful atmosphere. Several players joined specifically because of the friendliness of Topaz, one of the leaders, who places the needs of others before her own. AUS is willing to give any recruit a chance. Even so, there are people who don't last long. Players who like to chat with excessive capital letters, swear all the time, insult other members, back chat without provocation, or display racist qualities are kicked. Of course, such people are warned first, to insure they have a chance to improve their behavior, and the rules are always on the forum for any member to see.

The guild's mostly Australian background helps everyone get along. Almost all ideas are fully supported by the guild. Alliance chat is a civil affair. Jokes that one person finds funny, the guild finds funny. It all works very well for them and promotes a sense of community and solidarity.

Currently the guild is going through changes, with members shifting around in the alliance and many promotions of officers occurring. The reorganization, combined with the Guild of the Week nomination, is part of an ongoing effort to show Australian players that there is an active guild in their time zone, and what they can expect from the guild.

A few Australian Warriors

Handle: Alexander Dunstan
Location: Australia, Victoria
Position: Leader
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Guilds. They are what keep people logging on every day.
Guild Wars deity: Balthazar, because I'm a warrior at heart.
PvP or PvE: PvE. PvP is too serious for me. I like to enjoy myself and have fun.
A build that gives you trouble: Touch Rangers. They're so hard to kill and I don't think they're very useful in a group.
Why your guild is the greatest: The people. That is what makes a guild great.

Handle: Sir Daguze
Location: Australia, New South Wales
Position: Officer/Site Admin
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: My favorite aspect would have to be the people in the guilds; they are great fun and always manage to give me a laugh with their silly antics, or me causing them to laugh with mine.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would be Kuunavang, because I've always liked dragons.
Humorous gaming incident: I was sitting around in Stingray Strand chatting, as you do, and I saw that some people were messing around on Alliance Chat so I joined in. The conversation came to an abrupt end when I bit off a guildmate's licorice shin. Before we could retrieve the leg another guildie ran off with it. This led to some posts in the forums asking if anyone had seen a rather handsome licorice shin around Stingray Strand.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because all of our members are always willing to help each other complete a mission, do a quest, or give advice on builds.
Preferred character: Sir Daguze (Warrior/Monk). He is my tank and my third character. I enjoy tanking and racing with the Elementalists to see who can drop things faster. My favorite skill combo is Charging Strike and Flail because it gives me a permanent Stance and works wonderfully for both DPS and a spike, especially when combined with Sever Artery and Gash. I usually tank into the casters, especially in PvP because they never expect a tank to do a lot of damage right away, and Charging Strike recharges at the same time my Energy returns. There is also a running joke in the guild about my innate ability to pull mobs onto the group with my personality...and my need to /taunt bosses.

Handle: Darren Blacktail
Location: Victoria, Australia
Position: Random Assassin Fool/Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Ohhh definitely a Margonite Reaper. They are just cool and dangerous, and look the best out of all the monsters out there.
Guild Wars deity: Grenth, god of death. Being an Assassin in game I really mess up a couple of people.
Humorous gaming incident: I was really hyped up to do a mission I had tried to finish for ages. I was repeatedly asking "Are we ready??" Everyone finally answered yes, so I went to hit the Start Mission Button but hit Leave instead...everyone was laughing for about five minutes before we started the mission.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The guild atmosphere is the best thing; they are the greatest people to play the game with. We can be totally serious one minute about a mission, and then cracking jokes and having a party in the guild hall the next.
Preferred character: Darren Blacktail, my Assassin. I love the quick attacks and spiking capabilities and enjoy playing Assassins in PvE or PvP. I have been using the Critical Strikes line of attacks lately with the introduction of the Sunspear title and Factions skills. To keep up skills like Critical Defenses and Critical Agility, I use quick chains of three skills to keep the critical hits flowing; Jagged Strike > Wild Strike > Death Blossom has been my main combo since I started my Assassin long ago.

Handle: Scorpios The Great
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Position: Officer, Guild Loyalist
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: My favorite aspect is the bonds that form between players in the guild. Fighting through the game with guildies at your side and helping them, or having them help you achieve goals is what makes this game a winner in my books. I hold in high regard the respect from peers and the feeling of accomplishment from guild gratitude.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: The day I brought Prophecies home and started playing it, I was hooked straight away. Its no online fees attracted me in the first place, but then getting in a guild with so many wonderful people in it makes it one of the best games ever. The in-depth storyline and gameplay is second to none, plus you never run out of things to do for any one particular character.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Ruins of Morah, Gate of Madness, Jennur's Horde—completed all with Heroes and henchies, and Masters reward, too. Unfortunately, nobody was online at the time to join in my achievement.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because each player is a valued friend willing to help, share, and make the gaming experience more enjoyable for you or others. The special events, like parties, scavenger hunts, Guild Elite Area Bonding, and PvP with guildies are all a lot of fun. When they play for fun it makes it even better to fight alongside some of the greatest players in AUS. Having leaders like Topes, Alex, and Waking who made this guild what it is today makes our guild stand out from others. They are truly gods among men. Long live AUS!
Preferred character: Warrior/Ritualist in Hard Mode. The combo Splinter Weapon + Gladiator's Defense + Riposte + Deadly Riposte + Whirlwind Attack (while holding aggro) takes out high-end groups in a few seconds. Uber pwnage! My play style is simple: kill or be killed. There is no middle ground.


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