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LoS Chavos Del [ocho]

Los Chavos Del [ocho] formed up in the fall of 2005 as a primarily PvE guild. After a year of missions and quests, they started watching matches on Observer Mode, and developed an avid interest in PvP, mainly GvG. A year later and this 100% Latin-American guild is a leading presence in its community, doing its part to maintain good PvP-oriented players.

In the Latin-American community, ocho is a strong PvP guild. There are other Latin-American PvP guilds, but some of them can't keep their rosters full enough to compete or stay on the same level as ocho, while other large guilds are more PvE-oriented. Ocho sometimes receives invites from other Latin-American PvP guilds to guest in PvP battles. When guesting, Ocho members usually only give advice when asked, and, they emphasize, this doesn't happen too often. Mostly, members recall very good matches as guests, and are impressed with the quality of play they find.

Los Chavos Del [ocho] considers itself a family, where they worry about each other in the game as well as out of it. If a member is having trouble, the guild offers advice and moral support. Although members usually can't meet because of long distances, they did meet as a guild once in México to eat tacos, enchiladas, and sopes, and then headed back to the guild leader's house for menudo.

The roster consists of 12 players: one leader, seven officers and four members. The leader and the officers are the core team while the other four fill in as needed. In the future, they hope to grow and reinforce friendships, both as a guild and within the Latin-American community, while continuing to perform strongly in PvP. They have high aspirations for upcoming tournaments, and would like to have a permanent position in the top of the GvG ladder.

Team build

Warrior/Ritualist: Devastating Hammer/Death Pact Signet
Warrior/Elementalist: Eviscerate/Shock
Ranger/Monk: Crippling Shot
Paragon/Warrior: Defensive Anthem/"Watch Yourself!"
Mesmer/Elementalist: Hex Eater Vortex with Diversion/Shame/Shatter Enchantment and Ward
Monk/Elementalist: Shield of Deflection/Aegis
Monk/Assassin: Light of Deliverance/Infuse Health
Elementalist/Monk: Shield of Regeneration/Armor of Mist flag runner

Ocho likes this build because they can play it offensively or defensively. When running it, they begin an immediate attack against different targets to spread out the pressure. Then, they call spikes on overextended Warriors or some casters (such as Mesmers extending to mess with a Monk). If the enemy infiltrates their base, the runner calls for a Warrior-Ranger-Elementalist split, a strong response to repel any type of base invasion. Meanwhile, the larger group at the flagstand with the Hammer Warrior, Paragon, and Mesmer can put a lot of pressure on the other team and continue defending with the Ward, Defensive Anthem, and Aegis. Success in this situation depends on clear communication.


All players are expected to speak up: communication is required for chaining the defensive skills; the Mesmer needs to call Diversion/Shame usage, the Ranger calls out the skills he has disrupted, and Monks relay their Energy issues. In a split situation, the Warrior on each split squad calls the tactics.


In a match, ocho's priority is to pressure the enemy by spreading damage. They don't stay on one target and try to interrupt or spike it constantly. Instead, they scan for opportunity targets like overextended Warriors and Mesmers. They also try to manipulate the flagstand so they are positioned on the enemy side of it. Then, the enemy flagger must overextend to recapture the flagstand, often resulting in death.

Ocho doesn't always play 8v8 at the flagstand; splitting is a viable tactic if the battle is stalled without kills. Usually they'll send a character or two to kill some NPCs for an advantage at Victory or Death.

Above all, members make sure they always stay calm. There are times when they are under a lot of pressure. But they've learned not to panic. They know from experience that panicking leads to collapse of the entire team.

To cheer themselves after a loss, they sometimes listen to recordings of an old friend, Eranir, raging against Heroes, and blaming them when they fail to heal him or kill some trolls he's fighting.

The roster of [ocho]

Handle: Xipe
Location: Piedras Negras Coah, México
Position: Leader
Gaming Background: I have only played Age of Empires I, II, III, FF7 and some old games like Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
Preferred Character: My favorite class is the Warrior, where I love to play axe no matter what secondary profession. I always bring my Bull's Strike. Never leave home without that. I prefer: Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Agonizing Chop, Bull's strike, FRENZYYY, Rush.
Why you joined: It was my idea to change from a PvE to a PvP-oriented guild.

Handle: Cthulhu
Location: Guadalajara Jal, México
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: I have played Linage II, Diablo II, and video game consoles.
Preferred Character: I used to play Monk but now, because of the lack of good Warriors in the guild except for Xipe who is the best (NOT), I go with Devastating Hammer, Enraging Charge, Crushing Blow, Hammer Bash/Mighty Blow, Rush, Bull's Strike, and Flail.
Why you joined: I was in the guild since the beginning. Together with the leader we convinced the others to play GvG.

Handle: Sid
Location: Tijuana BC, México
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: I only like to play video game consoles, especially FIFA.
Preferred Character: I play Paragon or Elementalist, depending on what the build's going to be. When playing Paragon I use Defensive Anthem or sometimes Cruel Spear for an elite. The rest of the bar is: Spear of Lightning, Vicious Attack, Aggressive Refrain, Anthem of Flame, and "Go for the Eyes!" When I play Elementalist I run Ward against Melee, Blinding Surge, Lightning Orb, Draw Conditions, Air Attunement, and Glyph of Lesser Energy.
Why you joined: I was in the guild since the beginning.

Handle: Fausto
Location: Mérida Yucatán, México
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: Lineage II, WOW, video game consoles (Playstation/Xbox).
Preferred Character: I like to play melee characters: Warrior or Dervish. When there are not enough people, I fill other roles to complete the group. When playing as a Warrior I like to play a sword Warrior; if playing a Dervish I like to run with Wild Blow.
Why you joined: I was in the guild since the beginning. I wouldn't join other guilds because they may not like my rage.

Handle: Shigemi
Location: Monterrey NL, México
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: Video game consoles, but what I like more is anime.
Preferred Character: I love to play Monk; I was very happy farming with my brother in the Underworld. I blame everyone in this guild for convincing me to try PvP. I generally use RC/Shield of Deflection depending on the team build and support with Reversal of Fortune, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Aegis, Guardian/Dismiss Condition, Holy Veil, and Shield of Absorption.
Why you joined: I was already in the guild when they made me stop PvE farming with my brother.

Handle: Milena
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: WoW, video game consoles.
Preferred Character: The Monk is my favorite because it is the profession I play best. I like to play a Light of Deliverance/Infuse build; it's very good against pressure teams such as Conditions and/or Hexes. The other skills are Signet of Rejuvenation, Dwayna's Kiss, Protective Spirit, Remove Hex, and Return.
Why you joined: I've been here since the beginning of ocho as a PvP guild.

Handle: Theli
Location: Santiago, Chile
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: I started playing FPS games: Quake II, Counter-Strike (for more than four years), then I moved to MMORPGs (Lineage II, Star Wars Galaxies), but I was looking for something more competitive, so I moved to Guild Wars.
Preferred Character: My favorite class is Mesmer. I love that unique profession, full of shutdowns and interrupts. My favorite skill combo is old school: Diversion, Gale, and Blackout. I define my Mesmer gameplay style as aggressive, primarily trying to pressure enemy Monks but also focusing on key skills to Diversion/interrupt.
Why you joined: I was looking for a competitive guild, and ocho is the only Latin guild that meets this criteria.

Handle: Falco
Location: Chile
Position: Officer
Gaming Background: I used to play Quake II, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament, Lineage II, and Ragnarok Online.
Preferred Character: Ranger, especially Cripshot because it's a very versatile elite. I combine it with Distracting/Disrupting Shot, Savage Shot, Mending Touch, Natural stride, Troll Unguent, and Apply Poison.
Why you joined: Was looking for a PvP-oriented guild.


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