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Liars Cheats and Thieves [Liar]

Liars Cheats and Thieves attracts mainly players who have completed all the campaigns and are now farming harder areas to make their characters more stylish or are out collecting their Hard Mode titles. Some members have finished one or more Vanquishing titles. Vanquishing groups are common in the guild, but there isn't a set schedule for completion. Many Vanquishing runs are set up spur of the moment, even in less populated areas such as the Fire Islands. The guild leader, Tippy Toad, says that, "With guild help I managed to vanquish all of Tyria in less than four weeks."

Vanquish Tactics

Liars Cheats and Thieves often favors a Stance Warrior/Elementalist tank similar to the one used in most of the DoA areas. Bonders, for the most part, are not very useful with the repeated Enchantment removals. The Warrior, however, with the use of Signets, Shouts, Earth spells, and a pre-cast Healing Seed can survive long enough to get aggro and hold it so the rest of the team can mop up from a distance. Usually a second Warrior hangs out in front of the backline to grab whatever aggro might break through and come that way.

The W/E

Earth Magic: 12
Strength: 14 (12 +2)
Skills: Obsidian Flesh, Stoneflesh Aura, Dolyak Signet, Endure Pain, Signet of Stamina, "I Will Survive!", "I Will Avenge You!", Silver Armor or Frigid Armor (depends on area and foes).

Memorable Defeat

The guild's bitterest defeats can be ascribed to the Hard Mode Scorpion Aspect of the Deep. At least ten percent of their runs are crushed by this room, as if it has a vendetta against them for all the loot they took from the Deep when it was first released.

As an example, they share details from a recent experience:

We were flying along, doing well: no deaths, nobody afk, and no sudden disconnects. We pull all the oni to the top of the stairs, repeat until the gate opens, clear the group at the bottom of the stairs, reset our aspects and then make our way to safety at the top of the second set of stairs. This is where the room's vengeance kicks in on us. After we reset our aspect and make the run to the second set of stairs, the aspect kicks in and starts flinging our Monks and casters all over. They are no match for the Deathhands and air spikers and drop on the spot. Not a problem, though; some of the Elementalists with rez sigs survive and make it to safety with most of the others.

After resetting the aspect, one of Elementalists makes a quick dash for the nearest Monk and starts to cast. At this point, the Deathhand has wandered close enough to raise a golem from the Monk, which spawns in aggro range of the Elementalist. Now the golem and the Deathhands rush the poor Ele who has just finished casting and is now running back to the safety of the group. However, she is spiked down under a barrage of Lightning Bolts and falls dead at the foot of the stairs. The Monk, who still hasn't gotten enough Energy back to save her, is now busy running from the golem who follows him up the stairs and kills him just before the Warriors get there to save him.

From there it goes downhill real quick. As the Deathhands make two new golems, another patrol wanders over and spikes down a second Elementalist attempting to rez another Monk. After a quick retreat back up the stairs, the golems take out our last Elementalist. Our Necro, who was throwing up Wells to keep the Deathhands from making more golems, suddenly disappears half way across the screen. Scratch the Necro now.

Even though the tanks are still alive, they usually don't bring a rez sig, because they're supposed to be the first to die. So at this point it's gg and /resign for another try.

Meet some Liars, Cheats, and Thieves

Handle: Kalta
Location: Iowa
Position: Member
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: When I started to play Guild Wars, it had just come out and I didn't know there was a post-Searing. It took me about a month to figure out that there was more to the game than Pre-Searing Ascalon.
Gaming background: I've played a lot of FPSs and RPGs. I really like RTS games because of the strategy required to win.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Mainly the lack of a monthly fee. I also like the group dynamic in this guild that allows us to do many events together.

Handle: Farcry Deathbane
Location: Texas
Position: Member
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Any time I want to, I can just grab some Heroes, pick an area I've never been to before, and explore. I also find it amazing how much skill hunting has diversified the areas I have fought in.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: One of the greatest times in my Guild Wars playing history was when I developed one of the first two-man builds for killing Sunreach. My friend (who played a Mesmer) and I pulled off the run in less than 15 minutes. We made about 600k in less than a week between the two of us from selling shields.
Preferred character: The one I've been gathering all my titles on is my Monk. Kind of funny since it's one of my youngest characters, but it's already doubled the XP of my oldest. Plus, with 55ing, bonding, and the fact that every party almost always needs a Monk, it's been my most profitable character of all.

Handle: Reason
Location: California
Position: Officer
PvP or PvE: While I do truly enjoy a run in HA or just playing around in RA, PvE is my favorite aspect of the game. Nothing beats going out on a Vanquish run with some guildies, or just farming.
Preferred character: Rangers. I love them because of their versatility. By far my favorite skill combo is Apply Poison plus Burning Arrow. As for general skills, I favor Distracting Shot. My play style is best described as tactical; I like to pick out the largest threat and keep it shut down.
Skill Bar: R/Mo. Burning Arrow, Savage Shot, Distracting Shot, Screaming Shot, Whirling Defense, Throw Dirt, Mending Touch, Resurrection Chant. I like this build because it has it all: plenty of Conditions, interrupts, some self support, and of course...a hard rez.

Handle: Craig
Location: Rockville, Maryland
Position: Officer
Gaming background: I'm a classic console RPG player clear back to the 8-bit Nintendo. My collection on Gamespot shows more than 100 games, valuing more than 5k, and an average score of 8.5 (and I still haven't finished cataloging). Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy VII, Vagrant Story, and Halo 1 and 2 rank among my favorite games before Guild Wars took over my life.
Skill Bar: My favorite PvE bar for my title-collecting Ranger, perfect for taking down bosses/Monks while surviving opposing front line attackers: Broadhead Arrow, Distracting Shot, Savage Shot, Apply Poison, Whirling Defense, Throw Dirt, Dust Trap, Rebirth/Cap Signet.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: The amount of time spent playing. I've probably logged 500 hours on various plays of Final Fantasy Tactics, 250 on Vagrant Story, 500 on FFVII, which combined doesn't reach my total on Guild Wars. Most current games that come out now don't even get consideration because I know that, even if I get them, I won't give up Guild Wars time to play them.

Handle: Z Master of Reaping
Location: New Jersey
Position: Member
Why your guild is the greatest: It opened my eyes to the PvE world as I really didn't know what it had to offer. It also throws in some PvP from time to time.
Preferred character: My Monk. He has just about beaten all the games and, as a 55, is my main money-maker. Recently though, my Necro has been taking up most of my time.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The many things you can do, from going for titles to just playing around with friends.

Handle: Lavender Kunoichi/Uuddlrlrba Start
Location: California
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: An oni, so I could pop out and stomp on a reef lurker for walking in my territory.
Preferred character: Assassin. I love the challenge of playing the front line with a fragile character, with the large payoff of huge damage output. Also, Assassins just look the coolest with Fissure armor.
Skill Bar: A/Me with Illusionary Weaponry, Illusion of Weakness, Deadly Paradox, Critical Agility, Feigned Neutrality, Shadow Sanctuary, Dark Escape, Sunspear Rebirth. It's the only way you can get an Assassin into a Hard Mode group.

Handle: Lionheart/Bella Dottore
Location: Oklahoma City
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: You can do so many things playing Guild Wars, and I love that different people do different things. So, I get to play with different people when I PvP or PvE. Plus, I keep in touch with people I know in the real world.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A grawl, so I could have an awesome name like Allobo Dimdim, Ipillo Wupwup, or Kekona Pippip.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Back before the days of Heroes, a friend and I henched our way through "Thunderhead Keep."

Handle: Los
Location: New Jersey
Position: Scrub
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Tengu, hands down. Getting your butt handed to you by a giant chicken in armor is too comical to ignore, and I'd love to be able to taunt someone afterward.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Unlocking, and then successfully salvaging, my first +30 pommel when I was griffon farming back in the day. The 75k I got for it bought my first 15k armor that very day, which was a reward for my Warrior for farming it.
Funniest PUG experience: I've been RAing recently, so this is a really hard one. I guess I'm going to have to go with the Dervish in Avatar of Balthazar who was spamming Flare and Lightning Javelin at me.

Handle: Digital Ruler
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Member
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A Kournan soldier because the armor looks really nice with any Warrior-based weapon and shield. I especially liked it with my Kanaxai's Sword and Shadow Blade.
Why your guild is the greatest: The guild is basically full with 100 active members. Almost every member we have logs on daily. We get things done with ease and we all get along really well.
Why you joined: The guild does all of the endgame activities: elite missions, titles, and so on. I joined because I had a hard time finding a quality active guild that does these things regularly.

Handle: "B"
Location: USA
Position: Member
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Having your own copy of explorable areas, because in other RPGs you have to wait a long time for people who farm things over and over. Sometimes you never get to do something because of them.
Preferred character: Most definitely my Elementalist. I love nuking, and Elementalists can fill just about any role.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: I was made fun of for having my General Morgahn wield an axe.


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