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The Imperial Guards [TIG]

Guard Organization

The Imperial Guards [TIG] consists of ten guilds in a highly organized alliance. Each guild has a different Imperial Guards name and some iteration of the [TIG] guild tag. Meetings are held every Sunday in a guild hall and on Ventrilo to discuss weekly developments or suggest people for promotion. Sweeping policy decisions are not made unilaterally. Proposals go first to "ambassadors" from each guild and the guild founder, Amadrus X, before going to individual guild leaders and officers. Such organization is essential to serve a group of more than 800 players. Information, articles, jokes, and event plans are circulated through a website and forum, as well as in a monthly newsletter.

As an all-inclusive guild, the Imperial Guards embraces all sorts of people. The guild reports that ages of their members range from a mere 3 years old to an impressive 70 years old. Members come from more than 40 countries including: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Yugoslavia, and more.


With so many members, the preference for favorite missions varies wildly. Some like the defensive approach of missions like Dzagonur Bastion, while some enjoy Tihark Orchard and its fun, single-person, minimal-killing approach. However, the most popular missions are those that offer plenty of mayhem, lots of monsters, and lots of carnage. Therefore, one of the most favored missions is Vizunah Square; 16 players fighting hordes of afflicted generates the pure chaos they all love.


TIG members have held many competitions involving unrated matches. The 1v1 is especially popular. Players are allowed only one build throughout the tournament, so they must plan for whatever they might meet, and pack counters for expected opponents. Also TIG hosts dodge ball tournaments, 4v4 team battles, and running races.

Within the overall TIG alliance, the guilds sometimes get together for unrated GvGs. These are not highly organized, but are mainly for fun and to improve skills without using Ventrilo. In these GvGs, people may run gimmick builds (like a minion master using pets to provide bodies or a life-sacrificing member to build up the army). A member is allowed to join either team, regardless of whether that member has experience. This friendly battle improves cooperation between people and gives everyone a chance to learn something.

Alliance Battles

The Imperial Guards delight in Alliance Battles because they allow for flexible and creative builds. In addition, deaths are not nearly as detrimental as in other PvP as there is no death penalty. The winning tactic is a combination of capturing the shrines without concentrating on killing the opposition. To this end, they suggest teams avoid mobbing together in a gigantic clump. It is far quicker to capture the shrines as three separate teams of four.

Members of the Guard

Handle: All Dorin Gersallin
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Ambassador, Leader of [TIGC]
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The graphics... From the moment I started playing Guild Wars, I liked the character models, the surroundings, and the skill animations. I recall many days of just looking for the most spectacular view. The first time we ran over the Isles to look for a guild hall or the first time we entered FoW; those were magical moments.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: The Life Pod. I seriously want to know the reason for their existence. They have loads of in-game friends, like trolls and all. And I adore their way of ambushing in the nicest way possible: healing enemies unnoticed.
PvP or PvE: I love PvP most, but only AB and GvG. This is simply because RA, TA, and HA take too much time for me before getting results. AB is like chaos killing with the great opportunity of personal fights, where GvG play is very intense and tactically bound. I love games in which personal skill gets the opportunity to excel.

Handle: Amadrus X
Location: South UK
Position: Alliance Leader and Leader of the Imperial Guards Elite [TIGE]
Humorous gaming incident: When I created the first guild within the alliance we were all very new. The officers and I decided to take a team into the Underworld with no clue what to do and no set builds. We assured our new members we would treat them to some good drops. But the only drops they saw were their guild leaders and officers dying!
Real life experience from gaming: I have met six members of our alliance. One of them traveled over from the Netherlands, but I think within the year a lot of us will have met each other.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Seeing a Luxon town owned by the Imperial Guards. No better feeling than seeing your guild and alliance on the map.

Handle: Ancient Spirit/Spirit
Location: England
Position: Leader of [TIGO]
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The people. It always cheers me up after a bad day when I log on and chat to the alliance members, and I just have fun!
PvP or PvE: I prefer PvP to PvE, but only certain types of PvP. I usually play Alliance Battles with alliance members, because I can donate faction to the alliance. I sometimes play Heroes' Ascent; however, this is for fun. In addition I do GvG with a team of alliance members.
Preferred character: I play Ancient Spirit the most. Her primary profession is Ranger, and my preferred secondary professions are Monk, Ritualist, and Paragon. When I play as Ranger/Monk, I usually use a Burning Arrow build for heavy Health degeneration. When I use Ranger/Ritualist, I use the Splinter Barrage build to do damage to several foes at once. When I'm playing as Ranger/Paragon, I use my own Beast Mastery build.

Handle: Diagoro Leonine
Location: Kent, England
Position: Leader of [TIGA]
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The community you can create. In TIG we have accumulated 800+ players who like to hang out, have fun, chat, and play alongside each other. Sometimes I find myself chatting with the friends I've made more than actually playing.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: A gold weapon dropped in the Shiverpeaks. Normally I would have grabbed it right away but the batteries died on my wireless keyboard and mouse set. I had no spares, so I spent 20 minutes changing the batteries to pick up the drop.
Why you joined: I was in a guild with two of my real-life friends when they found TIG and I duly followed suit. I could have stayed in our little guild and, though it would have been all right, it wouldn't have been as much fun. In TIG, I've found a community that is just brilliant and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Handle: Granite Armstrong
Location: Based in Oxfordshire, UK
Position: Officer of [TIGC]
One interesting fact: I have recently been working as a teacher trainer in rural areas of Pakistan.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I cannot say I have had many game triumphs, although one personal triumph was when I got an invincible Monk build to work. I was so happy that I could now go and easily farm. My bank balance went up and I could afford so many things that I started new characters and have been able to play this game in many different ways.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Sometimes during UW and FoW runs the team would see my tank freeze up because I had fallen asleep. One particular night this happened and the team chatted in game and whispered me to no avail. So they came up with the next best thing: on the count of three they all shouted down their microphones and almost blew my eardrums off. Since then I very rarely fall asleep during group missions.

Handle: Mykaal Avalon
Location: County Durham, England
Position: Ambassador and Leader of the Imperial Guards of Torment
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Has to be the Oni. These guys gave me so much trouble in Factions. It would be really cool to be in their shoes and pop up out of nowhere on unsuspecting adventurers.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Guild Wars is the ONLY game I play and I have plenty of other top titles still sealed in the wrappers. It's evolved into more than just a game for me now. It's more like a way of life.
Preferred character: I have completed all three campaigns with my Assassin using a critical Barrage build for nearly every area. It's also a good build to use while helping new members because I can deal a lot of damage while staying out of the way. This means I can keep a better eye on other players to see where they need help.

Handle: Ten Dolllar
Location: London, England
Position: Leader of [TIGI]
Real life experience from gaming: I have been very fortunate to meet several of my guild members in real life. We met up in London, went out for the night for some drinks, and had an awesome time. We are planning another little outing some time in the near future and I can't wait.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: I was trying to make my first faction donation but for some reason it wasn't accepted. I asked for help from other members and after five minutes someone kindly pointed out that I had spelled my character's name wrong.
PvP or PvE: It really depends upon my mood. If I get a free moment to myself, I will often go solo farming in the Gloom or go green farming. I also like to go into AB whenever I get a chance. PvP is where I get the biggest adrenaline rush and the best challenges. I guess I have no overall preference. That's the great thing about GW: there's no reason to ever get bored.

Handle: The Great Tomato
Location: Suffolk, England
Position: [TIGE] Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Probably a Cobalt Scabara because I love the way they wobble along—their heads remind me of my Necromancer's Freezie Crown. However, I am rather fond of the Aloe Seeds that inhabit Pre-Searing. Despite being one of the weakest creatures in the game, they are also the nicest creatures.
PvP or PvE: Most of my time in Guild Wars has been spent playing AB (or standing in the guild hall). I love the fun, non-competitive PvP aspect. It is simple to get on a team, and you can take part in as many games as you like or drop out after the first game. I just find PvP more interesting and skillful, although it can get frustrating when the game doesn't go in your favor.
Why your guild is the greatest: The community spirit. It is the people in the alliance that make it such a great place to be: the fun conversations in alliance and guild chat (especially late at night), the cooperation, the great friends you make, the huge welcome you get when you join and log on, the fun you have going out with a team from your alliance on vent, and the common vision of making TIG succeed.


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