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GWOnline Guild [GWO]

GWO Information

GWOnline Guild [GWO] was formed during the February 2005 Beta Weekend Event through a suggestion on the GWO forums. After many forum friends grouped together to take HoH (now Heroes' Ascent), they thought it would be fun to make a guild. Several names were considered to create the GWO acronym, including Great Warthog Oink; however, they decided to stick with GWOnline Guild.

The guild functions well because its members are involved within the GWO community. This helps strengthen bonds inside the guild and with the community as well. Despite this connection, the guild has its own flavor of peculiarities. Taping bacon to people and eating them is a standing joke.

Applications are frequent, and many players apply after attending an event. The guild will accept any player; however, it strives to maintain high player standards, and only invites those who agree to the GWO forum rules, the Guild Wars EULA, and the guild's internal rules. This keeps the atmosphere within the guild friendly and accepting.

At release, the guild contained mainly American players, but it has developed over time, now boasting about a 50/50 split of American and European players, plus a few Australian and Asian members. The guild hopes to attract more players in the Asian and Australian time zones to help members in those areas form groups.

Members typically get together for tougher things like missions, elite areas, and Hard Mode. They focus on helping each other through the game and are also party-goers with a particular love of having fun all the way.

Some quick Hard Mode tips:

Spreading Blindness and Dazed Conditions is much more important, which means things like Air Magic, Ebon Dust Aura, and Broad Head Arrow, in combination with skills like Epidemic, Pestilence, or Fevered Dreams are incredibly useful.

GWOnline Member Information

Handle: Liessa/Liera/Lia/Llyra/Lorelei/Lai/Lysandra/Lilith/Leiko/Lexis Greyhaven
Location: Virginia
Position: Leader
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The instanced gameplay. Simply put, I'd never have tried GW if not for that. The initial attraction was: "Cool, I can go play by myself and no one can bug me!" The staying power is: "Cool, I can play with a few good people and no one can bug us!"
Humorous gaming incident: Back before Factions, a group of guildies went to do the Galrath quest. We had a Necro who could maintain 30+ minions. To counter minion-stealing, he brought Verata's Aura...and forgot to maintain it once the quest was over. His cry of "Bad Minions! Bad! BAD!" over TS was entertaining.

Handle: Grond the Meateater, Komoto Rockweaver
Location: Texas
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: I started playing GW to reduce stress. My youngest child is a cancer survivor and we were in treatment when the game came out. I've always enjoyed playing games and thought it would be fun to try an online RPG. It was so good at relaxing me and provided so much fun that I got a copy for my wife.
Humorous gaming incident: I had been playing an Ele and a Warrior for about five months and decided to start a Monk. I had to find a way to make myself remember that Monks are support, not front liners. I didn't realize I was speaking out loud until my wife told me to shut up. I was repeating over and over: "You are not a tank. You are only here to heal."
Why your guild is the greatest: A good guild is like a large extended family. We are friends and enjoy playing with each other. We have players from around the world and this provides a wealth of experience both in game play and life. I remember helping a guild mate solve a math problem to finish some homework.

Handle: Jersey Cuthalion
Location: Norway
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: I use Elvish for my character names. It has to be a name with a meaning relevant to my primary profession. For example, my Ranger is named "Cuthalion," which means "Strongbow." When I made a female Monk, I restarted at least three times to get the name right. Finally, with some input from Ancale, I ended up with "Jersiel Aenil Estel," which means "Daughter of Jersey, Angel of Hope."
Real life experience from gaming: In February I went to the Guild Wars Winter Party in Brighton, together with Rei and Rhonwyn. Meeting guild mates I had never seen before in real-life was a great experience!
Preferred character: My Ranger, Jersey Cuthalion. I usually bring interrupts and damage skills like Burning Arrow. I can help kill a called target or choose my own target and interrupt key skills. I never get tired of denying a Warrior boss his Healing Signet.

Handle: Rei Onryou
Location: London, England
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: I proudly wear hot pink dye on all my armors. Nothing scares your enemies more than a crazy Warrior running into battle wearing hot pink FoW armor.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: The balancing turns Guild Wars from a simple button masher into a tactics-based challenge. The most complex decisions must be made before the fight, when setting up your Skill Bar.
Preferred character: I play Warrior/Monk and have done so since the BWEs. A hard tank with a hard res and skills that cause Deep Wound always stays standing. I've rescued countless near wipes while PUGing or exploring new areas, which would not be possible without my Monk secondary.

Handle: Shadow Player
Location: Washington State
Position: Officer
One interesting gaming fact: As an Alpha Tester for Guild Wars Factions, I was voted one of the top 50 Alpha Testers and had an NPC named after me in the Luxon Area.
Real life experience from gaming: Through Guild Wars Alpha Testing, I met a QA Tester (now a co-worker at Nintendo) who helped me get into the gaming industry!
Gaming background: My gaming background is mainly RPG. I love the stories that make up RPGs because I love when your choices change the way the game plays out.

Handle: Ancale Calaquendi
Location: Malta
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: For my name, I searched for an interesting word that wouldn't get used very much. I took Ancale, which translated into "the radiant one" with reference to the sun. My forum avatar has always been a glowing ball of fire.
How where you live affects your gaming: When I'm playing with PUGs I often get asked where on Earth I live. I make a habit of saying "'s a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea."
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I wanted to get my Paragon the Survivor Title and I was very close. Unfortunately, being a PvPer at heart, I saw the PvP arena and thought "why not play a bit" completely ignoring the fact that it would be my very first death.

Handle: Triathlete E
Location: Singapore
Position: Member
One interesting fact: I am actively involved in triathlons and am the only deaf player in GWO. I cannot use TeamSpeak or Vent, but I still enjoy interacting with fellow guildies in both GvG and PvE. But, it's very hard to read lips!
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Lumo the Mime in Tihark Orchard. He doesn't talk a lot; instead he emotes like he's using sign language. I get a real laugh signing back to him.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: While working on my Survivor we were in the Jokanur Diggings mission when my character was flattened by a big bell. I didn't know this didn't count as a death. My hands froze and my teeth clenched as I released a loud wail of bitter anguish that turned to amazement as my character somehow continued to live.

Handle: Cardinal Cyn
Location: United Kingdom
Position: Member and PvE Monster
Humorous gaming incident: We were forming a team to go vanquishing in Talmark Wilderness. I spotted a guild mate and invited him only to see him promptly disappear. "I was identifying stuff and accidentally clicked on an FoW scroll instead of my ID kit," he explained when he returned from his accidental solo Fissure run.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I recently completed both Legendary Guardian and Legendary Vanquisher. There are now officially no monsters left.
Skill Bar: This build saw me through Vanquishing all continents: Zealous Benediction, Gift of Health, Protective Spirit, Shield of Absorption, Shielding Hands, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Aegis, Rebirth. My Monking style is somewhat unorthodox. I like to be in the center of the combat rather than hanging out in the back lines. If the monsters are beating on me, I don't have to heal anyone else!


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