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The Blitzers [BG]


The Blitzers guild is seven years old. Originally a PlaneShift guild, the Blitzers formed its Guild Wars division on June 26, 2005, keeing the original Blitzers motto: "As the world changes, the Blitzers will strive, coming together, to stay alive." The other strong philosophies that run through their guild culture are that "real life comes first" and "if you're not having fun then there is probably something better that you could be doing with your time."

The Blitzers run events ranging from various scrimmages to reverse Droknar runs, scavenger hunts, and their own quests. All events have a story behind them, whether it's guild members gone crazy from poisonous swamp waters or dangerous bandits escaping with precious items from the Ascalon museum. Other competitions on the forums may involve "getting to know you bingo" or explorer contests. Getting to know you bingo consists of questions such as which member of the alliance had the Drunkard title, name a member who favors pink armor, and so on. In the explorer contests, members post a screenshot of a hard-to-find place and challenge others to find it. An extra-tough one required someone to walk under a branch and look up. It had the members guessing for a while, but someone eventually found it.

Blitz Gameplay

If you're fighting "area of effect" monsters with Heroes and NPCs in the party, use flags to scatter them into a skirmish formation; not the most elaborate strategy, but it will keep your party from being wiped out by a few spells. One other tip is that you don't always want your Heroes to have a full Skill Bar available. Disabling a few skills can make your Hero focus on a specific function that might be just what you need to pass a given obstacle (focus a Mesmer on interrupting, or a Necromancer on spoiling all of those corpses the Dwarven Necromancers were planning to use). It would be a shame for your Heroes to run out of Energy because you let them arbitrarily use all eight skills instead of two or three important ones.

When playing with a group...Send some poor fool, or "willing volunteer," in first to get hit, and then kill, kill, kill.

Member Information

Handle: Maundrell (Veromen)
Location: Norway
Position: Officer, alliance contact, and official guild hall window cleaner (though no window has yet to be spotted)
Preferred character: My Elementalist. I love to deal massive damage and watch the nice colors as my foes burn. Usually I run an echo nuker build for PvE. PvP can be Searing Flames, or an Earth Magic build for the joy of watching frustrated Warriors deal zero damage.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: A group of PUGs couldn't understand why I was playing a Dervish in a particular Vabbian mission—until later when they all died, except me, and I smiled broadly as I killed off all remaining foes on my own.
Why you joined: Because of one slightly scary and pushy Dwarven woman named Bora.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I'd be a Margonite Ascendant because of the shiny wings! Or maybe a White Mantle Justiciar for the shiny armor...
Gaming Background: I started with SNES RPGs, and still believe those are the best. I've moved to MMOPRGs in the later years because I enjoy gaming with others.

Handle: Mooncat (Darakus)
Location: Belgium
Position: Officer for quite a while, Member for even longer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The lore, because it is fascinating to see how all of those small stories fit together to give us a living world to play in.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A Siege Turtle, because you can't help but love the ability to carry a huge cannon on your back.
PvP or PvE: PvE, because of the lore and because it can give the impression of fighting against overwhelming odds.
Preferred character: These days I focus on my Monk. I simply love the thrill of keeping a team member alive, especially when aggro has gone wrong. My play style is mostly to observe the first few seconds of combat so that I can guess who will take damage. When I am in nice form I launch the healing at the same time as the spike, creating a really nice whiplash effect in the Health bar of my current patient.

Handle: Qer, at your service
Location: Next to the polar bears (Sweden, if you wanna be picky)
Position: Security officer. I herd the pink elephants and make sure no one fills the guild hall with cloned toasters (it's a long story).
Humorous gaming incident: Once, in a friendly GvG scrimmage, I got lost (which I'm very good at). While running around trying to find my party, I stumbled into the catapult that shot into the enemy camp and, as a pure coincidence, I saw a lot of red enemy dots right in the hot spot. So I fired the catapult, perfect! But as I was going ballistic over this heroic success, I realized that what I thought was the enemy were really my allies and the whole party was dead.... Since then my guild doesn't let me near the catapult, which is unfair because I've proven that I mastered the technique.
Real life experience from gaming: I got a free guided tour of Brisbane by the guild leader and her personal officer. We went to the koala habitat and met live koalas! Although I'd say it's open for debate if they're truly alive or merely existing. Those koalas really don't know anything about how to party.
Funniest PUG experience: At Thunderhead Keep we picked up a Necromancer who wielded a huge axe, so when he attacked he got smack bang into the heat of things, died on the spot, got rezzed, rushed right in again, rinse, repeat. So we gave him a staff and told him to use it, but he complained he didn't do enough damage and it was back to axe and the cycle of death (we got several nice minions out of him, though).

Handle: GworthoX
Location: Germany
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: I'm sent by Dwayna to help the weak and innocent and to punish those who deserve it.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The nice community and the great synergy between players and developers. Besides that, you don't have to pay a monthly fee.
Humorous gaming incident: We offer a free guild service. Whenever we see a level 5 (or other low level), in Droknar's Forge, we offer him the Reverse Droknar Run. That means we run him back from Droknar to Beacon's Perch. Of course we do that to help them, and at no charge.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: I've played it for two years now, and have three accounts with over 4,000 hours playtime. Need to know more?
Favored tactic: Depends on the situation. But If I can out-heal a Warrior or Assassin who is slashing at me, it is a lovely feeling and makes me smile.
Funniest PUG experience: Saw a Mo/W equipped with Healing Signet as a self-heal.
Why your guild is the greatest: I don't think it is—I know it, since Dwayna told me so.

Handle: Saelfaer
Location: Belgium (The Dutch speaking part)
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Might sound strange as it's not in-game, but I like the client server system. People get used to the fact that updates come in without any hassle, but I have never seen a game with so few server downtimes. Other games I play usually have weekly maintenances, the updates don't come in automatically, or you have to wait a very long time.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: That would be a Charr. I love Pre-Searing and I have two characters there that will probably never leave. Sometimes I ask myself how those Charr must feel getting slaughtered over and over by the same people. Well if I could be a Charr, I'd definitely take revenge.
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Guild Wars is a game that I've played since its release, and I still like it. Can't say that for many games; there is just no game I have played for this long.
Funniest PUG experience: Suddenly this guy just goes AFK in the middle of the Fissure of Woe, not answering any questions. We went on anyway, and an hour later he comes back with this line: "Hi, I'm back; just took a shower." But nobody in our party was mad. We were all too busy laughing.

Handle: Tink
Location: Australia
Position: Guild member
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: The story itself. Combined with the beautiful graphics, it makes me feel like the heroine in a movie. Making friends from all corners of the globe with no monthly fee also makes it very appealing.
PvP or PvE: I am not interested in any PvP or GvG, although I would take part if my guild asked me to. I am strictly PvE, mainly because of the fun I have, especially on Team Speak with a group of alliance members, who are all slightly mad.
Why your guild is the greatest: I think Blitzers is the greatest guild, because there is always someone willing to drop what they are doing and help another, and usually more than just 'one' someone.
Preferred character: My primary character is Elementalist/Monk, especially now that I have finally learned how to play her properly. I do also like my Ranger. I love having a pet.
Why you joined: I joined Blitzers Guild because when I posted in the official forum that I was a new player looking for a guild to join, Blitzers was the only one to reply. That a guild with mostly high level characters would be happy to take a complete newbie showed the qualities of the people in it. I have never been disappointed.

Handle: Uzbard
Location: Australia
Position: Guild member
One interesting fact: I am a food scientist and technologist, a happily married father of 1.5 (brewing the second), and I ride a motorbike.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Being able to play an incredibly complex game that uses a very simple interface.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Bringing death to Abaddon with a group of four.
PvP or PvE: PvE. Not overly interested in entering the same PvP arenas. The world of Guild Wars offers story, environments, and exploration. Having said that, it is nice to occasionally go and belt up some unsuspecting human.
Preferred character: Elementalist! Favored build at the moment is fire suppression: carpet the field with Searing Heat/Savannah Heat and follow up with a well placed Meteor/Meteor shower. I prefer the supportive middle line type of role.
Why you joined: My brother was already part of the guild when it came over from another game. I'm happy to say I'm a Blitzer. Won't be moving without kicking and screaming!

Handle: Stydracos
Location: Australia
Position: Officer
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Rotscale, because he's the most powerful beasty with the Ranger profession I can think of, he's featured in the cinematic, and...he's a Bone Dragon!
Guild Wars deity: My primary character is a Ranger, so the deity to represent me would be Melandru (however, if she's busy, Dwayna's on speed dial).
Humorous gaming incident: Dreadnought's Drift springs to mind; I was one of three adventurous Blitzers checking out the two chests that used to exist there. Having neared the first chest we said over TeamSpeak not to go after it straight away. Unfortunately it fell on deaf ears. Mooncat, overcome by the thoughts of treasure, ran up to the chest. The calls over voice chat increased in intensity. Suddenly all was quiet as Mooncat's body hit the snow, surrounded by a horde of upset Tundra Giants. Mooncat finally spoke, "who aggroed all the Tundra Giants?"
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Just one? I have two deaths an hour....
Why you joined: I'm a Blitzer from our Planeshift days. The first Blitzer I met was a refined and cultured demon called Flodnag who offered help with a quest. Initially I refused an offer to join as the red skin and pointy horns smelt of trickery. So I tracked down the Blitzers website and became convinced that this was the guild for me.

Handle: KTBFFH
Location: England
Position: Officer. I also lend a hand with recruiting.
PvP or PvE: I prefer PvE; I enjoy that you can stop and take a five minute break to grab another drink. Also, after just finishing university, I know that being out of the game for a few weeks or even months won't put you too far behind.
Favored tactic: I usually play a Spiteful Spirit Necro and get SS on as many melee chars as possible before concentrating on the called target. Often 'squishy' builds will run from these, so if a tank (if we have one!) loses aggro and I trust the Monk(s), I'll grab the aggro myself and watch mobs kill themselves on me. It's better than letting your healers get hit. Skeletal Berserkers in the FoW are a prime target for this.
Skill Bar: Arcane Echo, Spiteful Spirit, Desecrate Enchantments, Defile Enchantments, optional, optional, optional, Res Sig. Defile and Desecrate Enchantments can do a lot of damage if used correctly. The optional slots depend on what I'm doing: common skills are Reckless Haste, Signet of Lost Souls, Parasitic Bond (this helps the healers out in Hard Mode, and covers SS), Signet of Sorrow, Consume Corpse, Rotting Flesh, Sympathetic Visage, and Blood Ritual.
Why your guild is the greatest: After trying out previous guilds (and helping set one up), I've found a home with the Blitzers. They balance the maturity I was looking for with having a great laugh, and there's never any pressure on me to play a certain way or at a certain time.

Handle: Nenearen (Nen)
Location: Australia
Position: Leader, chief, and crazy lady who runs around telling people what to do.
One interesting fact: My characters each have a different background story. I usually choose a character depending my mood. For example, Nenearen Eilianu, my Ranger, gets really upset when anyone decides to kill an innocent creature. Asrai, my Elementalist, on the other hand, likes to make anything go boom.
Humorous gaming incident: Once, a few of us Blitzers went searching for ice cream. Unfortunately we didn't find any, but we did get interesting offers from other people of in-game items that could be used for ice cream cones and scoops. Another time, while traveling through the early missions on TeamSpeak, Gworthox and Darakus started voice acting the cut scenes.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: You don't have to invest a huge amount of hours to enjoy the game and play with your guild mates. I also love the scenery. Every now and again I just stop and look at a waterfall or off a cliff face and appreciate the beautiful surroundings.
Why you joined: In January 2001, my fiancé started playing PlaneShift and joined the Blitzers. I followed him from RuneScape into this unknown world of online role playing. I still remember how nervous I was when I first met queen Bora to talk about joining.


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