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Elite Deaf Team

A Deaf Guild

The use of voice chat software has become ubiquitous in Guild Wars, with many guilds requiring Teamspeak or Ventrilo just to join, let alone tackle complicated missions and compete in PvP. But what do you do if you can't even hear, but still want to play in a group? For deaf players, who might otherwise rely on lip reading and sign language, voice chat software is simply not an option. So when a group of deaf players got tired of trying to find groups that didn't use voice-chat software, they decided to come together and form the Elite Deaf Team.

Also known as Filibuster Union, this guild revolves around finding ways to play the game without verbal communication. The use of typing, of course, is a key tool, but running teams in GvG, HA, and DoA without Vent/TS still presents a challenge. To overcome mistakes and miscommunication, the Elite Deaf Team has created unique codes and a system for spikes and pressure on opposing teams. The system is easy to comprehend but, like other systems, takes time and practice to implement in PvE as well as PvP.

The Elite Deaf Team wants to gather deaf and hard-of-hearing Guild Wars players from all over the world to join them in an environment free of harassment, racism, and hate. The guild also accepts current or future ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters and players heavily involved in the deaf community. It is an excellent experience for them to learn about deaf culture and succeed in deaf studies. And the Elite Deaf Team doesn't mind training new Guild Wars players. Moreover, the guild aims to shock the hearing world in the PvP aspect, and earn outright respect.

Currently, the guild is more like a small family, though it continues to grow, and they eagerly welcome new members. The cape represents this family atmosphere, and its ideals. They think of each other as brothers and sisters, and help anyone who might be struggling. Together, they work as a team in Guild Wars to overcome adversities and become more ferocious in both the PvE and PvP world.

Margonites and Monsters

The Elite Deaf Team loves PvE because it offers endless fun and adventure. Most members prefer Realm of Torment and Domain of Anguish, because the added challenge makes it more enjoyable. In one embarrassing moment, though, the team stealthily attacked a group of Margonites and torment monsters from around a corner, not realizing another mob had come up behind them. They got steamrolled in a matter of seconds, but learned their lesson and won on a second attempt.

Their advice for all inexperienced or struggling players who want to complete missions at Master's level: do not rush the mission. Why is rushing a disadvantage? Because huge armies of monsters can congregate upon the team and pulverize it. Monks can't handle the heavy pressure of healing teammates fast enough to keep up with oversized mobs. There is a solution for this: make sure the team doesn't aggro big groups of monsters. Let the Ranger pull a small group of monsters to you and attack one target at a time. An organized approach like this will actually speed up your killing rampages, and let you move more quickly to different stages. Also, bosses (except Monks) should be the last to kill.

The Anaconda Tactic

The Elite Deaf Team believes spiking is overrated. They feel it is too predictable. Monks have plenty of time to save spiked teammates, especially when there is a pattern. Rather than fall into a routine of constant spiking, the guild operates with fluid strategies, which members call "manipulating their minds," "oppressing Monks," and "the anaconda tactic."

Manipulating their minds: Spreading Conditions and Hexes to make the other side go crazy. A team hindered in such a way won't do well.

Oppressing Monks: Roughing Monks up once in a while, so they never know when death is coming for them. Monks spend a lot of time removing Conditions and Hexes, consuming their Energy. Eventually, this distracts them from another teammate under attack, or causes them to give up.

The anaconda tactic: Identifying opposing team mistakes and squeezing them in a trap until they suffer defeat. At the same time, this involves distracting a team captain or tactic caller with heavy pressure. Taking out a key role often leads to the collapse of the other team. If opponents aren't careful, they can then get overrun, providing an early victory.

The "anaconda tactic" is inspired by the brilliant Northern General Winfield Scott with his "Anaconda Plan." "Manipulating their minds" is inspired by Howie Mandel (Deal or No Deal TV show host and stand-up comedian).

Member Information

Handle: Pompey Magnus
Location: Washington State
Position: Leader
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Realm of Torment and Domain of Anguish. I like to do missions there, because those Margonites and torment monsters are challenging and extremely fun. Also GvG; it's challenging to compete with another guild to see who's the better guild.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: Any Torment creature, because they're fearsome, brutal, powerful, and have the ability to self-clone. I could clone myself in GvG and overwhelm the other side.
Guild Wars deity: Grenth, because he is the God of Death and a fearsome deity. You have a death wish if you face me.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Crushed War Machine [wm] in the first five minutes of a GvG battle before TS/Vent became popular. War Machine eventually won the Factions World Championship. My dual smite Monk team was non-ranked to Rank 2, and we pulverized R4-R8 teams in HA, but never made it to HoH.
Humorous gaming incident: When we were way ahead of Kurzick in an alliance battle, I decided to take off all of my armor and fight like a naked crazy man. I'm pretty sure my Warrior is famous for running naked in alliance battles before Guild Wars locked armor in PvP.

Handle: Tink Livingflame
Location: Kentucky
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: Tink Livingflame is an awesome Elementalist; hence it's my favorite profession. I like to farm unique weapons and off-hands, capture elite skills, and work on advancing titles such as HA rank.
Gaming background: First person shooter games like Condemned: Criminal Origins and Doom 3. They are the scariest games I have ever played.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Domain of Anguish in Nightfall. I keep going there all the time, because I love to challenge any difficulty level with my characters. It's a great experience and extremely fun.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: A "Korr, Living Flame" because it is powerful. When they huddle up they can easily wipe out most of the group.
Guild Wars deity: I like to antagonize players with fire spells, so Balthazar, god of fire, is a perfect fit for Tink Livingflame.

Handle: Anita Icewind
Location: Kentucky
Position: Officer
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: I left my guild, The Grudge, and joined another guild with Kurzick allegiance. Then I met some prior guildies from the Luxon alliance, who trapped me in a corner during PvP. They spammed laugh and point emotes at me before they wiped me out. One of them is my best friend in real life.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I ran a Migraine Mesmer build in RA, and constantly oppressed a Monk. The Monk was very frustrated, and was sweet enough to give me nice profanity statements before leaving the game early.
Funniest PUG experience: I got invited to random PUG team for the Hell's Precipice mission. Several of them were running odd builds; one Monk using all Elementalist spells, one Ranger running a sword build, an Elementalist using AoE smiting, and finally a Warrior healing with a full complement of Monk spells.
Why your guild is the greatest: Our guild is very exclusive, because it designed for all deaf and hard-of-hearing players. We can team up for HA, GvG, and DoA without Vent/TS requirements.
Humorous gaming incident: I was loaded with bow attacks, but forgot to put anything in my Marksmanship attribute. My damage was an impressive one to five; whoops!

Handle: PvP Monks of Doom
Location: Massachusetts
Position: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: Waited 30 minutes to be in a mission and found out I was party leader.
Real life experience from gaming: Nothing unusual, just like to have fun with friends and stuff like that.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: Took six people to kill my tank, in four minutes.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: Winning a battle against my favorite team, Team Flamingos.
Embarrassing Guild Wars moment: Didn't know what Spiteful Spirit was.
PvP or PvE: I like them about the same, but for me, PvP proves much more challenging because I try to read other people and figure out their builds.

Handle: Dorie Moon
Location: Arizona
Position: Member
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: It's just to level 20. I don't have to play all the time to be high level.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: When I got my Survivor title. It was hard work and I felt proud to get it.
PvP or PvE: I like PvE more. I'm not good at PvP yet, and I like the stories in PvE.
Play style: I like Blinding melee players with Ineptitude or Ebon Dust Aura.
Why your guild is the greatest: Because the people try to help each other, and they know what it's like for me in real life and in Guild Wars.

Handle: Sir Suffering
Location: California
Position: Member
One interesting fact: In real life, I was born deaf and went to mainstream school all my life. I am fluent in American Sign Language and Mexican Sign Language.
Guild Wars monster you'd be: I would be a Gwen, because she is the most dangerous type of enemy ever, a villainous creature in the body of a little innocent girl. Don't deny the "truth" about the conspiracy behind Gwen!
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: Easy! I absolutely love the intuitive and easygoing interface, along with the quest compass on the map. I also love the PvP aspect and the fact you can be flexible with attributes and skills instead of waging your entire career on a certain build.
PvP or PvE: I prefer PvP, because it challenges and entertains me more than PVE. Every PvP battle is different and makes me think creatively.
Why you joined: Originally I joined because the leader, who is a friend and suitemate of mine, invited me to the Filibuster Union. But over time, I have come to adore the guild, because it allows me to be myself. Before I converted to Guild Wars, my guild in World of Warcraft often barred me from raids, because I didn't have Ventrilo. So it was a refreshing change.


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