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Ostatnie Tchnienie [zgon]

Rooted in the Brotherhood of Steel

In March, 2007, Ostatnie Tchnienie [zgon] played in its first tournament, the 2nd Anniversary Brotherhood of Steel Tournament for Polish guilds. The Brotherhood of Steel is an alliance of high-ranking Polish guilds. As a relatively young guild at the time, [zgon] was not well known in the community. They were an unknown factor in the tournament, and it surprised many people when [zgon] won its qualifier matches and made it to the quarter finals, where it lost after a close fight against the champions of Poland (The Ancalentari [Anc]). The guild took fifth place in their first tournament, and since that time [zgon] has become more well-known among the Polish PvP community.

Next, [zgon] joined the Polish Guild Wars League, and after seven rounds has earned the full number of points. Someday they plan to try their luck in international tournaments.

The Last Breath

The name of the guild, "Ostatnie Tchnienie," means "The Last Breath," and the translated tag [zgon] is [death]. The meaning behind the name may be interpreted in different ways. The guild was created after the decay of a few former guilds, so for some [zgon] is the last chance for those guilds to live on. It can also be the last breath of an enemy before death.

Trishia, a [zgon] member wrote two songs about the guild and Craag composed a short verse. Recently, they have discovered that a popular Polish music band, Myslovitz, has also composed a song titled "Zgon."

Here is the translated motto by Craag:

....first flash and last step.
....first cry and last jump.
....first spell and last glare.
....first stumbling and last breath [death]....

A Polish Guild

Ostatnie Tchnienie is a Polish guild. Recruits must be able to speak Polish and play in the evening (Warsaw time). Secondly, half of the members are about 18 years old, and the remaining part of the guild consists of mature players about 25-35 years old. Thus, a guild member must be over 16 years old to avoid problems with finding "common ideas" with very young players. Players must also have PvP experience; this is not a place to begin journeying into Guild Wars. And finally, recruits should share the vision that the game is for fun, not for winning at any cost.

Formed exclusively for Guild Wars, members do venture into other games, but not as a guild. Ostatnie Tchnienie has 12 members. This is their optimal number for a GvG-oriented guild, because it is efficient to organize. They've done over 400 GvG matches so far, with detailed descriptions of each on their website. If they can't field a full GvG team, they'll often grab guests and head over to Heroes' Ascent. They particularly enjoyed six-player HA when it was around.

Go for the Head, and the Body will Fall

One [zgon] battle tactic is to take out the enemy commander and create confusion in the team. It may discombobulate enemy attacks or even stop them completely. [zgon] picked up this tactic because it happened to them in an early GvG match, and resulted in complications for the team. They suggest that, before starting a battle, you decide who takes command if your main commander dies.

Of course, [zgon] uses voice chat during GvG battles (Teamspeak or Ventrilo). From their experience playing as guests in different guilds, they've seen situations with eight people trying to command, everyone shouting, blaming Monks for death, and so on. [zgon] does not believe this is the best way to win a match. They say there should be one leader (or two if split), who commands. The team can still give feedback or ideas, but should remember to go where the leader says.

When [zgon] spikes, they often visit "barrels" (in the Isle of the Nameless) to check pings and synchronize the spike. Such training is obligatory if a new player or a guest is playing. Sometimes they use a simpler method and just ping on the Compass.

When introducing a new build, they first play a few sparring battles or try it out in HA to see how it does against different builds and tactics. Practice like this helps alleviate the risk of losing rating points in a GvG match from simple errors such as pushing the wrong button when learning a new Skill Bar.

Despite a respectable history, [zgon] has had its share of bitter defeat. In one memorable match, they cracked an enemy team and pushed them into their base. There, they killed most NPCs and waited for VoD. But they got complacent. What should've been a flawless victory turned around and bit them. After VoD, they didn't react fast enough when the enemy rushed across the spiked coral and, even with high DP, killed the lord in just five seconds.

GvG in 42 Minutes

[zgon] remembers a GvG match going to 42 minutes and 29 seconds on January 30, 2007, the longest one they played since VoD changed to 20 minutes. Though they could've fought on, they resigned. It was a battle of two spike builds, extremely tormenting for Monks.

Harrowing Tournament Action

In a match versus Silent Kill Teams [SKT] (now disbanded) during the first round of the BoS Anniversary Tournament, [zgon] made its debut in tournament play. The two teams fought on Burning Isle, near the flag stand, for the majority of the match. At about six minutes, both [zgon] Monks died and rezzed at the base. The team thought the match was finished. But a fast retreat maneuver, a bit of luck with the flag, and one enemy mistake turned things around, and [zgon] emerged victorious. Unfortunately, this glorious win was the only match they didn't record. All the others from this tournament they made into movies, mixed with their voice chat recordings.

Ostatnie Tchnienie Members

Though not all members have detailed information, these are the nicknames of the entire roster:
Qki, Miru, Iga, Craag, Xel, Aena, Trish, Lukk, Asgaroth, Kaill, Kamilo, Elmo.

And they'd also like to make special mention of Yuki, who was in [zgon] for some time.

Handle: Qki
Location: Poland
Position: Leader
Humorous gaming incident: Some time ago, when I was in another guild, we met a Rt/W in GvG. Nothing special, but before he started to spam Spirits, he used Frenzy. New, better, FASTER Spirit spammer?
Why Guild Wars is the greatest: It is the best online game I've ever played. Why? Because I don't need to grind monsters to kill someone in PvP. Skills and build (and ping) make me good, not items and time spent in-game.
Build to watch for: I feel helpless against builds like Rit Spike.
Why your guild is the greatest: I can't say that my guild is the best because I have never been in all other guilds, so I can't make a comparison. The point is that I feel good here and I'm having a great time.
Why joined: I joined the guild because the leader was my acquaintance and I knew half of the members from a prior guild.

Handle: Iga
Location: Poland
Position: Officer
One interesting gaming fact: I have played other games, but Guild Wars was the first online game I tried. I found it during beta tests and it fascinated me. There is a bit of a stereotype that all gamers are men, so it may be interesting that I encouraged my man to play, rather than the other way around. We have been playing together since after beta.
PvP or PvE: The PvP mode (specifically GvG) is why I keep playing Guild Wars. Of course I have PvE characters on my account, but usually I do only the necessary missions. In PvE I like customizing character appearance by choosing armor and weapons.
Funniest pug experience: In my guild I prize the fact that we share the responsibility for its forming. It is completely natural for members to try and give everything of themselves. I also like that there is no nervous atmosphere or shouting, regardless if the last match was won or lost.
Preferred character: If you ask about PvP, for a long time I have been playing only Monk. It was my first profession in Guild Wars. It seems to me that women prefer this profession. I love Blessed Light for its universality.
Why I joined: Together with a few people we decided to create [zgon]. Why am I in the guild in general? I think that only by being in a guild may one fully utilize what Guild Wars offers. It is in the name of the game, after all.

Handle: Aena
Location: Poland
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: One of my PvP characters in the game is named Mala Zla Mesmerka. Often people from Croatia, Serbia, and other countries from former Yugoslavia treat this character as a fellow countryman and try to talk to me in their language. Fortunately Polish is similar so I can understand a little of what they say. Mala Zla Mesmerka is also a very flexible name, as it can be translated into English in many different ways. A general translation is Little Evil Mesmer, but for an enemy Monk my character is probably Little Wicked Mesmer, and if I'm irritated by something, it is simply Little Angry Mesmer. Oh, and if I don't play very well, it can mean Little Bad Mesmer.
One interesting gaming fact: As to online games I played MUDs many years ago. My Guild Wars name, Aena, is derived from Aen, a character I had in MUDs. I also played for some time in Enemy Territory and Tibia. For over one year I enjoyed the web browser-based Utopia (a really great game!) Guild Wars is my first big MMO game.
Humorous gaming incident: I had an arena battle which went to 56 minutes and 6 seconds. All party members were defeated, including me. The only ones left were a Warrior versus a Ritualist with Spirits. Nowadays people leave much earlier.
Preferred character: I started this game as an Elementalist, then created a Mesmer and it has become my favorite class.
Why I joined: Half of the guild were people whom I had known from previous guilds and I was looking for a GvG-oriented guild, as my previous one ceased to exist a few days after the release of Nightfall.

Handle: Xel
Location: Poland
Position: Officer
Humorous gaming incident: One humorous thing I remember is our guild trip to one of the elite missions where we wiped in a minute. I guess we can fight with high ranked guilds but level 30 mobs are too much for us...
PvP or PvE: I really enjoy both sides of the game. Of course in a PvP-oriented guild I spend more time playing GvG and HA.
Build to watch for: I don't like playing against Spirit-based builds, especially spike.
Preferred character: Monk. It is fun and satisfying. As for skills, I like Signet of Devotion for a free heal and Infuse Health because it is the best skill to catch a spike.

Handle: Elmo
Location: Poland
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: I'm the youngest in the guild (16 years old). When the other members discovered that fact, they named me the guild mascot.
Humorous gaming incident: When I was playing Assassin in RA, I had only 5 Health and a Ranger tried to deathblow me, but he didn't know how to hit me—I kept avoiding his arrows. My team ended up winning and the Ranger called me a coward because he couldn't kill me.
Why your guild is the greatest: We form constructive conclusions from defeats instead of quarrelling over who failed at what. Simply put, we learn from failures.
Preferred character: From the beginning my favorite profession has been Ranger, but then Assassin appeared, which I started to like, too. My favorite skill is Distracting Shot.
Skill Bar: Ranger/Monk with Distracting Shot, Burning Arrow, Savage Shot, Apply Poison, Natural Stride, Mending Touch, Troll Unguent, Resurrection Signet. Template [OgMQMPGdrqZ28rzr+GBA]

Handle: Craag
Location: Poland
Position: Officer
One interesting fact: According to age standards in this type of game I am a Guild Wars grandfather. I am 35 and work as a forester.
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Guild Wars is the first game that could interest me and has occupied me for two years now. Playing with real people, real opponents, people who come from all over the world; using all kinds of combat is really amazing. The world of PvE is very interesting but PvP keeps me a fan.
Humorous gaming incident: You always remember best maybe not the funny but the most dramatic situations. For example when two Monks got disconnected during GvG and we still won the match. Or when our Teamspeak stopped working and we had to communicate by typing or drawing on the radar.
Preferred character: My favorite profession is every profession. I try to get to know all of them as best as I can, however I prefer frontline professions: Warrior, Assassin, Dervish…I also like to act as a flagger.
Why I joined: Without a good guild there is no game. It is a bit like in sports. You create a team, you train, and you play to win the championships.

Handle: Kaill
Location: Poland
Position: Officer
Favorite Guild Wars aspect: Why GvG, of course. This mode offers everything I expect from the game. In GvG no one knows what will happen. Even when controlling a match the whole time, a tiny oversight could make you lose.
Why your guild is the greatest: My guild is the best because people respect each other. If a match is won we congratulate on a well played game, and if we lose we identify what was wrong and try to prevent similar failures.
Preferred character: My main and favorite profession is Monk. I've been playing Monk in PvP since I can remember, mostly GvG. I even do PvE as a Monk.

Handle: Asgaroth
Location: Poland
Position: Member
Preferred character: The first character I created was an Elementalist. I spent a lot of time (really a lot of time) on developing him and invested a lot of money in him, but it was worth it. My enjoyment of the Elementalist has transferred to PvP mode. From the beginning of my PvP career I have played a flagger. I think it is the best job from all possible. I love running with the flag just like children love sweets. I can create a flagger from each profession in a hundred different ways. There are people who think that this profession is something like "bring, carry out, sweep," but for me it is the most important role in a team. I play each profession type but I like Elementalist, Mesmer, Assassin and Ritualist the most.
PvP or PvE: At the beginning I played in PvE mode, like everyone I know. After about one year of playing, when I thought I was sufficiently prepared, I started PvP. I was doing all I could to not disappoint other members of my team. PvP mode allows me to improve my playing because I can more easily see when I make mistakes.
Skill Bar: Ritualist/Elementalist with Storm Djinn's Haste, Weapon of Remedy, Wielder's Boon, Mend Body and Soul, Resilient Weapon, Resilient Was Xiko, Binding Chains, Glyph of Lesser Energy
Why your guild is the greatest: I have here the best friends with whom I became acquainted during the game. I have known them for a long time; they are experienced players and cultural people. If I thought another guild was the best, why would I be a member of [zgon]?
Game perspective: I always use RPG view in PvP. I am looking around very often, rarely looking forward. Being a flagger means having to see danger coming from all directions.


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