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The East Indian Guild [EIG]

Guild Information

The hardest part of founding the East Indian Guild was choosing the name. The Dutch practically invented the concept of "guild," so the founders, Merenwen and Nicky, turned to their history for naming inspiration. The guild leader lives in an old building that once belonged to the United Dutch East Asia Company (a famous 17th century multinational Dutch trading guild). Consequently, a name was born. Originally intended to be an international guild, they decided to have an English name. But the first few members who joined did not speak fluent English, so the leader switched the guild to Dutch-only but left the name in place for posterity.

As the guild grew, the leader decided to host a PHP forum. With the forum came the Orders—sub-groups of the EIG led by officers who specialize in certain areas. The Orders are named in true RPG-style, and members can gain a rank depending on which Order they join. The Voices of Air recruit new members/guilds, the Warriors of Fire host PvP battles, and the Guardians of Earth provide cheap materials, weapons, and other items for all members of the alliance. EIG plans to continue the Orders into Guild Wars 2.

The East Indian Guild has one guiding principle above all others: have fun! When they say "have fun" in-game, they mean it. With this in mind, just about anyone may join. New members gain access to the forum, with all kinds of goodies ranging from build generators to free items, and a player-hosted festival about once every month. However, players are not obligated to do anything other than be online once every two months. Even membership in the forum is voluntary. Members joining often find another surprise: EIG has a female leader, which is relatively rare (though one of their allies has a female leader, too).

Something that sets the East Indian Guild apart is the festivals held in its guild hall. Even ex-members come back to participate. The events held vary: 1 vs. 1 scrimmage tournaments, dance parties, dodge ball, and so on. Another example is the recently-held animal festival. It featured a miniatures fashion show and a competition in which only Ranger pets were allowed to fight (the prizes for the winners were miniatures). On December 5, Sint Nicolaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) and his sidekick Zwarte Piet visited the guild hall and handed out presents. With EIG's one year anniversary coming up, be sure to expect a grand festival (lasting three days) with fireworks, masks, and all kinds of items from the official festivals. Even Sint Nicolaas might show up again!

The East Indian Guild is loosely based upon the United Dutch East Asia Company, a collection of successful seafarers, explorers, and traders from the 17th century. When it came to choosing a side in Factions, the guild leader learned that the Luxons were also seafarers and traders. At that time, the only Kurzick NPCs the EIG had met were Lukas and Headmaster Amara. They were both too arrogant and thus represented the Kurzicks badly; their loss! And so the choice to become Luxon was made. The EIG cape springs from that history. The anchor symbolizes the United Dutch East Asia Company and the green resembles the jade sea.

PvE Discussion

The East Indian Guild usually lets players try the game on their own. When players can't get past certain areas, the first thing that is usually offered is advice, but most members are willing to help others out if they can't get past a certain point. However, an unwritten policy states that EIG will not run people anywhere.

They say, "Even if you're just missing a small piece of the storyline, you will have lost more from running than you may have gained from it. Besides, if you need to be run somewhere; you won't be ready for whatever is waiting for you in that area, either."

Members usually form small teams of two to four members when playing PvE, but those teams are often strong combinations of experience and builds. EIG is a guild that can do well both individually and as a team (even randomly thrown together), which should prove interesting once it hits the PvP scene. About 75 percent of the guild has Nightfall (and most have just Nightfall), and they play there quite a bit, but members go just about anywhere, like true explorers/traders would.

The guild's first real enemy was Shiro Tagachi, so its members have quite some experience fighting the Afflicted. Any Assassin in the team is often advised to just stay out of it while the rest pelt away with ranged attacks. Ritualists are usually more dangerous than the Monks, so the team takes them out first. Monks are not always the prime target, because they are not always the most important member of an enemy team.

When asked about the guild's biggest defeat, EIG related a story about entering the Fissure of Woe with a relatively large team, only to be picked off one by one because not everyone loaded in at the same moment. A bit of a waste of coin, but the second time they succeeded and managed to earn back their gold, plus a little more.

PvP Discussion

Any member is welcome to join the team, even with a PvE character, because when it comes down to it, fun is more important than winning. Players may also bring their own builds because the team trusts they know what they're doing. That doesn't mean the guild won't give help when asked, but it is often difficult to play another person's build without information on how to play it. Even when they know the ideas behind a build, players often perform better with builds they (partially) came up with themselves. When the team needs a healer for example, EIG doesn't shop around for a Monk specifically. While Monks may be powerful healers, Paragons, Ritualists, and even Dervishes can also heal quite well. It also brings in an element of surprise, as most enemies expect Monks to be the healers. While they may not be able to create top-100 teams (yet), it does give them some advantages over players who cannot think out-of-the-box.

Member information
Some East Indian Guild traders

Handle: Merenwen Calafalas
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Position: Leader (Mistress of Trade)
One fact about yourself: I'm a real fan of many games, but that used to apply to just board and card games. Guild Wars has added online computer gaming to my long list of interests. My interests are very broad (meaning I need more character slots than the 9 occupied ones I have now).
Why is Guild Wars the greatest: The thing I like best about Guild Wars is the way it is set up. The game starts for real at level 20, but even so, you can still compete with other players because you have the highest level too.
Humorous gaming incident: Once when I was typing random emotes, someone walked up to me and "replied." What followed was a lengthy debate where both sides used nothing but emote commands. It had a very "emotional" ending.
PvP or PvE: At the moment I play a lot of PvE because I have so much unfinished business. Still, on occasion, I play PvP, for fun and to gain some experience.
Gaming background: I used to be a Nintendo addict, but other than Patience and Spider, I had little PC gaming experience. Until my boyfriend introduced me to Guild Wars, and now I'm almost an addict.

Handle: Nicky 'nick' Silverstar
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Position: Officer (Guardian of Earth)
One fact about yourself: Looks mean a lot for me. I tend to plan in advance what kind of weapons/armor my characters will wear and what their appearance will be. One of the reasons I don't play a Dervish, for example, is because I really don't like their armor.
Real life experience from gaming: My girlfriend (the guild leader) and I were looking for a fun game to play together. Through Guild Wars, we have grown even closer than we were before. I really like that we have a common hobby.
PvP or PvE: Since I am a huge fan of storylines and role-playing, I like PvE a lot. It also adds color to the game through unique armor and weapon skins. However, I like to take my accomplished PvE characters to PvP arenas because it is the true test of their skill.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: That would be during the ceremonial duel in which my Legendary Survivor died for the first time. Mind you, that was before Nightfall was even known to us players, making the title a great accomplishment. You youngsters have it way too easy nowadays.
Preferred character: I have a preferred role rather than a profession, namely that of mid-liner. I like to help with both offense and defense as much as possible, which is why I play builds like Ward Geomancer and Chanting Paragon.

Handle: Uthor Lighthand
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Officer (Voice of Air)
Guild Wars deity to represent you: Balthazar, a god that represents war and fire, a primitive god without any spiritual stuff. It is something that fits an atheist like me.
Why is Guild Wars the greatest: Creating builds and skill combinations that are better than others, and expansions that contain a lot of new fun stuff (the Dervish from Nightfall is pure genius), and of course the fact there is no monthly fee.
Most spectacular Guild Wars death: My Necromancer died while under the effects of Death Nova. I blew myself up through Blood Renewal while standing in the middle of a group. The result took out four Mursaat Elementalists.
Funniest pug experience: A Mesmer (L20) without infused armor attacking headlong into a group of 8-10 Mursaat thinking he had a good chance to beat them all.
Why is your guild the greatest: EIG stands for fun above all. You don't have to farm faction and everybody enjoys doing things for the guild. Having our own material and dye traders is another reason.

Handle: Sir Merry
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Officer (Warrior of Fire)
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: The friendly atmosphere in towns. Someone asks something, another replies and before you know it, friendly conversations start spontaneously between people that don't even know each other.
Biggest Guild Wars triumph: I played Heroes' Ascent with a few friends without any intention to win. After the first fight, we were miraculously transported to the Hall of Heroes and unexpectedly, we won. I was the party leader so my name came up in the chat that day.
Preferred character: Sir Merry, an Elementalist that has all the secondary professions (and switches often), is my first character. I created him when I got the game and after 18 months, he is still fun to play.
Gaming background: It all started with Fairyland, a free MMORPG. One day we had to pay to play so I quit and my neighbor introduced me to Guild Wars. I like both PvP and PvE.
Favorite Skill Bar: Stone Dagger Renewal. E/D: Stone Daggers, Obsidian Flame, Ether Renewal, Mystic Regeneration, Stoneflesh Aura, Earth Attunement, Kinetic Armor, Resurrection Signet.

Handle: Sir Bertrand
Location: Malden, The Netherlands
Position: Member (Defender of Fire)
One fact about yourself: My primary character, Sir Bertrand, started out in Prophecies, then went to Factions, but he has only completed Nightfall so far.
Favorite aspect of Guild Wars: I really like the way they made pre-Searing, with lots of special locations. I also like the level system, as you don't have to play a lot in order to finish the game (unlike WoW, where it takes lots of hours to become a half-decent fighter).
PvP or PvE: I play both, but recently I have been leaning towards PvP. I am still trying to finish Prophecies and Factions though.
Funniest pug experience: I once saw an E/A in Random Arenas armed with daggers, Conjure Flame, and Mark of Rodgort but he didn't have anything that caused fire damage. I also met a P/Mo with Spell Breaker and Healing Touch.
Gaming background: I have played racing games, shooters, and RTS, but I like RTS the most. Actually, I never played online games before Guild Wars.

Handle: X Wouter X
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Member (Treasure Hunter of Earth)
Build you dislike: I don't like fighting Elementalists using Armor of Earth, Stoneflesh Aura, and skills like that because I do zero damage to them.
Why is your guild the greatest: Because they host their own festivals when there are no official ones. I also like the forum. The people in the guild are really nice.
Preferred character: Wouter the Brave is my primary character, even if I can only farm Fissure of Woe with him. One time I was rune farming and I found a black dye.
Why joined: I joined EIG after being in their alliance first and they accepted me after my own guild turned English.
Favorite Skill Bar: I like this build: A/any. Golden Lotus Strike, Fox Fangs, Horns of the Ox, Falling Spider, Blades of Steel, Death's Charge, Shadow Refuge, Resurrection Signet.

Handle: X Sjoerd X
Location: The Netherlands
Position: Member (Speaker of Air)
One fact about yourself: I try to make my character as colorful as possible.
Which Guild Wars monster would you be: Corsair, because they're brightly red and easy to defeat.
Guild Wars deity to represent you: Melandru, because her avatar has a lot of Health.
Humorous gaming incident: Someone who I never met before gave me 20 Battle Commendations just like that.
Why joined: I became a member through pure coincidence. Somebody was recruiting, I asked if I could join and they said yes and invited me.


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