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Dutch Guild of Honor [DGOH]

Guild Information

Four friends bought Guild Wars and shortly thereafter founded Dutch Guild of Honor (DGOH) on 05/05/05. The repeating date must have been auspicious, because it ushered in an era of growth and developing friendships. The actual creator of the guild first took the role of leader, but decided leadership wasn't for him and passed the title on to Fyer the Luna. From that moment on, Fyer reigned with a benevolent hand. New recruits flocked in and the ranks swelled from the first 4 to a current total of 75. Not satisfied with simple growth and a big roster, members took a proactive role in shaping the guild's future to make sure the roster contained companionable and compatible members. Now, this once random assortment of players has become a tight knit group of friends who share their love for gaming.

The Dutch Guild of Honor focuses primarily on Guild Wars, but it digresses for occasional bouts of Counterstrike, Freelancer, and a few other games. The guild divides its attention among the many features of Guild Wars, which works well for the diversity of interests among its members. For example, some members prefer PvE while others would never, of their own volition, leave the PvP battlefield. By organizing PvP tournaments and guild groups for PvE, DGOH brings those players together, kind of like an ongoing Guild Wars mixer.

When asked to summarize its philosophy, DGOH proudly answers "fun and fairness." All members may take part in any event. Unlike some guilds, where new players don't have the chance to demonstrate prowess in GvG or PvP, the Dutch Guild of Honor fights alongside any guildmate. Members internalize this sense of fairness, and have endless fun together. This, more than anything else, motivates existing members to stick around. Also, the guild actively encourages new players to join its ranks. Regardless of age, nationality, and gaming preference, DGOH welcomes recruits as long as they speak Dutch and have a positive attitude.

PvE Game Discussion

Exploring, questing, collecting titles, and hunting items—the Dutch Guild of Honor does it all. The guild stolidly refuses to limit itself to one style of play. Because of this comprehensive background, members have no trouble creating builds for any PvE challenge.

Generally, the guild winds up with balanced builds for most situations, since many of its members prefer playing different characters, running the gamut from healer to nuker to interrupter to tank. DGOH parties use Ventrilo to slap together their builds and conquer PvE.

Once a party forms, they rarely focus on a particular mission or quest. Instead, they choose to start from some point and travel to an unknown destination, helping each other along the way as they capture elite skills and collect new items.

PvP Game Discussion

When pitting its skills against other players, DGOH stresses clear and consistent communication as a key factor in success. In any PvP battle, this commitment to open communication gives the team an edge over opponents who are not using voice chat, as well as against those who don't use voice chat well. Besides, it makes for hours of fun for the whole guild.

The guild's devoted PvPers try new builds on a daily basis. The build listed here was one the guild had some success with in Heroes' Ascent.

Dutch Balanced Build

Parasitic Bond
Price of Failure
Desecrate Enchantments
Well of Weariness
Resurrection Signet
Arcane Echo
Obsidian Flame
Ward Against Melee
Ward Against Foes
Ward of Stability
Earth Attunement
Resurrection Signet
Shock Hammer
Shock Axe
Restore Condition
Reversal of Fortune
Protective Spirit
Gift of Health
Mend Condition
Inspired Hex
Word of Healing
Healing Touch
Orison of Healing
Dwayna's Kiss
Infuse Health
Mend Condition
Inspired Hex

Member Profiles
Honored members

Handle: Fyer The Luna
Location: The Netherlands, Numansdorp
Preferred Character: My sword Warrior because I get a thrill every time I combine Hundred Blades with Conjure Lightning in PvP.
Gaming Background: RPG
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader

Handle: Zone Thazane
Location: The Netherlands, Rotterdam
Preferred Character: Torn between my Warrior and my Necromancer. I've had my Warrior since the beginning of the game, so he'll always be a comfortable favorite. But the Necromancer, in all its dark and glorious iterations, is so much fun and has endless useful configurations.
Gaming Background: I mainly started out as an RTS player, but I've played every kind of game possible.
Why I joined: Fyer recruited me a couple years ago in Pre-Searing Ascalon after some questing. I never left because they won't let me, haha.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Pykrete Baldurian
Location: The Netherlands, Numansdorp
Preferred Character: I would certainly choose my Dervish; I quickly collected the title "Kind of a Big Deal" with it, and I love the good-looking armor and scythes.
Gaming Background: I have been in a top-three European ranked "Medal of Honor" guild for over five years. In those days I even played against someone who is now a fellow guildmate, Banshee Bowmen (it's a small world). I also love single player RPGs like Baldur's Gate, which inspired my last name.
Why I joined: I started this guild with some friends in my hometown; my younger brother actually made the guild. Because of good synergy with guild members, I am not thinking about leaving anytime soon.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Girl of the Healing
Location: The Netherlands, Lisse
Preferred Character: At the moment, my favorite character would have to be the Mesmer. Because I am a girl who tends to stay in the background, the role of Mesmer or Monk serves me well. I can support the group without being the center of attention.
Why I joined: I joined this guild because of my little brother, and because I didn't have any fun in my previous guild. This guild, on the other hand, has proven much more fun. It was hard in the beginning being the only girl, but the guys are very nice and made me feel welcome.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Christof Hendriks
Location: Belgium
Preferred Character: I like the Necromancer the most because it is my primary character. The Necromancer can, in my opinion, play anything he wants, wherever he wants. I've always been a dark magic fan in other games, too.
Gaming Background: I've played a lot of games in all genres but, as far as I remember, my very first game was Quake, an FPS.
Why I joined: I used to be in a small, friendly guild, but everyone ran away because we never played any GvG. Then I met a DGOH member after a SF-farm with my Necromancer, and he asked me, "Why not join them?"
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Brimstone Love
Location: The Netherlands, Nieuweschans
Primary Character: This is tough to answer because I have 13 PvE characters. If I had to choose, I think the Necromancer fits the bill. I mostly like the MM-Necro, because you never fight alone and you can do lots of damage with your minions. Good things added in the past have been skills like Flesh Golem and Animate Vampiric Horror, but I really miss making minions without limit.
Gaming Background: I've played lots of RTS games, but not anymore. Now I only play online, role-playing games.
Why I joined: Peter Lionheart invited me after some runs through Sorrow's Furnace. After I saved his life from Tanzit Razorstone's attack, he was so grateful he invited me into the guild.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Peter Lionheart
Location: The Netherlands, Brunssum
Primary Character: I used to like my Ranger most because you can play so many different styles with it like Barrager, interrupter, trapper, and so on. Lately, I've shifted my focus more and more to the Elementalist. I am particularly fond of the Water Elementalist with Deep Freeze and Shatterstone; it works perfectly in PvE and PvP.
Gaming Background: I come from the Commodore days and emerged into the PC world—in my eyes the only gaming platform. Guild Wars was my first MMORPG; I have been an avid player since the day it came out.
Why I joined: The first two months I played alone, until I met some DGOH guild members during a mission. They screwed up the mission but did it in such a funny way that I wanted to join their guild. Luckily for me, they accepted me, and since then we've turned into a pretty tight guild that has a lot of fun playing together.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Tarrant Daveram
Location: The Netherlands
Primary Character: Monk, because I play it the most and I like to defend teammates in GvG and PvE. The Monk build I play now is a customized Zealous Benediction build with a nice combination of Protection, raw healing power, and great Energy management. I almost have a full unlock for my account, so I can play most PvP builds except Paragon.
Gaming Background: I started playing games a long time ago (about 20 years) but can't remember the name of that first game console . The first PC game I played was Dune 2, and I still love it. I have only played online for the last four years or so. The first online game I tried was Sacred; after Sacred I started Guild Wars and have been playing ever since.
Why I joined: I did a mission with some of the officers of the guild (the guild had existed for like four days at that point). There were only four people in the guild back then, and I was the fifth. I liked the guild so much I stayed and have been a member for nearly two years now.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Banshee Bowmen
Location: The Netherlands
Primary Character: In PvE, the Ranger. It was my first character, and I like how it adapts to all sorts of circumstances. It can deal damage, interrupt, spread degen, and has solid defenses. It's also very PvE-friendly because you're ranged and have high survivability. In PvP, I have mostly played the Monk. This profession influences the entire battle, more than any other character. It also interests me to perfect the combination of Healing and Protection spells in a Monk build; Nightfall gave Protection some nice elites with powerful healing.
Gaming Background: I'm probably the only one in the guild who didn't play (MMO)RPGs before Guild Wars. My first real online gaming experience was Medal of Honor Allied Assault (MOHAA). I started a clan with some people I met online; it existed for more than two years and we had a nice public server. After years of playing the same game, I tried a game one of my trusted members recommended (thanks Yanman!). The next day I bought Guild Wars.
Why I joined: I joined this guild as a total newbie, trying to complete the Sanctum Cay mission with the guild leader. I think it was two years ago, and I thought, "Why not?"
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Sparco The Great
Location: The Netherlands
Primary Character: My favorite is the Warrior, which happens to be my first character. I prefer to play with a sword because it just looks cool. I really like to smash Monks with my hammer. I also like to play Assassin—gankstyle—and in PvP only. I like Mesmers as well; my favorite skill is Diversion. Paragons are also pretty cool; you should try an axe or hammer Paragon thumper at least once.
Gaming Background: I started gaming when I saw Tactical Ops at my mate's home. I bought it as well and played it way too much. Later I downloaded free MMOs and bought some new shooters for my PC and my PS2. And in the end, I bought Guild Wars! I prefer to play PvP because you never know what you're up against. PvE always seems the same to me because I know what's coming.
Why I joined: About a year ago, I was shouting in Lion's Arch that I was looking for a Dutch PvE/PvP guild, and I got a whisper from the leader or maybe one of the officers. And that's how it happened.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Life Kiss
Location: The Netherlands
Primary Character: Monk. I've got to say that the Monk is the most enjoyable to play! Luckily the Monk can play different styles. I started (like many players) with a healing Monk, but now dabble in all kinds of Monk styles: Blessed Light, Boon Protector, Shield of Judgment, Bonder, Smiter, and so on. I like to operate in the background and give a hand to other members (GvG). Respect to the Monks, forever! Without Monks there is no life, and no Life Kiss.
Gaming Background: Most of my background has been playing RPGs. My addiction started with Dungeon Siege, Spellforce, Sacred, and Kult. But most of all, I am a passionate Guild Wars player (mostly PvE) with 14 characters and two accounts. All my characters are level 20 and have played in Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall. I've been enjoying Guild Wars for 17 months now.
Why I Joined: Thanks to a friend I became a member of DGOH. Before that I was in an English guild (without Ventrilo). I've now been a member of DGOH for about 15 months.
Position in the Guild: Member


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