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Scouts of Tyria [SoT]

Guild Information

Kaia Silverleaf summoned up the Scouts of Tyria [SoT] during the beta testing sessions, and by March 18th, 2005 it became a permanent force in the fight to liberate the countryside. SoT's muster came shortly after Kaia posted a thread on a fansite about exploring Guild Wars with a focus on "turning over every stone" and a desire to share that experience with like-minded people.

Most Scout expeditions start spontaneously after online discussions, and the guild seldom plans activities in advance. When new content comes out, SoT's members immerse themselves in it with one finger hovering over the print screen key to take as many screenshots of the newly discovered landscape as possible.

Taking a relaxed approach to having fun, SoT ensures that its leader, officers, and members have an equal say in how the guild is run. Best of all, it doesn't regulate member activity. So, when any of its members need to take a leave of absence, they can do so knowing they can come back at any time to play with friends.

At more than forty active members and growing, the SoT welcomes other laid back players. It's broadened its player base to become more of an international guild, and its members know that further expansion in other ways is always possible. As the guild has grown, Scouts of Tyria has maintained the same basic guild structure as its original foundation. The egalitarian structure of SoT makes for a fun environment for all who adventure as a Scout.

PvE Game Discussion

The Scouts of Tyria place particular emphasis on exploration and mission and quest completion. While some guildies have become Grandmaster Cartographers, everyone in the guild, regardless of title, enjoys setting out to see the scenery. This has been integral to the guild since its inception.

When planning strategy, SoT employs the practice of "bring your own build." Scouts are open and flexible with individual players. While they may recommend certain skills for some areas, they don't force or pressure a person into bringing any particular skills or builds. It isn't uncommon for SoT to have fun with crazy ideas such as an all Smiting Monk trip through Thunderhead Keep.

Besides not-so-standard builds, the Scouts use unconventional, yet successful, battle tactics. While they often go in with nukers and a Warrior or two for aggro control, they also venture into many areas without any sort of tank. This makes it enjoyable for the whole group because they must fight as a unit rather than employing mechanical repetition of a single tactic.

One tankless strategy SoT uses occasionally calls for all party members to spread out, pick targets, and attack. If attacked by melee foes, players kite them to a "combat trapper" (equipped with Oath Shot, Throw Dirt, Whirling Defense, Dust Trap, and so on.), who disables the enemy. This tactic may look confusing to the occasional "pick-up party filler," but it is highly effective and fun to see in action.

Using tankless and bring-your-own-build variants, the Scouts of Tyria have cleared the entire Fissure of Woe of enemies and completed all quests there. They also cleared the Underworld and are currently working on the Four Horsemen and Servants of Grenth quests. They tackled the Domain of Anguish, using a non-standard build structure for the area. When Abaddon's forces first defiled the Tombs of the Primeval Kings, they cleared it multiple times. Lately, some Scouts have started doing earlier missions in "out-of-mind mode" (go in with no armor, equip two non-elite skills, and use only items that drop in that mission).

SoT members strive to complete all missions at Master's level with guild groups. Some members especially like more challenging missions such as the infamous Gate of Madness, and they use some pretty unconventional builds. This is a key part of the adventurous Scout philosophy, and makes the game that much more enjoyable. Even though they focus on Master's level, they say, "Don't take it all too seriously. To fail a mission is a learning curve. Go back and try again."

Member Profiles

Handle: Lago Mortis
Location: Norway (above the Arctic Circle)
Preferred Character: Necromancer. I prefer flexibility over maximum efficiency; hence, my favorite is a battery/support build that can step in as healer, protector, or damage dealer if needed. I divide my time between character development, helping others, and enjoying the end game areas. I'm also kind of an anti-farming/running activist; I gladly help people through the game, but never run them!
Gaming Background: My mother-in-law showed me a MMORPG and two weeks later I bought Guild Wars.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined: I had been looking for a relaxed guild for quite some time when I stumbled across SoT. I and my friends in the Twisted Sisters Clan joined together and made Europeans a significant part of SoT.

Handle: Dana Hawkeye
Location: Isle of Wight, UK
Preferred Character: My Ranger, Dana. She is a Grandmaster Cartographer x3, Protector x3, Elite Skill Hunter, and has very nearly all the other professional skills. Dana is mainly a bow Ranger. I like to set goals for Dana, such as title completion. My favorite area is the Fissure of Woe, either as an interrupter or Barrage/Pet Ranger.
Gaming Background: PvE, FPS, RTS, RPG. Guild Wars is my first and only online game. Hardly a day goes past when I don't play it.
Position in the Guild: Officer. I also write a lot of the guides for the Scouts.
Why I Joined: On a recommendation from Lago Mortis, one of my "old" Guild Wars friends.

Handle: Hadus Hawthorne
Location: East Coast, USA
Preferred Character: Ranger/Elementalist. I enjoy the wide range of natural abilities the Ranger brings. Combined with the persona of the "self sufficient fighter," the Ranger has everything I look for in an RPG character. Generally I like to make a big impact with Preparations and Stances to enhance bow attacks. Much of how I operate revolves around supporting other classes. I find out what others are attempting on the hunt and make sure my skills are geared toward maximizing theirs...;)
Gaming Background: PvE, RPGs with lots of social involvement.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined: Founding member. Upon hearing (reading) about this guild during beta testing on a fan-site forum thread and its reason for creation…there was no doubt I would call it home. It's been a perfect fit for a gamer like me.

Handle: Illuminati Angel
Location: Florida, USA
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Monk. I like to stay in the shadows and challenge myself by doing as much damage as I can while still having Energy to spare. I prefer Fire builds, but I play Earth when needed. As for my secondary, I choose Monk because I like to have a rez skill and the option to help the healers.
Gaming Background: Guild Wars is the first online game I have ever played, and I'm hooked. I have been playing 24/7 for the past 2 years with the Scouts of Tyria and I'm loving every minute of it.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined: My husband, Starbuck, was one of the original members of the Scouts of Tyria. He joined for the same reason I did. Our playing styles are similar and our guild is structured for mature players. The motto of the Scouts is "play to have fun." That's what makes us the Scouts of Tyria.

Handle: Starbucks Serenity
Location: Florida, USA
Preferred Character: Any of my spell slingers; my Air Spiker Elementalist, my Domination Mesmer, or my Death Magic Necromancer (although my Mesmer seems to be the first to complete a new area). I really like playing a support role; shutting down enemy healers with interrupts or damage has become a real passion.
Gaming Background: I started with Zork a long time ago in a decade far, far away and have been RPGing ever since, including some pen-and-paper D&D. Guild Wars is my first MMORPG, and I love PvE.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined: I found a great group of people who love to PvE as much as I do.

Handle: Licinia Vitoricus
Location: USA
Preferred Character: Monk. I really enjoy Monking because it's always very intense. I like making sure the party stays alive even in the toughest situations. No other class has held my interest like the Monk.
Gaming Background: PvE. Guild Wars is my first online RPG, and I've been hooked since the first day I played it.
Position in the Guild: Leader
Why I Joined: The Scouts seemed like a fun guild to join, filled with mature and adventurous people.

Handle: Zalis Baenre
Location: East Coast, USA
Preferred Character: Warrior, mostly sword builds. I like to mix up my secondary profession for something new, and my latest addiction is Warrior/Elementalist. Silver Armor can do some nasty things when you use it to tank. Warrior/Assassin is my standby build, since Shadow Stepping and a few other Assassin skills often come in handy. My Assassin and Paragon also get a fair amount of playing time but still take a backseat to my main.
Gaming Background: Mostly RPGs and FPS games as of late.
Position in the Guild: Member since May '05.
Why I Joined: Amid the early retail rush of "join us" and "we have capes," I found myself still looking for a good guild. I had a few good experiences with some founding Scouts members shortly after, and it's been great ever since.

Handle: Jaxx Skraxis
Location: California, USA
Preferred Character: I have played most of the professions in Guild Wars, but I still love my first character, created in the BWE—my Warrior. He mainly specializes in hammer skills. I find it great fun to bonk monsters over the head and keep enemies flat on their back and out of the fight. I have also found the Paragon to be much more entertaining than I first thought. It is very different for me to be in that minor support role, and I have been enjoying it a lot.
Gaming Background: Mostly console games, with computer games gaining significant shelf space in recent years. Guild Wars is my first online game of any sort. I just didn't feel my play time versus the monthly payment was justified, so Guild Wars has been an amazing find.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined: While playing during the BWEs, I had great fun just running around and seeing all the amazing stuff Guild Wars had to offer. Once I saw the original guild creation thread on a fansite, I knew these people and their guild would be a good fit with how I enjoyed the game.

Handle: Sister Mercia
Location: Scotland, UK
Preferred Character: Monk/Mesmer. I've played most classes, and for me Monk is best. I can play all the Monk roles, with the Prot Monk probably being my favorite. The Monk has the greatest responsibility of all members in a party, and I enjoy the challenge—if a party member dies I take it personally. Mesmer remains a good secondary because of the Energy gain spells.
Gaming Background: I'm old enough to have played Pong when it was the (only) game of the month. I have plenty of FPS and RTS experience, but I don't really play FPS anymore. GW is the only online RPG I've played, and I was hooked since I began playing it in August 2005.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined: I knew quite a few people in the guild, including my oldest GW friends. I'd been in some heavy PvP guilds, and while I played with some great players, I felt many of those people took things too seriously. SoT is very relaxed and easy-going and has an anarchic play-style. We don't call targets—this works because as experienced players, we know which enemies we should target and in which order.

Handle: Toyah Angel
Location: Isle of Wight, UK
Preferred Character: My main character is a Necromancer/Monk who I have had since I started playing Guild Wars back in July, 2006. My main style of play is support, though I also enjoy playing Spiteful Spirit.
Gaming Background: PvE
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined: I became a Scout in December, 2006, and I am very proud to be part of such a relaxed and welcoming guild. My first impression of the Scouts was how helpful and willing every member was to help me in quests with which I was having a difficult time. We have a fantastic alliance group that supports us in every way. Since becoming a Scout, I have achieved the title of Protector of Tyria, which was an achievement for me. Lago Mortis, a fellow Necro, took me under her wing and introduced me to new builds and styles of play. This, if I am truthful, has shown me the way to really play my character. My most enjoyable experience so far was a guild trip to FOW. Up until that point I had never been there and I look forward to many more guild trips in the future being part of the Scouts of Tyria has shown me the true meaning of Guild Wars.


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