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Limburgse Jagers [LJ]

Limburgse Jagers [LJ] is a Dutch-Belgian guild founded in 2005. Although the guild has members from all over The Netherlands and Belgium, the name Limburgse Jagers was chosen because the two guild founders both live in the province of Limburg. They share the name with a veteran army regiment. It translates to "Limburgian Hunters."

The guild focuses on PvE play almost exclusively. They aim to play together as much as possible, and to help each other meet goals. LJ believes members should have the opportunity to enjoy the game to its fullest, and they strive to accomplish this with a feeling of community spirit.

LJ rarely does active recruiting. Most members find their way into the guild through friendships, forums, or because of the fame the guild founder, Sjeng, recently earned with his popular "Collector Finder" tool. The guild accepts players from The Netherlands or Belgium so long as they speak Dutch and are over 18 years of age. Currently, ages in the guild range from 18 to over 60, and they want to keep a mature atmosphere. There are more than 45 members in LJ, and lately they've been growing steadily. However, they're keeping an eye on the roster to make sure the guild doesn't grow too fast.

The LJ cape represents the Limburgian flag with a red lion in its center and the colors yellow and blue behind it. Many people in the guild, especially the ones that live in Limburg, love seeing their region represented in the game. Both The Netherlands and Belgium have a province called Limburg and, not surprisingly, they are connected, only divided by the national border. As such, both the guild name and cape aptly reflect this European guild.

PvE Game Discussion

LJ is mainly a PvE guild, and they belong to a Kurzick alliance of Dutch/Belgian guilds, most of which are also PvE-oriented. Helping each other with quests and missions is the number one priority, but they also enjoy capturing elite skills, farming for green items, and doing elite missions. Sometimes they organize trips to the Underworld or other areas. The guild uses their forums and alliance chat to coordinate such events.

When attempting a mission, the guild discusses various strategies. Experienced members help new players set up their Skill Bars if they need assistance. LJ seldom fails a mission at this point but, if they do, they're quick to revise strategies or ask for tips from their alliance mates.

Aggro management is very important to LJ. Usually they assign one person to call targets, though some members make a habit of carrying ranged weapons for luring purposes. The caller also chooses the order in which enemies are attacked, as well as when to retreat.

As advice for younger guilds, LJ offers this bit of wisdom: share knowledge. A good way to exchange information is with a forum. Members are encouraged to post builds, tips, strategies, and guides to achieving titles or bonuses. They also emphasize the need for experienced players to be kind and patient to newcomers. Everyone needs to learn, and you never know who might pull you out of a bad situation somewhere down the line.

Here are some builds the guild recommends.

Monk Healing and Protection PvE build:
Healing Breeze
Heal Other
Healing Seed
Healing Hands or Healing Light {elite}
Protective Spirit
Mend Ailment (or if you own Nightfall, Dismiss Condition)
Aegis (or a Hex removal, depending on the mission)
Resurrection Chant

Divine Favor = 8+1
Healing Prayers = 12+3
Protection Prayers = 10+1

Ranger/Monk All-Round PvE build:
Troll Unguent
Distracting Shot
Savage Shot
Poison Arrow {elite}
Kindle Arrows
Whirling Defense
Throw Dirt

Expertise 6+1
Marksmanship 12+3
Wilderness Survival 11+1

You can also swap Kindle Arrows and Throw Dirt for Charm Animal and Comfort Animal if you're in a team with a Minion Master. I usually swap Poison Arrow with Barrage as well then.

Elementalist/Monk Renewal Nuker
Healing Breeze
Glyph of Renewal {elite}
Meteor Shower
Aura of Restoration
Resurrection Chant

Fire Magic 12+3+1
Energy Storage 10+1
Healing Prayers 8

Necromancer/Monk Minion Master Build
Animate Bone Fiend (or Heal Area)
Animate Flesh Golem {elite}
Animate Vampiric Horror
Animate Shambling Horror
Blood of the Master
Deathly Swarm/Rotting Flesh
Soul Feast
Resurrection skill (any)

Death Magic: 12+1+3
Soul Reaping: 12+2
Remaining points in Healing Prayers

Ritualist Channeling Build:
Tranquil was Tanasen {elite}
Spirit Rift
Spirit Boon Strike
Channeled Strike
Essence Strike
Spirit Burn
Flesh of my Flesh

Channeling: 12+3+1
Spawning Power: 8+1
Restoration: 7+1

Member Profiles

Handle: Sjeng De Nachraof
Location: Maastricht, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: I spend the most time with my Warrior. I mainly go with an axe build using Strength, Axe Mastery, and a bit of self healing. On occasion I use specific farming builds or a build more suited for a Tombs party.
Gaming Background: I'm an all PvE player. I've tried some PvP on occasion during special events, but roleplaying is my favorite activity. I've played all kinds of games in the past, but now I'm hooked on Guild Wars.
Position in the Guild: Guild leader

Handle: Viktor Parathion
Location: Lottum, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: Necromancer, because of its versatility. I know my way around basic primary class builds like SS, MM, Blood spike, or Battery. I prefer to play a supportive role in the party, with minion mastery, healing, and Energy boosts.
Gaming Background: Variable. Mostly PvE. I also enjoy a good FPS from time to time, and I've always been a fan of space strategy games.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Choi Lee Wang
Location: Maastricht, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: Monks are the most needed characters in the game and I really love to play them (except in the Vortex). I prefer playing the supporting classes.
Gaming Background: I preferred strategy games...but then came Guild Wars. I play PvE because it gives more satisfaction and less stress. I don't like to play fixed builds. I create my own builds. Sometimes with help from existing builds but I always change them to my liking. Therefore PvP is not made for me.
Position in the Guild: Co-founder

Handle: Donny
Location: Baarlo, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: Changes with mood and need. I like story lines very much so I build characters and play them to advance in the story. Appearance and armor are important so I spend too much money on them.
Gaming Background: Mostly strategy games.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Qun Dai
Location: Dendermonde, Belgium
Preferred Character: Well, I like spell casters the most, so Elementalist, Necromancer, and Monk are my main choice. Out of those three I prefer Monk the most.
Gaming Background: I like any type of games. But I mostly play games where you get a lot of freedom. In Guild Wars I only play PvE because I hate playing against others.
Position in the Guild: Casual member

Handle: Goldy Gold
Location: Stekene, Belgium
Preferred Character: I have no preferred character. All characters have their own charms, so I mostly play whatever is needed to help the guild.
Gaming Background: Various strategy and action
Position in the Guild: Helpful member

Handle: Tana Ranomafana
Location: Almere, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: Monk. Because of the Healing and Protecting role, I think this is one of the most important classes in the game.
Gaming Background: MMORPGs
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Cathy Sunlight
Location: Deventer, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: I have had my Mesmer now for a few weeks and I'm really starting to like it. My Mesmer has Hex-build I enjoy, because I love to see enemies kill themselves.
Gaming Background: I'm mostly a PvE gamer, but I'm starting to like AB.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Master Yanez
Location: Maastricht, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: I spend most of my time with my Ranger/Monk, the first character I ever created in the game.
Gaming Background: I'm an all PvE player. I'm too old for PvP.
Position in the Guild: I'm a member, and probably the eldest member in the guild. I was born in 1947. In fact, I served as a soldier in the regiment Limburgse Jagers in 1965.

Handle: Godefridus
Location: Baarlo, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: Most of my attention goes to the first character I ever created in Guild Wars, my Warrior, Gode Fridus. As for tactics, I just like to get beaten up by mobs and still stand afterwards.
Gaming Background: I only play PvE, but I also enjoy the PvP-like missions in Factions. Overall, I am interested in a wide range of games.
Position in the Guild: Regular member

Handle: Cuca Klotskop
Location: Beesel, The Netherlands
Preferred Character: Dervish.
Gaming Background: Variable. I prefer PvE. Before I got addicted to MMORPG games, I enjoyed FPS games.
Position in the Guild: Member


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