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Sacred Forge Knights [SFK]

Guild History

SFK, Sacred Forge Knights, was founded in December 2004 on one of the servers of a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It grew to become the second largest guild on its server. From the start, SFK was focused on providing a fun, helpful, and mature atmosphere for gamers.

Several of the members had their eyes on Guild Wars due to its tempting lack of a monthly fee. Celtor Dunough founded the guild on the Early Access day for Guild Wars (original Prophecies campaign). Immediately, several members from the original SFK signed on to join him. The style of play and amazing graphics impressed all of them.

SFK prefers older players but focuses mainly on maturity in choosing its members. The guild requires that officers play at least once a week and regular members play at least once a month. SFK respects that this is a game and that real-life takes precedence. If you desire to play in a fun family atmosphere with helpful members then SFK may be the guild for you.

The SFK website serves as the gathering point for all members of its alliance and provides Guild Wars news, updates, player journals, and forums. The forums include areas for chapter guides, builds, and general discussions. Site membership is open to the public.

Despite its origins, SFK now solely plays Guild Wars. PvE is the focus of the guild though it does have several members who participate in PvP with other members of their alliance. Most members focus their time on exploring the three chapters, earning PvE titles, helping fellow guild mates and alliance members, and assisting other players they meet in public chat.

With the release of Nightfall, the guild is currently focused on defeating Abaddon and acquiring all the new skills. The guild has active forums (for registered users as well as members) where they discuss builds and relate to each other outside the game environment.

PvE Discussion

The guild approaches PvE as a challenging activity that a group of friends undertakes. SFK is the leader of an eight guild alliance and includes all of its alliance members in the PvE fun. Arturo, the alliance Event Coordinator, arranges monthly alliance nights. These events include scavenger hunts, PvP, and with the release of Nightfall, Hero armor runs. The goal is to do things that allow alliance members to participate as a group and get to know one another.

The guild prides itself on being able to overcome difficult challenges by creating unique builds. Thunderhead Keep was one of the first difficult obstacles, but now the guild can defeat that mission with ease due to experience and familiarity with their fellow players.

One of the most thrilling PvE experiences SFK had as a group involved all but one member, a Mesmer, falling. The Mesmer was equipped as a Me/E using Inspiration and Earth Magic for solo farming and had forgotten to put a Resurrection Signet on his bar when he agreed to assist. Using this build he successfully managed to fight off three waves of Forgotten to restore the king to his throne. The Skill Bar was: Stone Daggers, Kinetic Armor, Armor of Earth, Earth Attunement, Aura of Restoration, Energy Tap, Ether Feast, and Mantra of Recall. The guild voice-chat was full of nervous energy as people expressed both disbelief and encouragement.

SFK provides the following advice for other new guilds:

  • The founder/leader should personally play with the first 6-12 members
  • Never advertise in public chat
  • Any member who wants to become an officer needs to demonstrate a willingness to teach fellow players and show maturity in dealing with others
  • Act quickly to avoid guild drama
  • Ensure that guilds in your alliance are a good fit for your guild
  • Have fun

Member Profiles
Meet some of the Knights

Handle: Celtor Dunough
Location: Western NY
Primary Character: My devotion to a primary character is split between Ranger and Mesmer. I enjoy the backline role because it allows me to observe what is going on outside the confusion and make decisions that impact the battle. Calling out the newly arrived Monk or taking down the opposing Mesmer who is toying with my Monk is where I excel.
Gaming Background: I started playing games on a TI computer back in the early 1980s. You loaded everything from a cassette tape so it took over an hour for a game to load. Since then I have played strategy games, first-person-shooters, and role-playing games.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader/Web Administrator

Handle: Ubertino Hellsbells
Location: USA
Primary Character: Warrior/Mesmer for PvE and Warrior/Necromancer for anything else. I role-play as an old-style medieval king accustomed to love of war, women, strong drink, good tobacco, scholarly pursuits, and all other appropriate interests and behaviors of that epoch. I also enjoy farming everything that lets itself be farmed. My tactical styles include providing multiple Conditions to foes as a W/N, and, currently, spiking damage through armor as W/Me.
Gaming Background: Most of my background has been for old style paper and pencil RPGs. I then moved on to FPSs. I am a passionate reader, a dilettante mentalist, and pursue proletarian interests in antiquarianism and lithography.
Position in the Guild: I had an outstanding invitation to join from the character's inception, and incessantly found that guild members showed maturity, adult membership, encouragement to freedom of expression, and composure beyond measure.

Handle: Arturo
Location: New Hampshire
Primary Character: Ranger. I like Rangers best because of their versatility; they adapt well to many different kinds of team builds for both PvE and PvP. One of my favorite builds to run is a modified cripshot for Alliance Battles with extra degen added in.
Gaming Background: MMOs, both PvE and PvP.
Position in the Guild: Officer, Alliance Event Coordinator, Comedy Relief

Handle: Stan Thompson, Sven Hunkstrom
Location: USA
Primary Character: Stan Thompson (N/Me) for passive nuking and shutdown with Shivers comboed with a Warrior teammate and his icy axe, and Sven (W/Mo) for mindless beatings.
Background: Longtime Diablo player, almost always PvE, mostly RPGs.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Kiyoshi Xun
Location: Texas, United States
Primary Character: I've got to say that the Monk is quite enjoyable to play. It also has a nice variety of builds although I mostly play a Healing Monk, I've given a shot at 55ing, Protection, and Smite Monk. I've spent the most time across all characters on my Monk, getting him through Elona first.
Gaming Background: I've played a whole bunch of FPSs.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Shiera D Lyght
Location: USA in the Heartland
Primary Character: Warrior/Monk, though I must admit I like my SS Necro
Gaming Background: This is the first online game I've played.
Position in Guild: Officer

Handle: Atila The Hunny or Madame Of Mayhem
Location: Delaware, USA
Primary Character: Madame is my primary, usually as N/Me or N/Mo. I like these profession combinations the best because of the versatility. I loved playing Minion Master or even being an Energy battery...but I really, really love Arcane Echo/Spiteful Spirit/Spinal Shivers Build. I have two accounts and one character of each primary profession, and I enjoy playing all of them. Atila, a W/Mo, is my first character. My next favorites are my Ranger and Elementalist. It was much easier for me to learn these professions with hands-on playing.
Gaming Background: Pong, Asteroids, and much, much more. I can honestly say that my kids had a great influence on my involvement with gaming.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Abdul Sarkos
Location: USA
Primary Character: I like them all but always take my Ranger though new PvE material first. I love the flexibility of the Ranger; there are many possibilities: CG Ranger, RaO Thumper, NR Tranq Trapper, ViM Trapper, Barrage Pet, and Ranger Spike.
Gaming Background: MMORPGs
Position in Guild: Officer


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