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The Boat Crew [boat]

The Boat Crew was founded in March of 2006 in the sunny ocean port of Lion's Arch. Most of the members jumped ship from failing or floundering guilds, where tiny membership left players yearning for a more active community. To help maintain a close-knit sense of family, The Boat Crew eventually started The Boat Crew Oarsmen as a sister guild. New players begin in the Oarsmen, and the two guilds are run as a single unit.

The guild aims to enjoy all aspects of Guild Wars while appreciating each other's company. They consider themselves a very social guild, and encourage anyone to join them for activities and community gatherings. When it comes to recruitment, a player's ability comes in a distant second to how well that person gels with current members.

Currently, The Boat Crew hovers at a roster-size of about 40 players across both guilds. They like to keep the membership small to promote a friendly environment where nobody gets drowned out and everyone participates.

In both guild and alliance, The Boat Crew organizes regular social events and elite mission outings. In the international player community, they're known for being active in organizing gatherings and games. Members don't limit themselves to in-game events either; some went to GenCon and won the Guild Wars tournament there. Some members also attended the launch parties for both Factions and Nightfall. The Boat Crew strongly encourages community participation.

The guild is also famed for a collection of "Gaile Logs." Whenever Gaile Gray makes one of her appearances with her froggy friend, chances are there's a member of the Boat Crew on hand to compile a record of what she says. They take screenshots of her interactions with the community, and then post them on fan forums for the entire Guild Wars world to view at their convenience. Although not the only guild that keeps tabs on Gaile's discussions, members are proud to share the responsibility with other players.

PvE Game Discussion

The Boat Crew's PvE approach encompasses all aspects of play, be it exploration, missions and quests, equipment and armor upgrades, or title collection. If an objective is new to The Boat Crew, they generally go for a balanced team, with everyone taking one of their comfortable builds for quick reactions. If they fail, they try to figure out why, change the build or tactics to suit, and try again. The guild never lets failure deter them from pushing on.

Although The Boat Crew makes careful use of typical tactics like pulling and aggression control, they have an unusual target-calling method. In fact, they rarely call targets at all. Everyone in the group generally knows his or her role in combat and which foes take targeting priority. The guild finds target-calling unnecessary in most instances.

The first PvE outings The Boat Crew did together are simply known as "The Infamous Ice Floe Trips." This happened in two parts over a few days. One trip involved taking a few people to Marhan's Grotto, where a Ranger, much to the confusion of the rest of the team, decided to travel topless. Thanks to a miraculous display of teamwork, he survived.

A few days later, they attempted a second trip from Thunderhead Keep to Marhan's Grotto. However, due to a tiny little detour, the group journeyed through the whole of Ice Floe and Frozen Forest. The sole Monk had partially infused armor, which caused some interesting kiting from the healing wonder. When the group reached their new destination, Iron Mines of Moladune, seven party members were taking a dirt-nap in the snow. The final member had to limp for the zone edge, Crippled, Hexed, and full of Conditions, with just a Healing Breeze to keep her alive. Nearly at the point of death, she crossed the entrance to the Mines, and the entire party resurrected in the outpost.

Member Information
Sail with The Boat Crew

Handle: Lady Argent
Location: Toronto, Canada
Preferred Character: I've played almost all the character types by now, but my favorite is still my original W/R bow Warrior created during the public betas. More a support/guard Warrior than a frontline one, typically staying at the back of the party using a bow and switching to hammer to interrupt and harry any foes who break past the front rank to attack casters and Monks.
Gaming Background: PvE and Pen & Paper RPGs going back a long time...Guild Wars is my first (and still my only) foray into MMORPGs.
Position in the Guild: Founding member, Guild Leader of The Boat Crew and Alliance Leader of The Boat Crew Alliance.

Handle: Fae/Ash Fae/Hey you in the bushes
Location: Liverpool, UK
Preferred Character: Ranger is my primary character that I title hunt on, but the rest all get their fair share of playtime. I generally prefer backline casters and am partial to the odd spot of Monking, but right now I'm spending most of my time on a Strength/Axe Warrior, Illusion Mesmer, and my shiny new Paragon.
Gaming Background: I've been using computers from a very early age, playing Acorn and Spectrum ZX games, moving onto console games on various Nintendo systems and occasionally dabbling in PC games. I like everything from shoot 'em ups to RPGs to cutesy little games.
Position in the Guild: Officer of The Boat Crew, Webmaster and Overseer of all things beepy, Collector of Armor, Professional Magpie (Ooh Shiny).

Handle: Kelanin Zarahemla
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Preferred Character: My first love in GW has always been my Monk. I love being part of the support structure of the party—keeping people alive and free of Conditions and Hexes. One of the most satisfying moments I've ever had in the game was a 3-Health-remaining heal on our tank in the Burning Forest of FoW. What a great feeling.
Gaming Background: I've played RPGs since the blue box set of D&D in the 70s. Guild Wars feels like coming home.
Position in the Guild: Founding Member, Former Officer, Former Oarsmen GL. Currently midshipman in the Boat Crew Oarsmen.

Handle: Armand
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Preferred Character: My in-game hobby is spoiling my male Mesmer, Armand Leblanc, stupid with clothes, skills, titles and cool toys. And I also play on him a lot, having invested some 2000+ hours as a Mesmer.
Gaming Background: I remember playing the original Zork on an Apple II many moons ago. I didn't do any serious gaming until university, where I got into pencil-n-paper RPGs like Vampire: the Masquerade. I still prefer PnP games, when possible, but I also play the occasional computer RPG. These days, though, it's Guild Wars 100 percent of the time.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader of the Boat Crew Oarsmen, and a Mogbot.

Handle: Mog Ruith of Armagh
Location: New Mexico, USA
Preferred Character: My primary character is Mog Ruith, who is a Mesmer. While Domination is my favorite line, I'm now beginning to split between it and Illusion. But what I enjoy most about Mesmers is buying new armor! I own around 15 sets.
Gaming Background: PvE all the way! I've dabbled in PvP in the past, but PvE is where I thrive.
Position in the Guild: The Boat Crew Guild Member, Mesmer fanatic.

Handle: Earnbrand Aelbwine
Location: Urbana, Illinois
Preferred Character: Ranger. The sheer versatility of the profession appeals to me, especially the defensive capabilities. Common builds include mass degen Condition spreading, melee-range Trapping, dedicated interrupts, and quick/needling spike. I also try to work at least one interrupt into most builds I play, regardless of profession.
Gaming Background: If it uses a board, dice, cards, tokens, or a controller, I've probably played it. If not, I'd like to give it a try sometime.
Position in the Guild: Officer of The Boat Crew Oarsmen, Boat Sentry.

Handle: He Who Mends
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
Preferred Character: My primary character has been, and probably always will be my Monk, He Who Mends. I love the challenge of keeping the party alive in the toughest PvE areas. I generally play him as a Protection Monk, but if needed I'll switch over to Healing or Smite.
Gaming Background: I've played everything from FPSs to MMOs to Dance Dance Revolution and I like playing all of them. Stick a game in front of me and there's a good chance I've played it.
Position in the Guild: The Boat Crew Guild Member.

Handle: FH Chillsmoke
Location: Arizona
Preferred Character: I primarily play my Necro, but my Assassin and newly created Warrior have quickly found almost equal favor.
Gaming Background: I've been playing games since I was five and play a wide variety of games from RPG, action, puzzle, and more, mostly on the PC.
Position in the Guild: Member, web tech help and co-admin of our unique Alliance Wiki Roster, where we keep track of our accounts, characters, and sometimes even armor, weapons, and builds.

Handle: Pal A Din
Location: Ohio, USA
Preferred Character: My favorite character is my Ranger. I prefer ranged combat to melee any day. Archers have always been my favorite in RPGs, and I love the versatility the Ranger provides. Damage, interrupting, Conditions, Beast Mastery; you name it, I do it!
Gaming Background: I've played RPGs all my life, as well as a plethora of other games: RTS, FPS, Action/Adventure, Strategy, blah blah.
Position in the Guild: Just a humble member of The Boat Crew.

Handle: Darkstar
Location: Bedfordshire, UK
Preferred Character: Up until Factions my favorite had been my Ranger, but since I created my Warrior, she has had as much playtime as the rest of my seven characters combined.
Gaming Background: Pen and paper RPGs, also console games.
Position in Guild: Member of The Boat Crew and Guild Drunkard.

Handle: Brunestud
Location: Quebec City, Canada
Preferred Character: Arc, my Necromancer, is my primary character, which I've been playing as a Curses Necro since the April beta weekend. I love the diversity of the skills the Necromancer has.
Gaming Background: I've been playing console RPGs since I was seven, with a few computer games here and there.
Position in Guild: Member of The Boat Crew.

Handle: Zoe Kirian
Location: Missouri, US
Preferred Character: My favorite is the first character I created and the one who gets to be the title-master—my warrior, Zoe. While I have one of each profession, there's something very satisfying about being on the frontlines.
Gaming Background: I started out on the Nintendo systems. Guild Wars is my second adventure into PC gaming.
Position in Guild: Officer of The Boat Crew Oarsmen, member of The Boat Crew


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