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The Mutants [MU]

Tribina founded The Mutants [MU] three-and-a-half years ago. The group originated in the free MMORPG Mu-Online and their tag, [MU], is a nod to their origins. When Tribina's interests mutated to Guild Wars, he didn't find it difficult to convince the majority of the guild to join him. The guild took to the game with enthusiasm, awed by the multitude of quests and the dazzling scenery.

Over the years, MU became more that just a guild. Sharing a mutual love of the game, members became friends, despite hailing from all around the world. Many have taken the time to visit each other in real life. MU members from Belgium and Holland have met members from Sweden, Portugal, and Argentina.

The youngest guild member is a 15-year-old, while the oldest guild member is 52. The average age in MU is around 25, though age isn't the most important part of fitting in to the guild. Attitude, on the other hand, is crucial. The right attitude goes a long way to impressing members of MU, regardless of age, nationality, or skill level.

Most MU members focus on PvE. However, they prefer to devote themselves to the hard missions and challenging PvE areas. The officers set out to provide a mature gaming environment, where humor is a vital part. The more MU party members in a group and the longer the mission lasts, the more fun they have. That's why MU enjoys the elite missions like Urgoz Warren, the Underworld, and the Fissure of Woe the most.

As long as members have quality game-play time together and a good laugh once in a while, they don't care if they fail to complete a mission. A lot of members play several hours a day in high end areas, so many of them have Protector titles, Elite Skill Capture titles, Treasure Hunter titles, and Fissure of Woe armor.

MU has created an online home for about 70 gamers. You don't have to look any farther than their names to see proof of their devotion; many of the members voluntarily included the name "Mutant" when choosing a name for their characters.

Every night, members of MU meet on voice-chat software to hang out and stay in contact with each other. MU also has its own website, with a private guild forum for serious business and a public forum were people can discuss all kind of subjects.

PvE Game Discussion

What does the guild love most? Long missions with at least eight party members! Nothing inspires MU more than exploring new places, looking for rare items, and methodically seeking the right crafting materials to finish a set of valuable, cherished armor.

MU favors builds that include a Ranger or two, because they are well loved by the guild. Equipped with Interrupts, Barrage, with or without pets, you'll always find Rangers on a MU team. These Rangers are most often accompanied by Necromancers, who can control an army of minions or supply the Monks with Energy.

MU's favorite Underworld build is strong and makes use of tactics that members prefer. With this build, they've successfully completed many missions and endured challenging circumstances. It includes:

  • 4 Rangers (Barrage and Dust Trap and interrupt skills)
  • 1 Spiteful Spirit Necromancer with Blood Ritual
  • 2 healing Monks
  • 1 Spirit Lord Ritualist

For missions that take three hours or more, MU plans several days in advance and generally schedules them for weekends, saving shorter missions for during the week. If the group members fail at their objective, they adjust the build and jump back in for another round. The guild watchword is "patience." One way or another, MU gets what it wants. They know that with a healthy dose of patience and friends at your back, all PvE areas are a surmountable challenge.

However, fighting isn't all MU is interested in. Some members like to organize in-game competitions. Recently they hosted a competition for running to Droknar's Forge, as well as a time-based race to kill certain creatures in-game.

This guild doesn't like to see trading, selling, or buying on guild chat, so they came up with the idea to hold "Guildhall Sales" once every two to three weeks where members can sell/buy stuff at low cost, or even for free. Most events they organize are centered on establishing and maintaining communication with fellow members, and so far, it's working just fine!

Member Profiles
Meet the Mutants

Handle: Tribina
Location: Belgium (Ostend)
Gaming Background: I played Mu-Online, a free MMORPG, but when a friend showed me Guild Wars, I immediately ran to the nearest store and bought it. 4,500 in-game hours later, I'm still fond of the game; Nightfall is more and better than I hoped for!
Preferred Character: No doubt, Ranger it is, I just love to interrupt healing spells or lure a group of unaware foes into a fully trapped area, and watch them suffer, cry, and die, lol.
Position: Guild Leader and Founder

Handle: Trinneke
Location: Belgium (Ostend)
Gaming Background: My first online game was Mu-Online and I got hooked on it. After a year it got boring and I started to play Guild Wars. Guild Wars is an innovative game which is updated all the time, keeping me motivated to play.
Preferred Character: Monk. I'm used to playing the healing character in-game, so dealing damage is of less importance to me than it is to make sure no one dies.
Position: Officer and Girlfriend of Tribina
Why I Joined: Joined the guild as soon as it was created.

Handle: Houser
Location: Guimarães, Portugal
Gaming Background: I started with RTS and later moved to FPS games like Quake and Counter-Strike. Since I discovered Guild Wars I don't want to play anything else.
Preferred Character: I don't really have one because I believe we should play everything to really enjoy every aspect of the game. If I had to pick I think I would go with the Ranger because it was the first type of character I made and the most handy class in the game, imo.
Position: I don't care Officer, host of website/forums
Why I Joined: I saw Net-cracker play GW and thought he was in a cool guild; I joined not long after that.

Handle: Domino
Location: Belgium (Ostend)
Gaming Background: I've played games most of my life, from Nintendo right up to Xbox. Over the last couple of years or so I've been getting into online games. I started with Unreal Tournament, slowly got addicted, then for the last 14 months it's been Guild Wars solid, and that's the way I like it.
Preferred Character: Well, I'll have to say Ranger. I love that it's so flexible that you can do just about anything in Guild Wars with it. Necro would be up there too. I love playing Minion Master, even after a game update changed the max controlled minions to ten.
Position: Always Hungry Officer
Why I Joined: I met guild leader Tribina in UW one night (fighting over capping a spider, but he let me cap mine first, hehe), and we have been friends ever since.

Handle: Aloha
Location: Heerenveen, The Netherlands
Gaming Background: C-64 games in the eighties. After that I didn't play games for years because I started a family and got kids. Played a lot of HOMM 3 with one of my sons and when my kids grew up a bit more I played games like Spellforce and GTA. Guild Wars is my first online gaming experience.
Preferred Character: I play Monk the most because I think it's the best profession to help other people. My second character is Necro because I like the awesome power of that profession a lot.
Position: Monkaholic Officer
Why I Joined: I played a lot with guild leader Tribina and saw how active and helpful his guild was compared to the one I was in.

Handle: Angel
Location: Roermond, The Netherlands
Gaming Background: I started playing on an ATARI, and then switched to PC and never changed back. I played lots of racing games until I got in touch with online gaming. I played a lot of RTS like Age of Empires and Starcraft at first, then moved to FPS. For the last few years it's mostly RPG's like MU-Online and, of course, Guild Wars.
Preferred Character: Monk. I have loved my Monk ever since I made it. When I feel like killing I go for my Necro; there's loads of fun stuff you can do with that profession.
Position: The Silent Officer, Host of Teamspeak
Why I Joined: After the MMORP Mu-Online, I didn't want to lose the good friends I made, so I followed them to GW and I love it!

Handle: Ilex
Location: The Netherlands (Rotterdam)
Preferred Character: Mesmer/Monk. At first, I always used Domination Magic. Later on I saw that Illusion Magic was not bad at all. The more I played, the more I started to understand and like the Mesmer. I do a lot of PvP to annoy people and enjoy lots of PvE. I try to get nice titles to show off. I'm very proud of my Advanced Skill Hunter title.
Position: All-you-need-to-know-about-Mesmers member

Handle: Magua
Location: Nottingham, England
Gaming Background: Console RPGs through MUDs to Guild Wars. Pretty much only PvE, although mostly because I haven't run out of things to do yet.
Preferred Character: I have played every profession but for the most part I follow the KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) acronym and play non-caster characters. It's hard to pick between Ranger and Warrior as my favorite, so I won't.
Position: Guild member, voice of reason, voice of insanity and voice that says what other people only think

Handle: Lama
Location: Nottingham, England
Gaming Background: I've been playing games on computers since they were invented. Started online gaming in FPS and moved to Multi User Dungeons but missed the graphics. Finally joined Guild Wars after seeing my mate playing.
Preferred Character: Necromancers for heavy Hexes (Blood or Curses), but I'm happy to Monk from time to time.
Position: Member/Near the back, close to Aloha, our Monk God!

Handle: Lando
Location: Northeast of England
Gaming Background: I've played most forms of computer games over the years. I started on a Vic 20 (that's a very old computer for those too young to remember it) and continued from there. I like RPG games the most.
Preferred Character: I like playing several characters. I like my Dervish, I love the style and grace they show while fighting, and I like the Avatars. I also like my Warrior and Ritualist. My Warrior is set up for out-and-out damage dealing and my Ritualist is a Spirit Lord with lots of Spirits. Of course I make sure to bring Spirits that deal damage. As for style or strategy I guess mine is patience. Nice and slow will always win; I only play PvE, so it works most of the time.
Position: Helpful Member

Handle: Wisteria
Location: Belgium (Leuven)
Gaming Background: Played some strategy games until my brother introduced me into the world of MMORPGs. I was a member of the original MU guild.
Preferred Character: As I don't have a lot of time to play due to this thingy called "Real Life," I only play my huge Warrior. I just adore him and love his collection of swords. Explorer titles are my favorite occupation.
Position: Funny Comment Making Member

Handle: Becky
Location: Belgium (Ostend)
Gaming Background: I got into Guild Wars because friends of mine played it, but I used to play all kinds of platform games.
Preferred Character: Necromancer. I love the Animate skills—they make puppets. I like others to take damage and do damage for me.
Position: brb-back Member


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