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Scars Meadows [SMS]

Some guilds start out of friendship, some out of ambition, but Scars Meadows was born from the leader's desire to have his own cape adorning his character. It would be months before the first member was recruited. Without prior online gaming experience, it was just one player versus the world. The first additional member was found in Random Arenas.

Through the use of Guild Wars Guru, a fansite, the initial members of Scars Meadows began to make connections and friendships. Pickup groups also yielded results. Various chance encounters also lead to numerous invites; however, it was difficult keeping members—the small roster meant that members often played alone. Another problem faced by the rising guild was the issue of time zones, with players scattered across the world. Despite it all, the small guild endured.

During the month of October 2005, SMS started to grow much more rapidly. The guild discovered two farming builds that suited their strengths, and success brought more members into the fold. However, as the guild grew, this influx would soon become a problem. The focus of the guild was on community, developing players, making friends, and enjoying all aspects of the game. Many recruits approached the guild with the aspiration of learning farming methods, which would lead to variety of problems down the road. The original core members left months later, others were removed after there were communication issues, and some left simply feeling that they were unwanted in the ranks.

A new core of players was set, with more solid guidelines to prevent any future incidents. The guild would focus mainly on community, and almost exclusively within the PvE element of Guild Wars. PvP led to some of the communication issues that destroyed the original core of the members; the slow movement into PvP had failed. Scars Meadows has now evolved into a guild that focuses on the PvE element of the game, while ensuring that all members get to know one another and become better acquainted. Ultimately, the officers and leader try to emphasize that at the end of the day it's just a game and that no one should get bent out of shape over it.

Scars Meadows' roster hovers around 60-70 members. The recruitment philosophy is that, for the most part, it's a lot easier to build a player than it is to build an attitude. If someone hopes to join, their participation in the community counts for a lot more than their current skill at the game.

PvE Game Discussion

PvE is the most important aspect of Scars Meadows. Be it mission completion, title development, or just good old fashioned running around and cleaning pesky red dots off the radar. There isn't a high priority on personal wealth, as they believe that accumulating money doesn't contribute to the development of a player's skill. Members who want the pretty armor need to be prepared to work for it. Anyone hoping to do nothing but farm all day wouldn't be enjoying themselves very much among the ranks.

When it comes to missions, the guild fills slots with willing players. If there are any vacancies in the roster, the group turns to henchmen or Heroes. No one is ever forced or pressured into doing a mission; it's a game, and it's supposed to be fun.

Over time, members of Scars Meadows have made numerous accomplishments that provide a sense of self-satisfaction for the whole guild. One of the earliest successes was a mission to complete every quest in the Fissure of Woe (FoW) with a group of three players. The motivation came from the realization that the Underworld had already been conquered in a similar manner by a group of three players—so why not FoW? The process took numerous attempts and tweaking of skills/equipment before every quest was completed, netting an enormous amount of wealth and experience points for the three members.

Member Profiles
Meet the members of Scars Meadows [SMS]

Handle: Cat Mackenzie
Location: Alabama
Gaming Background: I spend the majority of the time in PvE. My PvP experience is primarily AB but I am slowly getting into other PvP.
Preferred Character: Ranger. I prefer attacking from a distance because it makes it easier to flee. If you are Ranger/Monk with Rebirth, it can come in handy to flee and then go back and resurrect your group that you deserted, ermm…I mean tactically retreated from. Secondly, I like bows; they are totally cool, even cooler than swords. Thirdly, I like pets; they are your own personal cuddly tank without all the back talk.
Position in the Guild: Commanding Officer.

Handle: Tengar Nightbringer
Location: California
Gaming Background: PvE and some experience with AB.
Preferred Character: Mesmer. I enjoy the endless possibilities of disrupting other classes—especially Monks, who really don't like my Migraine build. After I cast Migraine, I usually cast other Hexes which range from Health degeneration to Energy denial. Occasionally I prefer Illusionary Weaponry instead of Migraine and chase one target at a time, slowing them down with Ethereal Burden, especially in an alliance battle. Last but not least many guild members like to watch the Mesmer dance, which sort of resembles the Camelot Table dance in Monty Python and the Holy Grail!
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Raziel Bloodthirst
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Gaming Background: I am mainly a PvE player, although I do have some experience with GvGs.
Preferred Character: Necromancer, I love to play a supporting class, especially a caster. I'm a huge fan of the Blood Magic line; my first real combo used Well of Blood and Well of Power. The Soul Reaping is another bonus for the class, when things start going down, the numbers start going up, leaving me with no Energy problems. On the occasion that I do PvP, I enjoy playing the Dark Aura Necromancer build, a textbook example of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" as it has taken out many overzealous Warriors.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Aurora Blackdawn
Location: California
Gaming Background: I have been doing mostly PvE ever since the first Beta Weekend for Prophecies. When I do PvP I like AB the best.
Preferred Character: Elementalist. The variety of things you can do with an Elementalist is endless. You can play support, sit back and snipe, blanket areas with damage, and even play melee. Geo skills have been my favorite since I first bought Earthquake from a skill trainer. It's nice with a more glass-jawed class to be able to surround yourself with all kinds of nasty armor, walk into a brawl, and come back out alive and victorious.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Trub Killz Chit
Location: Arizona
Gaming Background: I Started out in PvP; the challenges and victories are a thrill. But my most fun is with PvE and good friends.
Preferred character: Anything with a bow! I love to hear people moan when I get in their face, throw down a Viper's Nest, fire a Barrage or two, then finish them off with a Poisonous kiss from my Black Moa. Oh yeah...My moa can kick your Mesmer's butt.
Position in the Guild: Chit disturber, erm, Officer.

Handle: Racthoh Demini
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Background: PvE, although I have my share of PvP in each format at various levels thanks to my friends in the Servants of Fortuna. I have always loved my RPGs.
Preferred Character: I have to say my Warrior; it would be disloyal to abandon the handle I've been using for the past ten years for every forum and game that I've played. I usually stick exclusively with Warrior skills to emphasize to my fellow guild mates that the Warrior profession is highly capable of performing many feats on its own. I almost exclusively use him for solo play; my Monk sees most of the party occasions.
Position in the Guild: Leader

Handle: Telcontar of Gondor
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: Mostly PvE, though I never turn down an opportunity to kill other players (in-game, of course). As for other games, I'm more of an RPG fan than anything else, but I've had a healthy share of shooters, strategy, adventure, and everything in between.
Preferred Character: Warrior. I like hitting things. With a sword. I like swords.
Position in the Guild: Sarcastic Officer

Handle: Azinna Videl
Location: Nashville
Gaming Background: I'm almost entirely PvE but will do PvP every now and then.
Preferred Character: Azinna is my female Monk and main character for over the past 13-14 months. She's a group healer and loves farming undead. I strongly believe in a strategic approach to fighting foes instead of blindly charging them without a plan.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Holy Kalk
Location: Iowa, USA
Gaming Background: Mostly PvE; not much PvP. I've only been playing Guild Wars since March 2006, but I was hooked from day one.
Preferred Character: Monk. I like to be behind the lines, and let others do the killing for me. As such, I tend to go Healing or Protection—I don't like Smiting. I don't like going into a battle without a plan of attack.
Position in the Guild: "Newb" Officer

Handle: Strider Kaaru
Location: New York
Gaming Background: Guild Wars is the first MMORPG I have played, and I focus mainly on PvE.
Preferred Character: Warrior. My play style is mainly offensive in nature, hitting hard and taking hits on the front lines. I like to be in the thick of things, and the Warrior class is versatile in that it provides for a defensive "tank" to protect the softer targets on the team and simultaneously has a devastating offensive presence. I'm also quite well-known in the guild for my shirtless dancing tank. My second love would be the Dervish.

Handle: Asuir Laheri
Location: Northern Hemisphere
Gaming Background: I played RPGs through most of my childhood. But I also enjoy a bloodlust-driven, adrenaline fest of an old school, yes you heard me, old school, FPS.
Preferred Character: Most of the time I'm on my Ritualist. Running a Mesmer secondary allows this class to be a lot more versatile than perhaps I think intended by the designers (cue suspenseful sounds!).
Position in the Guild: Evil Mediator that poses as a common member.

Handle: Brul Du Meer
Location: Southern California, USA
Gaming Background: PvE is for me. I enjoy the casual atmosphere of hanging out with close friends I have made doing missions much more than the all-too-common "elitist" atmosphere of PvP. I've seen the breakup of many a guild due to the "internal conflicts" that come with PvP. I also love RPG games.
Preferred Character: Warrior is my favorite toon to play. There are a lot of things you can do with a Warrior, profession wise. Aside from the front-line action which I love, I also like to run newly-made characters in our guild to various locations.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Shady Kay
Location: New York
Gaming Background: GW is my first MMO, and I mainly PvE with random bursts of PvP. Prior to Guild Wars, my main focus was on console games ranging from RPGs, sports, FPSs, RTS games, and action adventure.
Preferred Character: Warrior. I like to use my Warrior the most because I like to prove wrong the preconceptions many have about tanks and Warriors in general. I mainly play supporting tank in FoW, since I'm usually teamed with Racthoh.
Position in the Guild: Retired Officer

Handle: Rex
Location: Texas
Gaming Background: I can't get enough of RTS games, and I've also loved RPGs throughout my life. Guild Wars takes the cake. I am a PvE man, but that doesn't mean I won't dive into PvP every now and then.
Preferred Character: Monk. I like being the life force behind any party—that and showing off my dead sexy Monk FoW pants.
Position in the Guild: Officer/Demise of Racthoh Demini. Someone has to defy the guy, and that someone is me.


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