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Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]

Guild Lore

Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP] is a guild doing its best to live up to the name "Everlasting." Born as a Diablo guild in 1995, the guild progressed through several other games before disbanding for a number of years. However, enthusiasm for Guild Wars brought the guild back into activity. Since its rebirth as a Guild Wars guild, ESP has been gaining momentum. In fact, the guild has created a complex roleplaying back-story, depicting the history of ESP in the Guild Wars universe.

The lore of ESP begins with the nomadic tribes of Tathata, who started out as a collection of disparate clans. Unified by divine influence and the emergence of strong leaders, the Tathata evolved into a force to be reckoned with. Three deities came to be of central importance to the clans. The goddesses—Ahnika, Talaria, and Cerydias—brought a simple message. They wanted Tathata to become a peaceful nation.

The first leaders of Tathata included Brennus, Asperanza, Kiria, and Karuna. Through the acts of those figures and the guidance of the three goddesses, a guild was born. One of the tenets of the guild is that change is inevitable and always progresses in a cycle. Thus, after every period of progress, slow decline is inevitable. Indeed, Tathata slipped back into chaos and the people were scattered once more.

While it seemed the guild had vanished without a trace, the enduring vision of the goddesses remained intact. Eventually, the reemergence of Karuna sparked a new rise in prosperity for the Everlasting Sacred Path. Now that the guild has reformed, new lore and new character stories are being added to ESP's background.

ESP currently has 60 members in Guild Wars. Active in every aspect of the game, the guild enjoys missions, GvG battles, and Heroes' Ascent. The relaxed, community-oriented atmosphere is casual, but includes some simple rules based around common courtesy and respect.

Through weekly guild meetings every member has the chance to add their input into the future direction and activities of the guild as well as hear news regarding all of the latest events. When it comes to recruiting, ESP is always open to the prospect of new applicants. The guild looks for mature individuals who enjoy roleplaying and wish to be a part of a well-established, long-living guild.

The Everlasting Sacred Path plans on remaining an active force in Guild Wars for all future expansions, and may expand into other games in the future. The central, everlasting goal of ESP is the creation of real friendships.

PvP Game Discussion

ESP looks at PvP in much the same way that they do PvE—as a wealth of opportunities. Their primary focus is on GvG. Several nights a week the guild competes in matches. The guild has gone through a variety of different GvG builds over the past year. One of their favorite builds included two front-line Warriors, two air-spike Elementalists, a Domination Mesmer, a flag runner and two Monks.

ESP has yet to fully utilize the new Nightfall classes in their GvG game-plan. However, they've been experimenting with Scythe Mastery combined with Smiting Prayers for AoE damage. They have also been testing the versatile support role of the Paragon. In time, they hope to have a number of new group builds ready for the battlefield.

One of the guild's more unusual strategies came to be known as the "Desperate Housewarrior" build.

Desperate Housewarrior GvG Build

2x Desperate Housewarrior

Tactics: 16 (12+4)
Strength: 11 (10+1)
Hammer Mastery: 9 (8 +1)
One piece Stonefist Insignia armor

Balanced Stance
Desperation Blow
Drunken Blow
Renewing Smash
Hammer Bash
Healing Signet
Resurrection Signet

Frag/Virulence Mesmer:

Fast Casting: 11 (10 +1)
Illusion: 15 (11+4)
Inspiration: 9 (8 +1)
Death Magic: 6

Power Return
Power Drain
Energy Tap
Ether Feast
Resurrection Signet

Spirit Spam Ritualist:

Communing: 15 (12 +3)
Spawning Power: 14 (12+2)
Wilderness Survival: 3

Boon of Creation
Ritual Lord
Flesh of My Flesh

Teleporting Firebomber:

Fire Magic: 15 (12 +3)
Energy Storage: 14 (12 +2)
Shadow Arts: 3

Aura of Displacement
Fire Attunement
Shadow Refuge [or Meteor Shower]
Incendiary Bonds
Mark of Rodgort [or Bed of Coals]
Resurrection Signet

Cripshot Ranger:

Expertise: 12 (11+1)
Wilderness Survival: 9 (8+1)
Marksmanship: 14 (11+3)
Domination Magic: 3

Crippling Shot
Savage Shot
Distracting Shot
Apply Poison
Troll Unguent
Whirling Defense
Hex Breaker

Blessed Light Monk:

Divine Favor: 13 (11+2)
Healing Prayers: 9 (8+1)
Protection Prayers: 9 (8+1)
Inspiration Magic: 9

Reversal of Fortune
Gift of Health
Blessed Light
Spirit Bond
Hex Breaker
Signet of Devotion
Inspired Hex
Drain Enchantment

Boon Prot:

Divine Favor: 13 (12+1)
Protection Prayers: 12 (9+3)
Inspiration Magic: 9

Reversal of Fortune
Protective Spirit
Draw Conditions
Inspired Hex
Contemplation of Purity
Energy Drain
Divine Boon

The main point of this build is to spread Conditions as quickly as possible to overload the other team's Condition removal abilities. ESP finds the build fun to play as well as a learning experience in timing Fragility and Epidemic along with all of the Condition-creating skills.

Member Information

Handle: Karuna
Location: Missouri
Primary Character: In all of the online games I have played, the profession of Ranger suits me the best. Part of this is because of the roleplay history of my character and the rest is due to the fact that I love the versatility. I often play the role of target-caller in the group and playing just off of the front line gives me a great field of vision. I also run builds for flag running, trapping, and anti-caster.
Gaming Background: My online game experience started with a multiplayer action/adventure game where the first incarnation of ESP was created. After taking a break from the gaming scene for a number of years I came back upon the release of Guild Wars.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader/Web Site Administrator
Why I Joined ESP: After becoming hopelessly addicted to Guild Wars I decided it was time to bring the guild back. I was lucky enough to find some extraordinary people to work with who have helped make Everlasting Sacred Path the guild that it is today.

Handle: Mortanius
Location: Alabama
Primary Character: Necromancer, Warrior, or Mesmer. I find those three to be the most fun. I mainly play a front line Warrior in GvG, but I can play almost anything really. I am somewhat sadistic and merciless in PvP . >: )
Gaming Background: A little bit of everything. Besides Guild Wars, I play FPSs and RTSs every once in a while.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined ESP: It's the people in the guild that make ESP stand out. Always helpful, nice, and friendly. There was nothing not to love about it.

Handle: Nonce
Location: Ontario, Canada
Primary Character: I primarily play casters, and I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite between Elementalist and Mesmer. I like to experiment with builds to achieve a good balance between offense and defense. I love air-spike with my Elementalist and Migraine/anti-caster with my Mesmer.
Gaming Background: I definitely prefer RPGs and I previously played action RPG games.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined ESP: ESP was the first and only guild I applied to. The guild has the perfect feel for me, blending humor, light role-playing, and a focus on having fun!

Handle: Kayla Moonbow
Location: New York City, NY
Primary Character: My primary character is my Monk/Mesmer. My favorite build is a frontline healer and Condition removal specialist. I tweak the build in PvP to include a sprinkle of protection skills. I generally hang in the back of the battleground and kite in and out of the main fighting for emergency healing and protection.
Gaming Background: Various MMOs, strategy games, RPGs, and sports theme games.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined ESP: I was drawn to the tight, friendly, family environment of the guild.

Handle: Mellyora Wylfre
Location: North Carolina, USA
Primary Character: I really enjoy the "utility" professions that can fill all sorts of roles in a party (like Necromancer, Ranger, or Mesmer), but at the end of the day I will always enjoy getting to beat on things with my Warrior!
Gaming Background: I was first introduced to gaming through RPGs, which eventually led me online and to Guild Wars.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined ESP: ESP offered absolutely everything that I was looking for: great camaraderie among a great group of people.

Handle: Telomir Vaden
Location: Oregon
Primary Character: Monk is my favorite. Knowing that my team is counting upon me to keep them alive gets my blood pumping, and you can't beat being able to join just about any group in the game since Monks are in such high demand for missions and quests. The variety of this class is great.
Gaming Background: RPGs and MMORPGs.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined ESP: The camaraderie experienced among these awesome folk was evident from the moment I began browsing through their forums, and I immediately wanted to begin meeting my future guild mates. This is home to me when I log on, and I can't imagine wanting to join any other guild.

Handle: Noelle Johannah
Location: San Antonio, TX
Primary Character: My main character is a Ranger. I usually run a Barrage/Interrupt build with maybe a Trap or Throw Dirt for the enemy Warriors. I like to make up my own builds and have never really tried any of the "cookie-cutter" or "flavor of the month" builds.
Gaming Background: Guild Wars is my first (and only) online game. Before GW, I only played console games. I liked the RPG console games, and when a friend of mine told me about GW, it sounded perfect for me. I've been hooked ever since.
Position in the Guild: Master Ranger
Why I Joined ESP: ESP likes to hold special in-game events to keep things fun and interesting and lets anyone in the guild participate. These were the kinds of things I was looking for.

Handle: Alexia Ironclaw
Location: New York City, NY
Primary Character: Warrior. I have been using a Warrior for over a year now. I've learned much about all three weapon types and am able to switch between any one. When playing with an axe or a hammer, I play damage dealer. When using a sword I play Stance tank.
Gaming Background: FPSs, MMORPGs, and strategy games.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined ESP: I was looking for a guild that was serious about the game, but relaxed enough not to make me feel pressured to play.

Handle: Chimmy Chockchaw
Location: Alabama
Primary Character: I like to play Necromancer. I like to use Spiteful Spirit, along with Reckless Haste/Price of Failure to help protect my teammates and do some nice damage to the melee creatures.
Gaming Background: I mostly like to play RPGs and FPSs.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Orchestral Darkness
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Primary Character: Orchestral Darkness, my Necromancer/Mesmer. I haven't really settled on a build, but I generally carry Curses and Conditions, as well as life stealing to keep me standing—the sort of build that would get you laughed out of your average elite group.
Gaming Background: RPGs and a bit of console gaming. I'm not a regular gamer by any stretch. I tend to either play a game for two weeks and abandon it or play for years, with not much in between.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined ESP: Wow, are you kidding? This guild is a great blend of people that made me feel welcome from minute one, even when I was just an applicant. Active, friendly, and fun with a good blend of everything from AB to roleplaying. It was just a perfect fit for me.

Handle: Kieran Bloodfox
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
Primary Character: My primary character is my ranger Kieran Bloodfox, an ascended champion of Melandru and Grenth. I love the Ranger's versatility; I can solo farm a lot of places, fit in well with teams for any PvE map, and can quickly adapt to the changing tides of battle.
Gaming Background: I started with PC gaming on my first Apple in 1981, and have been a die-hard gamer since. I played plenty of RTS and FPS and text based MUDs, MUSHes, and RPG chat clients. I enjoy pen and paper roleplaying games too.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined ESP: The focus on having fun in a relaxed and mature atmosphere is just what my wife and I were looking for. Great leadership, great teamwork, great camaraderie, and an atmosphere conducive to helping each other constantly learn and improve.


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