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The Gameamp Guides [AMP]

Celebrating its first birthday in November, the Gameamp Guides [AMP] was founded by members of the forums. The founding members wanted to see their forum community united inside the game, as well as out, and so the guild was born.

AMP's ethos boils down to respect, helpfulness, and fun. These traditions stem from the forum rules of behavior. AMP prides itself on having a friendly community that offers help instead of frustration. Potential members are directed to the "AMP Agreement," which sets out the philosophy and code of behavior for participants. No swearing, bigotry, or flaming is permitted. When a new member is accepted into the guild, they add their name to the agreement.

AMP aims to achieve a continued positive presence in the game, not only within the ranks of their alliance, but outside it. Members take pleasure in assisting anyone who needs help. The guild also hopes to attain more experience in all aspects of PvP. The group has mostly focused on PvE play, not due to any policy, but rather as a reflection of member interests. However, as the guild roster expands to include more active PvP players, the guild has broadened its horizons.

All members of AMP joined through the site forums. Because of the friendly nature of the Gameamp community, players hail from all nationalities and walks of life. The only requirement is that members be respectful, friendly, and can speak English. The ranks never fall below 90, and the guild is generally maxed out at 100 members.

At present, AMP expects to see the guild evolve with the needs of its membership. Currently, that means providing more PvP-oriented activities. The guild also is considering the option of starting a second AMP guild to host the growing membership. In the meantime, AMP is expanding on their alliance by uniting with other strong, like-minded guilds.

PvE Discussion

AMP has two approaches to PvE. The first, and most common, is a spur-of-the-moment quest or mission. Priorities are based on what members need at the time. Most recently, titles have been a popular project. The guild embraces the idea of cooperation and always manages to succeed. The other approach is planned, and usually involves an elite mission or major goal.

Most guild members have more than one character at their disposal, allowing a great deal of versatility. If a mission proves difficult, teams have no problem adjusting the party to meet the challenge.

AMP doesn't lay claim to any special tricks for success, besides having a great roster of players to party with. The number of competent members means that almost any tactic can be used successfully. The guild also uses traditional strategies, such as taking care to avoid aggroing too many groups of enemies and making sure that casters are protected.

PvP Discussion

AMP traditionally has more PvE players than PvP, though recently, more members are becoming interested in the competitive side of the game. PvP is something AMP is trying to encourage within the guild. To realize this goal, the guild has appointed a dedicated team of PvP officers. Each officer has been organizing teams for HA.

AMP's current build for tackling HA features the Nightfall Paragon and utilizes some of the new elite skills. AMP describes it as a "build very much in progress," and they evolve the build as they play it. The team is an unusual mix that comes from previous experience using pressure, holding, and balanced builds. Lacking an official name, the guild presently refers to it with the very tongue-in-cheek name "AMPway."

The Paragon proves to be a great asset in this build. It provides support by protecting and healing allies with its Shouts. Other team members put pressure on the opposing team by targeting the enemy Monks, interrupting their Healing and Protection. Both the Warrior and Ranger are the main damage dealers, and make extensive use of knockdowns and damage pressure.

AMP has found this build to be successful against a variety of tactics. The biggest threat so far has proven to be the Necromancer Hex "Vocal Minority," which renders the Paragon's Shouts useless.

RaO Hammer Ranger
12 Hammer Mastery, 12 Beast Mastery, 12 Expertise

Rampage as One (Elite)
Charm Animal
Comfort Animal
Crushing Blow
Mighty Blow
Irresistible Blow
Hammer Bash
Resurrection Signet

Blessed Monk
16 Divine Favor, 12 Protection Prayers, 8 Inspiration Magic

Blessed Light (Elite)
Reversal of Fortune
Signet of Devotion
Protective Spirit
Mend Condition
Mantra of Flame
Inspired Hex
Revealed Hex

Axe/Shock Warrior
16 Axe Mastery, 13 Strength, 3 Air Magic

Executioner's Strike
Bull's Strike
Distracting Blow
Resurrection Signet

PS Interrupter
13 Expertise, 13 Marksmanship, 10 Wilderness Survival

Punishing Shot (Elite)
Distracting Shot
Savage Shot
Read the wind
Troll Unguent
Whirling Defense
Debilitating Shot
Resurrection Signet

SoR Paragon
2 Tactics, 13 Motivation, 12 Leadership, 9 Spear Mastery

Aggressive Refrain
Song of Restoration (Elite)
Ballad of Restoration
Aria of Restoration
Finale of Restoration
Energizing Finale
"Watch Yourself!"
Resurrection Signet

Glimmer Monk
11 Divine Favor, 16 Healing Prayers, 8 Inspiration Magic

Words of Comfort
Glimmer of Light (Elite)
Healing Seed
Infuse Health
Healing Touch
Mantra of Flame
Resurrection Signet

Member Profiles
Meet some AMP

Handle: Evil Geek
Location: London, England
Preferred Character: The Necromancer is truly versatile and can handle so many different types of situations in so many different ways; mostly I play MM because I love having my own little army to send out to do my evil bidding.
Gaming Background: After getting into games on the Atari, way back when, PC puzzle-based adventure games got me well and truly hooked.
Position: Guild Leader

Handle: Patrickvp, Alila Kitail
Location: Oregon, USA
Preferred Character: Alila was my very first character and I have been playing as her for a fairly solid nine months now. I tend to end up with straight Ranger skill builds. Before I started reading other suggested builds, I had kind of worked out my own "favorite" build for general PvE use, which is actually very similar to a standard B/P build, with a pet, Barrage, interrupts, and a few defensive skills.
Gaming Background: I'm a bit of an old dog and have been playing games steadily since the first arcades and early consoles (Itellision, Atari 2600, Coleco, even Vectrex.) Until about a year ago, I was more of an FPS player. Every couple of years, though, I get a hankering for some kind of RPG game. I picked up Guild Wars and have been in love with it ever since. Sometimes my work buddies get a little annoyed that I'm not fragging as much with them any more!
Position: Member. I am also one of the resident "Gaile-stalkers," waiting to collect a chat-log for our site!

Handle: Dragonius (Sonny)
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Gaming Background: FPSs. Before Guild Wars I wasn't really into MMORPGs so you could say that my first time in Guild Wars was a whole new experience for me; I loved every moment of it.
Preferred Character: Dragonius X, my Elementalist. I tend to pretty much design my own PvE builds. My Elementalist isn't limited to a single element as most others are. I prefer to run an element more suitable for the job I'm set to, making her more versatile when it comes to magic.
Position: General Guild Officer

Handle: Meow Katty
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Gaming Background: Mainly PvE as most of the guild is PvE-oriented. With the double fame weekend I got a lot more into PvP and have enjoyed it. So now I PvP a lot more than I used to. Ranger spike with AMP is the best though.
Preferred Character: That would be Meow Katty my Ranger. I've found Rangers can do almost anything. They can solo parts of the FOW, they can duo the UW, they can Trap, they can spike, and there is loads more they can do as well.
Position: Member and loving it.

Handle: Rogue
Location: California, USA
Gaming Background: I come from a broad genre of games. RTS? Yes. FPS? Yes. RPG? Yes. Racing? Yes. I came to Guild Wars straight out of a different MMORPG (which shall remain nameless) and loved everything I saw.
Preferred Character: My ranger, Rogue Flare. He and I have been through a lot together.
Position: I haven't decided if I'm the comic relief, the guild mascot, or just a normal member.

Handle: Lady Alica
Location: UK
Gaming Background: I'm a staunch PvEer, though I have slightly branched out into nice gentle PvP, such as Alliance Battles. HA and GvG still scare me though.
Preferred Character: I love playing my Elementalist, Xun Yin. I love sneaking up on things and nuking them to oblivion, especially in AB. I play the classic E/Me, but I prefer echoing Rodgort's to Meteor Shower.
Position: Proud member.

Handle: Crimson The Fierce
Location: Georgia, USA
Gaming Background: I started off with RTS games. After those, I started playing good, fast-paced FPS games. After FPS games, I got more into MMORPG. I got into Guild Wars.
Primary Character: My first and favorite character is Crimson The Fierce. I have a lovely full adren build that can take a 100 armor target down halfway as well as inflict Deep Wound and Cripple in one attack chain. I'm the kind who likes an up-close and personal encounter with my enemies.
Position in the Guild: Member

Handle: Genesis Dragon (Gen)
Location: Halifax, UK
Gaming Background: My online gaming started with FPSs, but I was lured to Guild Wars by a member of my online gaming clan...I've never looked back.
Preferred Character: Warrior or Monk. My oldest and most established character is my Warrior, Axxor. He's a Title fan, and currently has both the Protector and Explorer Titles for the two continents and is currently working on Elona.
Position in the Guild: General Officer

Handle: Tarja Nightshadow
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Gaming Background: When it comes to Guild Wars I've always enjoyed PvE just a tad more than PvP. I'm mainly an RPG/fantasy fan.
Preferred Characters: I currently have one PvE Character for each profession and try my best to divide my time between them evenly, simply because all of the professions are incredibly fun to play. I've kept the same last name for all of my characters because it makes identifying a little bit easier in a big guild.

Handle: Divine Fireslayer
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Gaming Background: After my RTS period, I went on to some FPSs, but didn't really enjoy it. I bought Guild Wars, and I loved it. I'm more of a PvE player in the game, but when the opportunity arises for PvP, I get there immediately.
Preferred Character: I prefer to play a Word of Healing Monk, a Shock Axe Warrior or just about anything else in PvP. In PvE...Mending Wammo!
Position: Annoying PvP Enthusiast.


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