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We Step on Puppies [PuP]

Note: The interview for this Guild of the Week article took place prior to the release of Nightfall.

Forged out of the remains of another guild during a time of trouble, the members of We Step On Puppies founded PuP as a place for them to hone their skills as players and to grow in a supportive gaming environment. The spirit of PuP is to do well while enjoying the game and maintaining a friendly atmosphere. The guild aims to achieve a status in Guild Wars where players are scared to fight against them, but happy to socialize.

PuP often has players who request to join the guild because they like the playing style, the friendly members, and the positive atmosphere. PuP isn't taking any new members, but they'll consider enthusiastic applicants on a case-by-case basis.

PuP has never has been very large, and they try to keep it that way. As a result, everyone knows how to work with their guild mates during a match. Even with a consistently small size, the guild has changed dramatically since its formation. For example, they've increased the complexity of their PvP strategies significantly. PuP started out doing Ranger spike 24/7, but now has played a huge variety of builds. At one time, the guild ran a build that featured two Fire Elementalists, which was then an uncommon tactic in GvG play.

Even more uncommon, yet in the spirit of merriment, is the guild's motto: We Stand Tall Because We Step on Puppies.

PvP Game Discussion:

1 Warrior/Elementalist: "Sylly Warrior"
Eviscerate, Bull's Strike, Protector's Strike, Distracting Blow, Frenzy, Shock, Rush, Resurrection Signet.

2 Elementalist/Mesmer: "Auspicious Elementalist"
Fireball, Rodgort's Invocation, Immolate, Searing Heat, Auspicious Incantation, Energy Drain, Mantra of Concentration, Resurrection Signet.

1 Ranger/Mesmer: "Uberupterer"
Melandru's Shot, Apply Poison, Distracting Shot, Savage Shot, Debilitating Shot, Drain Enchantment, Dual Shot, Resurrection Signet.

1 Ranger/Mesmer: "OathTrapper"
Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Throw Dirt, Drain Enchantment, Whirling Defense, Oath Shot, Debilitating Shot, Resurrection Signet.

1 Monk/Mesmer: "Soni's Monk"
Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Mend Condition, Protective Spirit, Energy Drain, Inspired Hex, Divine Boon.

1 Monk/Mesmer: "Boon Prot"
Reversal of Fortune, Signet of Devotion, Mend Aliment, Protective Spirit, Energy Drain, Inspired Hex, Divine Boon.

1 Elementalist/Monk: "Ice Master"
Armor of Mist, Ice Spikes, Deep Freeze, Blurred Vision, Ether Prodigy, Extinguish, Heal Party, Resurrection Signet.

When using this build, PuP first spends 30 to 90 seconds pressuring the other team with lots of damage, periodically focusing on one target. If this fails to overwhelm their opponents, a strategist calls spikes. The guild often goes to the Isle of the Nameless to practice on the targets there, which is a great warm-up before a match.

Member Profiles
Meet a few of the puppies in this pack.

Handle: Syl
Location: New York
Gaming Background: I learned everything I know from Tetris. I can still hear the music in my head to this day.
Preferred Class: Usually I play Warrior for GvG. I enjoy playing this because I feel like I have a large control over the field.
Favorite skill: Panic most because panicking is definitely underrated.
Position in PuP: Leader

Handle: Avarre Mnestris
Location: Singapore
Gaming Background: Fairly diverse.
Preferred Class: Mesmer. I've played Mesmer since I started Guild Wars and while I'm capable in most other classes, none have the allure of a Mesmer, be it in PvE or PvP.
Favorite skill: Impossible to say. My favorite skill changes depending on what I'm running more often at the time. Usually in GvG, I play a Domination Mesmer, heavily utilizing Diversion and Leech Signet, while in Heroes' Ascent my favorite skill is Psychic Distraction.
Position in PuP: Officer and Timezone Exile.

Handle: Craze Horse
Location: Wisconsin
Gaming Background: I've been around video games since I was extremely young. Unique games have always been the best.
Preferred Class: Ranger. I've been playing Rangers ever since I bought the game. They have always been an easy class to play but a hard class to master. If you try hard enough, there is always a new trick that Rangers can pull out of their sleeve.
Favorite Skill: Crippling Shot. It's a great versatile skill that can really change the tide in certain situations in a game—a skill that is keeping Rangers active in the GvG environment. But Broad Head Arrow is a great skill to always bring on a Ranger secondary.

Handle: Soni
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Background: I've been playing video games for a long time and I've always been interested in them. And since I've played both PvE and PvP games before I started playing Guild Wars, I really enjoy having both aspects in one game. A funny thing is I always get compliments for being a girl gamer.
Preferred Class: While my first character was actually a Ranger, I really like playing Monk/Mesmer "Boon Prots." I've run Boon Prots with Mantra of Recall, but lately I've been enjoying Energy Drain as my elite, because there's less of a risk of forgetting to use it or having it stripped from you as with the Mantra. My Monk character is actually a PvE one, which I use mainly for the faster rerolls, the nicer armor skins, and the convenience of multiple armor and weapon sets.
Position in PuP: Pro Monk/Officer

Handle: Becca Rose
Location: Missouri
Gaming Background: I like playing musical rhythm games.
Preferred Class: I have always loved the Ranger. I made my first Ranger about two months after I got Guild Wars and really enjoyed it. The far range and accuracy of bows made it perfect for me. I'm similar to Craze Horse and enjoy it every moment I play as one. Gaile Gray made a great profession coach.
Favorite Skill: Melandru's Arrows. The skill is special and adds to your team's DPS (damage per second) ratio. Spreading Bleeding can be easily done and it adds more damage to foes that have enchants upon them. The skill is enjoyable and fun to use.
Position in PuP: Variety played/Officer/Official Smoothie taster, maker, analyzer, etc.

Handle: The Ice Master
Location: Louisiana
Gaming Background: Mostly of the RTS genre.
Preferred Class: Elementalist. I love the way that an Elementalist's Energy Storage can make it so versatile in many aspects of the game. This, of course, comes from the ability to spam skills such as Heal Party and Extinguish, while still being ready for combat. A typical GvG for me consists of flag running, healing, defense, and offensive spikes.
Favorite Skill: I really like the skill Ice Spikes for its lower Energy cost, reasonably quick cast time, and nice look. There's nothing like timing Ice Spikes as a finishing move on a spike and watching the enemy player explode with ice before he falls to the ground.
Position in PuP: Water in the basket.

Handle: Leaf Spear
Location: Oregon
Preferred Class: I think my favorite profession is the Necromancer. For the most part I prefer pressure builds over spike builds and I think the Necromancer has a very strong presence in a good pressure team. Also I think the Necromancer is just a fun class to play. I like the way the Necromancer can help add to the offense and defense of a build at the same time.
Favorite skill: I like to run Tainted Flesh on a Necromancer. I like how Tainted Flesh helps to shield your team from Disease while causing pandemonium on your opponents.

Handle: Anima Evasen
Location: Sunny California
Preferred Class: I enjoy playing my 9-million experience-point Mesmer.
Favorite Skill: I really enjoy Energy Surge. It can change the game very quickly.
Position in PuP: Leader of the underground movement against Syl.

Handle: Miss Pax (I won Miss Texas a few years ago.)
Location: Texas
Gaming Background: I got into Guild Wars by playing professional water polo. This is a very hard sport that helps you live a better life.
Preferred Profession: I really enjoy playing Mesmer. I love to mess up people's well-thought-out plans.
Favorite Skill: I really like the skill Distracting Shot. I think at the moment it is the best interrupt skill in the game. It is underused.


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