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Guild of the Week
Heaven's Royal Knights [HRK]

Formed in the summer of 2005, Heaven's Royal Knights [HRK] was created by members of a first-person-shooter clan called the United Clan Killers. Brought together by a common interest in MMORPGs, the newly born HRK aimed to provide a positive environment for its gamers by recruiting players who shared the same mindset.

HRK believes that the anonymity of the internet can be a positive although occasionally harmful thing. The guild believes that anonymity presents gamers with the temptation to present themselves in ways that would be unacceptable in real life. Consequently, gamers often resort to explosive and inflammatory language or actions. In response to this, HRK emphasizes mutual respect.

Additionally, HRK respects that gaming is more than just a fantasy. Its members have formed real relationships and, as a guild, they've lived through marriage, births, the deaths of friends, loss, and the change of jobs. In each circumstance, the guild emerges as a group of friends, rather than an anonymous collection of gamers, who support each other with prayer and encouragement.

HRK membership comprises a broad assortment of mature players. Of the sixty-one members, many are professionals or business owners, or they serve in the military. Others are pursuing educational goals. Many members are involved in their respective churches in real life, though not all are, and the guild's co-leader is an ordained and licensed minister.

In the future, the guild intends to ramp up its participation in GvG by playing with other guilds in its alliance. However, they state that the hard line of competition will never replace the fun of the game.

PvP Game Discussion

The Monk/Assassin Takedown is a build designed to surprise opponents in PvP combat. It has no resurrection skills, but is well suited to 1v1 scrimmage, Fort Aspenwood/Jade Quarry, or Alliance Battles.


(Elite) Aura of Faith
Healing Breeze
Vigorous Spirit
Golden Lotus Strike
Golden Phoenix Strike
Horns of the Ox
Falling Spider

Healing Prayers: 13
Divine Favor: 10
Dagger Mastery: 11

Before going into a fight, use Mending and Aura of Faith. Just before you rush in, hit Vigorous Spirit. When you start fighting, use the dagger skills in order. Only use Healing Breeze when you are out numbered, when your Health is under fifty-percent, or when someone uses a Health degeneration skill on you. Always keep the first three Enchantments up.

Although this build is tough to beat, it has its weaknesses. Earth Elementalists (with Silver Armor and Unsteady Ground) will kill you quick. This build must be able to strike almost every hit in order to keep a steady supply of Energy and Health.

Member Profiles
Get to know the Heaven's Royal Knights.

Handle: Healing Forces
Location: Texas
Gaming Background: I have been a PvE player, and just recently started to PvP.
Preferred Character: Monk. I like being able to keep people alive in hard situations while playing. My favorite skill combo is the Word of Healing build.
Position in the Guild: Leader
Why I Joined HRK: I wanted a good guild where people could enjoy themselves and not worry about foul language and bad attitudes.

Handle: Repentance Demanded
Location: Missouri
Gaming Background: I vastly preferred first person shooters over MMORPGs. Normally, realism is my thing, but I just can't get enough Guild Wars.
Preferred Character: I have always liked my Warrior, Varsithian the Just. Then I got my Monk through the game as a Smiter, and absolutely loved her. After creating my Elementalist, Repentance Demanded, I finally had to break down and buy 15k armor because I love playing Elementalist so much. I attune myself to the elements for Energy management, then cast a Meteor Shower, followed up by a Fireball.
Position in the Guild: Co-Leader

Handle: Kinson Ravenhawk
Location: Oregon
Gaming Background: RPGs.
Preferred Character: W/Me axe Warrior with many high damage axe skills, along with Hex Breaker to help keep Hexes off. Sometimes I throw in a few Stances for PvE, depending on the mission.
Position in the Guild: Member.
Why I Joined HRK: I was looking for a good, honest group with members that don't swear every other word.

Handle: Hylian Knight
Location: Texas
Gaming Background: MMORPGs, FPSs, RPGs.
Preferred Character: I love my Monk, Prophet of the Seer. I also love my newer tank.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined HRK: My brother started the guild and got me into Guild Wars.

Handle: Wydras Element
Location: Tennessee
Gaming Background: I played lots of RPGs. Wasn't too good with FPSs though.
Preferred Character: E/Me. I like the fire nuker build. I use the basic nuker skills. You can never get bored of using Meteor Shower on a large group of people. I like both PvE and PvP.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I joined HRK: I joined the guild because they were causal. HRK is also a very friendly guild and that just added to it. It's easy to talk to them. They just make you feel welcome.

Handle: Sgt Sammy
Location: California
Gaming Background: Various RPGs.
Preferred Character: Warrior/Monk. I use an Axe Warrior for Deep runs and a Sword Warrior for damage dealing and farming.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined HRK: I joined the guild because all my friends play Guild Wars.

Handle: Clarista Fiera
Location: New York
Gaming Background: RPGs.
Preferred Character: For PvP, an Elementalist/Ranger with Flare, Fireball, Meteor, Rodgort's Invocation, Mark of Rodgort, Elemental Attunement, Aura of Restoration, and Barbed Trap. Nobody likes Flare…but it keeps the burn going cheap. In PvE, a minion master.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined HRK: I found everyone here is a stand up kind of player…and that makes all the difference.

Handle: Chris Blackstar
Location: Pennsylvania
Gaming Background: I have an extensive background, from platform systems to PCs. The variety keeps your hand-eye coordination and creativity constantly improved, which betters the gaming experience.
Preferred Character: My Assassin and my Warrior/Monk are my most played characters.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined HRK: People need new experiences, and the only way to get them is through trying or joining new organizations. Besides that, our guild leader has the attributes that I look for: honesty and respect for others.

Handle: Flowing Thought
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Gaming Background: Every genre of games. FPS, RPG, MMORPG, RTS, Adventure, Action, etc.
Preferred Character: My pride and joy is my Monk. Being able to bring life to those around me, both in and out of game, is my passion. I often hear the words, "holy crap, I thought there was no way we could have survived that onslaught."
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined HRK: Because I wanted to make an impact on those associated with the guild, as well as use our guild's influence to bring joy to those around me. Our guild's center of attention is in Jesus Christ and therefore we display this in our actions and words as well.

Handle: Siarl Soulblazer
Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Gaming Background: I always love PvP in every game, but I see the PvE aspect as nearly equally important. I love RPGs.
Preferred Character: I play a Warrior/Monk. This character is supposed to portray a paladin as best as I can in Guild Wars. Why a paladin? Well, I see to have a passion for paladins in everything. Being of a Christian background and having the desire to help others, a paladin fits who I am in real life the most. I also love being a tank with a bit of healing for survival.
Position in the Guild: Officer
Why I Joined HRK: I played with the guild leader and a few other core members for several years. We've used Teamspeak to form an incredible bond. It only seemed natural to create our own guild in Guild Wars.

Handle: Artemon Leravix
Location: Maine
Gaming Background: I play mostly RPGs and FPS games, as well as a few RTS games.
Preferred Character: Warrior/Elementalist. I use mainly sword builds, but sometimes I switch off to be a Shock/knockdown hammer Warrior.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined HRK: The guild I used to be with merged with HRK, so I became a member through the combination of my old guild into this one. And being a Christian, I figured that it would be best to stay with a Christian-based guild.

Handle: Slaymore
Location: Tennessee
Gaming Background: RPGs.
Preferred Character: Ranger/Monk, Necromancer/Mesmer.
Position in the Guild: Member
Why I Joined HRK: One of the officers got me into the game and invited me into this guild full of fantastic, helpful members.


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