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Guild of the Week
Hells Hope [Skul]

Hells Hope was born on the 28th of June, 2005. The guild was originally conceived as an all-Necromancer guild, though the idea quickly fell apart as the interests of guild members diversified. Current goals include filling the guild roster and farming enough faction to claim a major city. The guild also focuses on educating members who are new to the game, turning them into knowledgeable players. The guild originated in Guild Wars, and that's where it plans to stay.

Members of Hells Hope love to play together. They enjoy helping other players, completing missions, and having fun. The guild prides itself on a respectful attitude to others as well as a willingness to assist fellow members with challenges in the game.

An ideal recruit has a good sense of humor, enjoys playing with guildmates, and strives to become a better player. The guild doesn't tolerate needy or freeloading behavior, but rewards participation and communication. Hells Hope believes that players should never be rushed through the game. Those who are new to the game ought to learn how to overcome challenges without having everything handed to them.

Hells Hope loves to have social events. Drunken gatherings to celebrate victories are especially popular. They usually result in PvP or trips to The Deep while half-blind on Dwarven Ale. The guild doesn't take itself too seriously, and sets having fun as its highest priority.

The guild currently has more than 50 members and continues to grow. In future, they plan to gain more faction, hold prestigious cities, and form a serious GvG team. Ultimately, they want their [Skul] tag to be well known in the Guild Wars community.

PvE Discussion

Hells Hope considers PvE to be an important focus. Besides having a story line, they view it as an excellent place to learn game play. The guild places emphasis on completing missions, as these award experience, skill captures, and equipment.

Whenever members of the guild need help with a mission or goal, they can request help from fellow members. Anyone who is free and willing comes along to help. When there isn't a specific objective to pursue, the guild often tackles missions like The Deep for a challenge.

To deal with aggro management, Hells Hope keeps all casters on the backline while tanks keep the enemy's attention. This leaves the healers free to do their job. The team sometimes uses Rangers to plant Traps that the tanks pull enemy mobs through.

Most of the guild's favorite tactics involve ensuring that the team isn't overwhelmed. Warriors equip themselves with bows so that they can pull targets from afar and deflect aggression from casters. The guild also employs body-blocking tactics to protect the healers. Priding itself on seizing victory despite difficult situations, Hells Hope has a history of excelling in dire circumstances, such as the party being short on healers or losing team members along the way.

PvP Discussion

Hells Hope plays many different types of PvP, but favors Alliance Battles (AB) as a priority. The guild often tries to synchronize entry to AB, so that members can all be on the same team. To practice for AB, the guild takes teams into Team Arena. This allows them to test four-player builds. It also gives players an opportunity for members to learn how to make smart decisions in the confusion of battle. The guild also encourages new players to get a feel for PvP by playing in Random Arenas.

To succeed in PvP, the guild relies on clear communication. Hells Hope has a Teamspeak server for voice chat, though they also use the mini-map to indicate correct positioning. They coordinate their attacks and try to control enemy movement so that the fight stays in places that are advantageous to them.

Hells Hope's first priority in matches is to kill the enemy Monks. Once the Monks are down, the guild focuses on casters. Meanwhile, they slow down enemy Warriors with Hex spells to minimize their threat. After matches, they discuss how they can improve. By learning from their mistakes and coaching players who found things difficult or confusing, the guild continues to improve.

Member Profiles
Meet the people of Hells Hope

Handle: Skull Morgue
Location: San Diego, CA
Gaming Background: Various MMOs, strategy games, and FPS.
Preferred Characters: My Necromancer/Mesmer is my favorite character because of how much power I can have on the battlefield. My mass degeneration build (Vampiric Gaze, Mark of Subversion, Shadow Strike, Life Siphon, Life Transfer, Arcane Larceny, Power Spike, and Faintheartedness) is versatile and allows me to deal with different professions.
Position: Guild Leader

Handle: Ragnar
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Background: All areas of gaming. PvP, PvE, RPGs, and FPSs.
Preferred Characters: Ragnar Dragonsbane. I like him the most because with his armor and sword, he actually looks like a gladiator.

Handle: Barth Man
Location: USA
Gaming Background: I am fairly new to the RPG world. In the past, I have played strategy games. However, I've come to realize that Guild Wars involves as much, if not more, strategic thinking than typical strategy games.
Preferred Character: I like to play Mesmer to use subtle trickery to annoy my opponent. Sometimes I will use traditional builds, like the classic degeneration Mesmer, but more often I like to try different things.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Stop Spazzing
Location: California
Gaming Background: I play all games. I've beta tested a lot of MMORPGs and used to play a lot of strategy games.
Preferred Character: My Warrior/Monk PvP character is my favorite because it's really tweaked. It has +5 Health regeneration and 32 Energy.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Andrea Atalanta
Location: CA
Gaming Background: I mainly like to do storyline missions and quests. I tried creating a PvP character once and died a horrible death.
Preferred Character: My Warrior/Ranger, Andrea Atalanta, is the one I use the most because it is my most complete character. The main tactic I try using is to not die and when in AB, cap, cap, cap!
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Steal Your Essence
Location: Hawaii
Gaming Background: My gaming background is definitely RPG. I like having a character and building it and evolving it. I get sort of attached to it, and even identify with it. It's really fun. Until Guild Wars, I've been mostly PvE oriented.
Preferred Character: My primary character is my Necromancer/Mesmer. My two favorite builds involve Spiteful Spirit for The Deep and sometimes AB. My other favorite build is a Blood spike/Well build, which serves my team well in AB when we don't have a Monk.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Marcus Clark
Location: Quebec, Canada
Gaming Background: I'm an RPG player. I'm more of a PvE player, but I do like PvPing with the guild.
Preferred Character: Rangers can do a lot of damage without getting hurt. They also have the ability to interrupt other people's skills. On top of that, they have a pet to cover close range combat.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Yossar Hanacker
Location: Hawaii
Gaming Background: I dabble in a bit of everything. I guess that's what is so great about Guild Wars. Both the PvE and the PvP are solid.
Preferred Character: Mesmer is probably my favorite. I like having a lot of options at my disposal. I've had the most fun using interrupts. I just love thinking about how frustrated the other players get when they can't finish any of their skills.
Position in the Guild: Peon


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