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Ultimate Genesis [GEN]

Ultimate Genesis [GEN] was founded in the early days of Guild Wars. Despite getting off to an energetic start, the guild suffered a period of inactivity due to leadership changes and other complications. However, like all things worthwhile, Ultimate Genesis clung to existence and experienced what members now refer to as "The Rebirth."

With a rekindling of interest, guild officers decided upon a purpose for the guild and aimed to become an online "home" for Ultimate Genesis members. The officers set out to provide a mature and enjoyable gaming environment, free from objectionable language and immature players. To accomplish this, Ultimate Genesis encourages teamwork, humor, and simple enjoyment of the game.

While Ultimate Genesis does enjoy online success, they strive to take neither the game nor themselves too seriously; "we're here to have fun, after all," is the stance taken by the guild. Additionally, they don't worry when someone messes up. The company of members is more important than perfection. The members trust each other and enjoy the process of working as a unit. Because of this level of cooperation, the guild completes some of the most difficult PvE areas in the game on a regular basis with ease. This is the reason for their guild motto, "Ubi Concordia, ibi Victoria: Where unity is, there is victory."

Ultimate Genesis has achieved their goal of becoming an online family. Despite the fact that the guild has about 80 members, they are an extremely close knit group who love to help each other. A testament to their team spirit is the long list of members who hold Protector titles. Whenever a guild member needs help with a mission, bonus, or skill capture, a single message in the guild chat generally lands them with a full team of members!

The guild takes pride in their resources, which include three Ventrillo servers. They also have an active guild forum community. Plus, members are involved with several Guild Wars community fan sites and forums. Most importantly, they have their cape, which they consider to be one of the classiest in the game.

PvE Game Discussion

When it comes to PvE, the guild likes to balance their goals. Sometimes they focus on completing missions, sometimes they explore, and other times they seek out high level items. With several members currently pursuing the Grand Master Cartographer titles, the guild always has a goal in mind.

Typically, the guild doesn't bother with much planning before a mission, unless it's an exceptionally difficult challenge. The motto, "don't take it too seriously," serves them well, and generally leads them to success.

The only consistent challenge that can bring the guild defeat is their shared addiction to chests. Several members have an insatiable addiction to looting chests. Consequently, when the group becomes aware of a chest in the region, players often run straight for it, regardless of any enemies that might be in the way. In fact, one member's obsession was so powerful that the guild designed an elite skill just for him:

Chest! Elite shout. You are teleported to the location of the nearest chest. All enemies within minimap range are alerted to your presence and attack.

The guild member's response to this forum post was, "I find the lack of support shocking. Ok, so I am a chest addict. I'll join a support group or something. Can someone loan me a key please?"

Member Profiles
Meet some members of the GEN family.

Handle: Fered (Bradford)
Location: Utah
Primary Character: Master Fered is the Monk I created after going through the game with my Fire Elementalist. This came from the fact that in the later missions you always have to wait to find a decent Monk. Since then I've loved playing a straight healing Monk with maybe a few other skills mixed in. I also really enjoy playing my Fire Elementalist, Fered Devereaux, and Warrior, Fered the Great.
Gaming Background: MUDs, FPS, RPGs, and of course, Guild Wars.
Position in the Guild: Guild Leader and Main Website Admin
Why I Joined GEN: Originally I joined the guild because of my brother in-law back in July 2005. After some inactivity and my brother in-law moving on to a more active guild, leadership fell to me and I decided I wanted to resurrect Ultimate Genesis. With the help of many (including my brother in-law) the result has been a great group of friends who I like to just hang out with.

Handle: Math (Dave)
Location: Utah
Primary Character: Mathurin Averroes (Monk). Simply put, I enjoy keeping other people alive. The trust and respect that others express about my ability to carry a group through tough situations is the most rewarding part of my Guild Wars experience. I typically run heal/protection combinations that are capable of handling diverse situations. I do wish that I could occasionally do some damage, of course, but the urges pass.
Gaming Background: MUDs, various RPGs, and quite a few strategy games.
Position in the Guild: Guild Executive Officer and Website Admin
Why I Joined GEN: After mediocre experiences with other guilds, I was a fairly inactive player with little ambition to become more. When my friend Fered asked me to join his guild and assist in its revitalization, I agreed to help. It's a choice I have never had cause to regret, as interaction with members of the guild and my responsibilities in its upkeep have kept me active and content more than anything else in the game.

Handle: Dak (Dave)
Location: Kansas, USA
Gaming Background: RTS and RPGs
Preferred Character: As a Ranger, I not only feel like a "Jack of all Trades," but also the glue of a team. Whatever need the team has, I can usually find a way to fill it. Of course, for PvE, you can't do much better than a Barrage/Vigorous Spirit combo with the occasional interrupt thrown in to stir things up.
Position in the Guild: Guild Founder (Former Officer)

Handle: Alesain (Rob)
Location: South Carolina
Primary Character: Ite Yojimbo (Ranger). After testing out most classes, and putting them through the works, no other class had the versatility of the Ranger. You name it, Rangers do it. Expertise is a great primary attribute that opens up many doors for secondaries.
Gaming Background: MUDs, Console RPGs, FPS, RTS, and collectable card games.
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer
Why I Joined GEN: I was looking for a place to escape the hopelessness of horrible random PUGs in PvE, as well as the lonesome journeys with henchies. Ultimate Genesis gave me both and more. They gave me a Guild Wars family.

Handle: Lord Baalzamon (Carter)
Location: Colorado
Primary Character: Necromancer. You just can't beat Necromancer versatility, interrupts, degeneration, Conditions, minions, and support spells. Necromancers have it all.
Game background: FPS, RPG
Position in the Guild: GvG Officer
Why I Joined GEN: I wanted a place where there was nice, healthy member interaction. I have grown tired of all the guilds where half the people have been away from their keyboards for the last six months. This is a place where everyone was active and friendly.

Handle: Duck (David)
Location: Bindlach, Germany
Primary Character: Fire Elementalist. As in the guild, I am more a support person than a front line. Warrior, Ranger, and Necro are all fun classes to play for me but the Ele is where I found my calling. Guess I am just a pyro at heart.
Gaming Background: From my old BBS online games and my TFC server up until GW I have tried all kinds. I find that Guild Wars is simply the best I have played yet.
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer and Forum Admin
Why I Joined GEN: I wanted a guild where you are not only a player or member but a part of something bigger. My greatest day was the one where Fered (guild leader) found me and offered a membership. I am proud to be a part of Ultimate Genesis and to have all the fellow members I call friends.

Handle: Curatio (Robert)
Location: Maryland
Primary Character: Monk. I like the fact that a good Monk is often the key to either winning or losing a mission. I like the support role. Of course I like to farm too so a Monk is perfect for me.
Gaming Background: None, unless you count a flight simulator.
Position in Guild: Guild Officer
Why I Joined GEN: During a rough mission at Perdition, the only two people who kept sticking it out was a GEN member and me. We got together and teamed up with henchies to complete our capping run. He told me about GEN. I put in an application and was accepted. This was the best move I ever made, and have never regretted it. Very nice people here who are always willing to lend a hand when needed.

Handle: Mystic (Bryan)
Location: Kentucky
Primary Character: Out of all the characters I have, I would say I love the Mesmer the most because they require the most skill while playing. I also enjoy playing the support role in the group.
Gaming Background: Numerous RPGs, FPSs.
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer
Why I Joined GEN: After being in many PvE guilds, I thought I'd give this guild a try when I saw a recruiter advertising one day near the Wilds. I signed up on the site, put in an application and became a member. From day one I have not regretted anything that I have done in this guild.

Handle: Alpha Particle (Alex)
Location: Oregon
Primary Character: Mesmer. I initially started a Mesmer for a challenge and the fact that they were relatively rare, but once I got used to the skill set I played it far more than my initial Ranger, Warrior, or Necromancer. I enjoy the idea of making enemies completely ineffective while killing them.
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer
Why I Joined GEN: I was in a few guilds before that had little to no organization and less interaction. Usually I had to do missions with PUGs or henchies, but after reading about GEN I quickly sent in an application. Ever since I have joined the game has been much more enjoyable because of the camaraderie within the guild.

Handle: Desperado (James)
Location: North Carolina
Primary Character: X Desperado X (Warrior). Tanking is in my blood. I have tried out the other classes and no other seems to give me the pure satisfaction of in your face slash and thrash hardcore killing. I LOVE IT!
Gaming Background: Guild Wars, FPSs
Position in the Guild: Guild Officer
Why I Joined GEN: My wife joined the guild and I really liked the people she played with and the helpfulness of the people in the guild as well.

Handle: Furiouz (Jessica)
Location: North Carolina
Primary Character: Furiouz Flamez (Elementalist with Fire Magic of 16). I love her. She is BAD. She has about 73 Energy and about 518 Health. She does so much damage. So far she has been my favorite class to play.
Gaming Background: Guild Wars, sim games.
Position in the Guild: Guild Member
Why I Joined GEN: I was looking for a mature guild that consisted of a group of people who loved to play Guild Wars as much as I did. I needed an escape as do most people who people who play. But wanted to become part of an online family and I have found that in Ultimate Genesis!

Handle: Emari (Lisa)
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Primary Character: Emari Lynn. I hang in the shadows until I'm needed, then charge headlong into the fight to draw attention away from the other guild mates, if only for a while.
Gaming Background: My first love was the King's Quest series, which led the way to many more RPGs and eventually MMORPGS. I enjoy PvP just as much as PvE, because sometimes playing against a machine just doesn't cut it.
Position in the Guild: Ditzy Blonde (Guild Member)
Why I Joined GEN: I was looking for a mature group of gamers who valued life outside Guild Wars, and instead found a loving family who've supported my slow but steady progression through the GW universe.


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