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Guild of the Week
The Fishmongers [Fish]

The Fishmongers [Fish] wasn't created with any lofty goals in mind. Rather, it was the practice guild for members of I Guild I [iGi]. It served as a place for iGi members to play when they didn't have enough players online to muster a full team. Most importantly, it allowed them to spend quality time with their two favorite friends, Mage Henchman and Healer Henchman, without damaging their competitive rank.

After iGi disbanded, Fish came into its own as a serious guild. More people joined the guild, and it turned toward its ultimate destiny: pursuing the successful capture, preparation, and consumption of as many fish as possible. Additional goals include excelling at GvG and not raging before 11 pm.

Most members of Fish have been playing Guild Wars since the release of Prophecies, and they come from a diverse background of gaming and sports. The core of Fish consists of a ten-member GvG team as well as a larger PvE team who strive to achieve victory in the struggle against the foul Kurzicks. Strong bonds of friendship unite the guild even in times of frustration.

When it comes to PvE, the guild's strategy involves equipping the very best armor and coming up with names that will impress the ladies. Roleplaying is mandatory at all times. Members go forth to slay vile creatures of all types in the quest to save the realm. Armor from the Fissure of Woe is considered highly important in the ongoing mission both to destroy evil and attract women.

In PvP, Fish focuses on GvG. The roster includes a few veterans from other arenas, as well as some "misguided" individuals who pursue titles in Random Arena, but GvG is the unifying goal of the guild. Fish uses a variety of builds, both to keep opponents on their toes and to learn different strategies.

PvP Discussion

Below is a build that Fish ran with great success during the beginning of the last Fun Season. Although the build skews significantly toward offensive tactics, rather than defensive, it helped the guild to victory on many occasions.

Swordsmanship 12, Strength 8, Tactics 10
"Charge!", Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, Bull's Strike, Frenzy, Plague Touch, Healing Signet

Warrior/Necromancer—Charging Bull
Swordsmanship 12, Strength 8, Tactics 10
Bull's Charge, Frenzy, Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, Healing Signet, Plague Touch, Resurrection Signet

Ranger/Warrior—Thumper of Bunnies
Hammer Mastery 12, Beast Mastery 12, Expertise 9
Hammer Bash, Irresistible Blow, Crushing Blow, Ferocious Strike, Tiger's Fury, Charm Animal, Comfort Animal, Resurrection Signet

Expertise 14, Marksmanship 12, Wilderness Survival 10, Illusion Magic 3
Crippling Shot, Apply Poison, Savage Shot, Distracting Shot, Storm Chaser, Distortion, Troll Unguent, Resurrection Signet

Expertise 14, Marksmanship 10, Wilderness Survival 12, Illusion Magic 3
Melandru's Arrows, Savage Shot, Distracting Shot, Debilitating Shot, Distortion, Inspired Hex, Revealed Hex, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Mesmer—Healer of Dudes
Divine Favor 15, Protection Prayers 10, Inspiration Magic 9
Spirit Bond, Mend Condition, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Divine Boon, Inspired Hex, Energy Drain, Drain Enchantment

Monk/Mesmer—The Ladies Healer
Divine Favor 15, Protection Prayers 10, Inspiration Magic 9
Protective Spirit, Mend Condition, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian or Signet of Devotion, Divine Boon, Inspired Hex, Energy Drain, Holy Veil

Elementalist/Monk—Kitchen Sink Guy
Air Magic 8, Energy Storage 9, Water Magic 10, Healing Prayers 12
Windborne Speed, Blinding Flash, Deep Freeze, Ice Spikes, Ether Prodigy, Heal Party, Extinguish, Resurrect

Because the Kitchen Sink Guy is flag running, the only real defense in the build is the Poison/Crippling Ranger. As a result, the Monks are usually quite pressured while running this build. The goal is to wipe the opposing team before pressure overwhelms your backline. Plague Touch helps to keep the Warriors clean, and both frontline Rangers have interrupts, in case the opposing team brings any Warrior-hate like wards or Aegis.

The Monks use Energy Drain along with the Bleeding Ranger's Debilitating Shot to put pressure on enemy Monks. Fish has found that this build forces everyone to bring their best game, or the whole team loses. As a result, Fish credits this build with honing their skills as a team at the beginning of the season.

Member Profiles
Meet the elite PvP squadron of Fish.

Handle: Natures Leaf
Location: Florida, USA
Gaming Background: Into both PvP and PvE aspects of games. I play both RPGs and FPS.
Preferred Characters: My primary character is a Crippling Shot Ranger. Usually when I am playing against another "crip shot" Ranger, I try to hit that Ranger's Crippling Shot with my Distracting Shot, and then hope to get lucky.
Position in the Guild: I am the leader of Fish.
Why I joined Fish: I joined the guild because I took it over after my old guild iGi died. I then just gathered up a bunch of players who I enjoy playing with, and it eventually became a competitive guild.

Handle: Umpy the Juggernaut
Location: Oklahoma
Gaming Background: I used to be a roleplayer until Talla found me one day at Lake Minatonka while I was purifying myself.
Preferred Characters: I am the Warrior when I play. I envision myself bathing in the blood of my enemies.
Position in the Guild: I am the lieutenant junior major officer of the guild.
Why I joined Fish: Natures and I decided we wanted to make a guild, so we did.

Handle: Digi
Location: California
Gaming Background: Neopets
Preferred Characters: Any caster; I like the defensive and offensive versatility. I also like that caster mistakes can be game-altering.
Position in the Guild: PvEr

Handle: Bishop
Location: California
Gaming Background: FPS games
Preferred Characters: Monk, Mesmer, Elementalist. I play Monk more often that not, for GvG, HA, TA, whatever. I prefer casters because I feel like they have more control over the game. As a Warrior or Ranger, you have to count on other people to keep you clean, and I'm not that trusting.
Position in the Guild: Voice of reason.
Why I joined Fish: Fish kabob, fish filet, fish sticks, fish sandwich, popcorn fish, fish stew, fish gumbo, fresh fish, fish sauce, sushi.

Handle: Wu
Location: California, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPSs, and RTSs
Preferred Characters: Warrior or Monk
Position in the Guild: Conscience

Handle: Torsen
Location: Alberta, Canada
Gaming Background: RPG games.
Preferred Characters: Elementalist. My favorite combo is Heal Party, then Heal Party.
Position in the Guild: Officer

Handle: Animal Hearts You
Location: California
Gaming Background: e-thug fO lyfe.
Preferred Characters: Monk, and Spirit Bond is my favorite skill. I Monk because I like to, not because of skill. The guild would much rather have others Monk, but nobody else wants to!
Position in the Guild: The hottie.
Why I joined Fish: I drank a little too much, woke up one morning, and found myself in this guild.

Handle: Hot Queso
Location: Blacksburg VA–Go Tech!
Background: RPG? RTS? FPS? I don't understand abbreviations . . . I play games and stuff.
Preferred Characters: I enjoy Monking. My favorite skill is Contemplation of Purity, thanks to the colorful baby picture.
Position in the Guild: The Cheese/Officer
Why I joined Fish: I have known Immortal Teknique for a couple years. Also, Natures thought I Monked well in 4v4 team arenas. I was one of the original "new" members to the guild.

Handle: Talla
Location: Chicago, IL
Gaming Background: When I'm not GvGing you can often find me roleplaying in the Great Temple of Balthazar.
Preferred Characters: Necromancer or Monk
Position in the Guild: 1st officer and e-fiancé to the guild leader.
Why I joined Fish: I joined the guild to be closer to my e-fiancé. We should be having our Guild Wars wedding soon!

Handle: SJ
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Background: FPS games
Preferred Characters: I prefer to play frontline/melee characters, primarily Ranger.


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