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Guild of the Week
Elite Legion Fighters [ELF]

Formed specifically for Guild Wars, the Elite Legion Fighters guild is steadily approaching its six-month anniversary. Primarily an RP guild, ELF supports an active player base of one hundred members and has plans to expand into sub-guilds, so it is always looking for members who play the Guild Wars RP content actively and in a friendly environment—regardless of, as they say, "rank, age, height, or any other factor".

ELF's members are always on hand to assist each other during gameplay, whether the task is completing a difficult mission or escorting other players to difficult locations on the map. The guild also keeps a private item store to which all of its members have access, rather than selling excess items at market value. ELF offers many events for its players within the game, such as organized races, relays, and hide and seek-based games. It even has plans to host its own inter-alliance tournament.

ELF always listens to its members and actively searches for ways to improve. To that end, the guild holds meetings frequently, and one guild officer is designated specifically to gather feedback from members for future discussion.

Whether the guild continues to grow or its membership plateaus, ELF's leadership is happy to take things one day at a time and allow the guild to grow organically. Their members can be content in their undoubtedly bright future knowing that their spirit of cooperation and their foundation of teamwork got them there.

RP Game Discussion

When playing the RP content in Guild Wars, assisting fellow guild members through missions and quests is the highest priority for ELF. If a guild member is stuck at a particular point in the game, other guild members make it a point to help that player through before moving on. Rather than spend time crafting elaborate plans, the guild prefers to go in strong with weapons unsheathed. ELF members believe the fastest way around a troublesome spot in a quest is through it—sometimes literally running through a quest until they've passed that spot. Mission planning is typically limited to skill set tailoring or an agreement to escort a lower-level player. To the guild, strength comes in numbers and teamwork.

While the guild members have traveled extensively in both Tyria and Cantha, they feel that their greatest accomplishment lies in the cooperative half of the game, for it was the cooperative effort required that lead to the founding of ELF in the first place. If their group as a whole had not worked together, they feel that the guild would not be where it stands now—and that's something they take pride in.

PvP Game Discussion

ELF is not a PvP-oriented guild, but its members do still venture into the competitive aspects of the game. They do not chase the lofty achievements of conquest and glory but simply look for an engaging and entertaining experience. The guild finds the most enjoyment playing in the arenas or the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, because there are no serious penalties for losing. Matches played in these areas give ELF a chance to evaluate its strategies and improve for the next match.

By ELF's own admission, its forays into guild battles have been largely unsuccessful. Despite using group builds recommended to them by allies, friends, and even previous Guild of the Week articles, the results have not been favorable to ELF. Through it all, the guild's members have remained in good spirits, finding humor in their attempts and recognizing that in the end, their enjoyment comes not from victory, but from playing and building a rapport with their team members.

ELF offers a bit of advice for those seeking to improve their game: the best way to win in a PvP match is not to ask ELF how to do it. As an example, targeting Monks first is a truism of PvP. However, does this still hold true if those Monks are behind a wall of Warriors who used their steely embrace as a friendly hello? Perhaps not, but sometimes ELF thinks it's fun to pursue them anyway.

Player Profiles
Get to know some of the members of ELF:

Handle: Callum Evans
Broad Location: The UK
Gaming Background: I prefer PvE play. I have played numerous FPS's but I tend to stick with RPG's mainly.
Preferred Character: I prefer to play R/W with a riposte build. This allows me to kill my opponent without actually attacking them in most cases. Otherwise, I can use apply poison and flurry to give them some serious degen. This is effective against most other play styles, and can delay monks and make them waste energy.
Position in the Guild: I am the guild leader of ELF, and it is my responsibility to organize the officers and members, and keep the peace.

Handle: Tufty The Scared
Gaming Background: Racing games, RPGs
Preferred Character: My Warrior with all secondary professions! I like to play a lot with henchies and Warriors seem to be the only class they work effectively with. I do have a Monk, Necromancer, Elementalist and Ranger - all level 20s, and most see regular use.
Position in the Guild: Officer, member of inner council
Why They Joined the Guild: I joined ELF relatively early on, back when it was still quite small. All of the members of my old guild had given up for one reason or another, so I headed off on my own. I found ELF pretty quick and enjoyed its activeness and the fact that it has a good structure.

Handle: Scrump
Location: The UK
Gaming Background: Mainly just Guild Wars, along with a couple of other RPGs.
Preferred Character: A Monk that focuses on healing, because everyone needs it, so I decided to take it for Factions, since I knew that there would be a lack of Monks. I do my bit helping as a healer in the guild.
Position in the Guild: I am just a member, PvE support based

Handle: Amelia Coldfire
Gaming Background: I've played GW for almost 11 months
Preferred Character: My eldest and favourite character is my Necromancer, because even playing alone I can build my own little army with my minion master (MM) skills.
Position in the Guild: Just a modest member
Why They Joined the Guild: I joined ELF because I needed an active and friendly guild to be a part of. My former guild was very inactive.

Handle: Onza T Bird
Gaming Background: 100% Guild Wars
Preferred Character: A Warrior using Hundred blades (E), Power Attack, Final Thrust, Bonetti's Defense, "Watch yourself!", Endure Pain, Healing Signet and Resurrect.
Position in the Guild: Officer, and member of the inner council
Why They Joined the Guild: I joined ELF because when I was inexperienced, I needed a guild that would be helpful. Now that I'm more experienced, I'm here to help the inexperienced in return.

Handle: Tru Logas Pai
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing as an Elementalist/Ranger using the skills: Flare, Fireball, Lava Arrows, Fire Storm, Teinai's Heat, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Aura of Restoration and Conjure Flame. I use these skills because of their large damage output, and their ability to spread damage to foes nearby.
Position in the Guild: I am ranked as an Officer
Why They Joined the Guild: I joined ELF because I wanted to talk to helpful, friendly people, and I found this guild.


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