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The Orphans Of Kukai [OOK]

The Orphans of Kukai takes a unique approach to its interaction with the world of Guild Wars. All fifty members of OOK are dedicated roleplayers and remain entirely in-character while playing through the game. By doing so, members of the guild are able to further not only the story of their character, but also their interweaving stories with one another. This has helped create a rich history for the guild. OOK's lore, which they have shared with us below, continues to evolve as the guild grows and expands its presence in the lands of Tyria.

Nation of Kukai
Kukai was an island nation of great glory, rich culture, and advanced knowledge. A lone jewel proudly rising from great seas. Its people were refined, a product of their great and ancient heritage. Rulers were chosen using specific criteria and were never from the current ruler's family. The next to be appointed, Princess Eva Di Oceanne, chosen among many other children, was about to claim her throne when the country was stricken by a horrible plague. It was not so much a plague of the body, but of the mind. Those who were so concerned with prestige and cultural status that they forgot how to love, became vulnerable to the plague.

Princess Eva, who was born with a pure heart and wisdom beyond her age, accurately perceived the danger her nation posed to itself and understood the responsibilities now placed upon her shoulders. She actively tried to reverse the trend of narcissism and self indulgence. But centuries of habit were hard to break, even for Kukai's great leader. Eventually, Kukai's folk succumbed to the plague, and the nation descended into internal strife. Eva had no choice but to escape her island, since traitorous nobles were attempting to take advantage of Kukai's misfortune and were igniting the whole land into a bonfire of civil war. The country imploded.

Eva's Flight
The year was 1070 AE (after exodus) of the Ascalonian calendar. It was the season of the Phoenix, normally a time of renewal, but not for the plague-stricken Kukai. Helped by the few faithful servants unaffected by the plague, Eva secretly made her way to Ascalon; safe from the evil machinations of Kukai's remaining lost souls and corrupted political elites. But she was alone and lovesick. Alone in a land besieged by the Charr. Left with nothing but her bow, arrows, and survival gear, she sought meaning and purpose. At first she tried to help the local populous with various problems, gaining the trust of Ascalon's ruling establishment. However, their attention was quickly diverted when the skies of Ascalon rained fire and destruction. The Searing had begun.

A Guild of Orphans
During the season of the Colossus, 1072 AE, Eva was aiding Prince Rurik in his quest to save what remained of Ascalon. During a reconnaissance mission, Eva chanced upon some of her former subjects, Ophelia Sara, Alicia Kal, and Anya Shan. They had escaped Kukai around the same time as Eva and were surprised at the survival of Kukai's Princess. Sara and Alicia tried to persuade her to return to Kukai so it could be reclaimed. But Eva wisely decided that the time was not right, and the danger too great to those unaffected by the plague. Besides, she thought it was also a good thing to hide her identity as the country's queen. Eva had a purpose now, to help all those affected by the plague, the Searing, or any other tragedy. She would band together all those lost in the world of Tyria, and lost in their own grief. That season, she established The Orphans of Kukai.

Wiloughby Cottage
Yak's Bend quickly became the base for Eva, Chyminy, and the rest of the Orphans. It was not only strategically important but also held a special place in their hearts as the center of the Orphan fellowship. Orphans spent many nights huddled around the Bend's campfires discussing the affairs of the day and making plans for the guild.

One day, Chyminy came upon a Yak herder who had the look of desperation. His herd was suffering and he needed to raise some cash for his family. While not a rich man, this herder owned several properties and asked Chyminy if she would be interested in purchasing one. Chyminy reluctantly agreed to take a look and followed the herder into the snowy and wooded foothills. They came across a cottage, nestled in a secret place, seemingly safe from Tyria's violence. The cottage was small but charming. Its thatched roof was covered in snow and a warm glow escaped from its leaded windows. Chyminy's eyes gazed in wonderment. "How much?" she calmly asked, trying not to betray her hidden enthusiasm.

Chyminy paid the herder 1,000 gold from her meager savings. It was 200 gold more than the herder asked for, but Chyminy felt his family needed it. The herder counted the gold in his hand with great excitement. With a smile, he looked at Chyminy and handed her the key. "Enjoy Wiloughby, young Miss. You will never find a cottage of more rugged construction and friendly warmth." The herder put his money back into his bag and hurried home to give his family the good news.

"Wiloughby, what a charming name." She took the key and entered the cottage slowly, savoring the magic of the moment. The cabin radiated warmth, and a tender glow reached out from the fireplace. "It's perfect," Chyminy thought to herself. "Eva is going to be so pleased." She smiled to herself.

The next day, Chyminy met Eva and exclaimed "My friend, I have a surprise for you!" She took Eva by the hand and drew her toward the clearing that held Wiloughby. Before the cottage became visible, Chyminy turned to Eva "I know we don't have the size and money for a guild hall Eva, but let this be a start." Chyminy covered Eva's eyes and lead her into the clearing. As she removed her hands, Eva's gaze turned wide. "Chyminy! This is wonderful!" The two entered the cottage and enjoyed a warm evening filled with laughter, a good meal, and enchanting tales in the flickering light of the hearth's flame.

Orphans spent many joyful nights in Wiloughby following that fateful day. And to this day, it still serves as a safe refuge for the Orphans. While a guild hall was later purchased, Wiloughby remained the heart and soul of the guild, offering a resting place and a meeting place for merriment and mirth.

Member Profiles:
Get to know some of the members of OOK.

Handle: Eva Di Oceanne
Location: Kukai
Preferred Character: Ranger/Mesmer. I like to have more than one purpose. I try my best to distract foes' actions as well as shooting rains of arrows with Barrage. Mesmer talents to enhance damage when foes are attacking or casting spells gives a great combination for many situations.

Handle: Chyminy Riquet
Location: Henna, Ascalon
Preferred Character: Ranger/Necromancer. While I have struggled ethically with the use of poison, I could not resist its powerful ability in taking down susceptible enemies. I also rely on my Necromancer abilities to deliver a Vampiric Touch in close quarters when the battle gets heated. Unfortunately for my doppelganger, it did not think to react in kind.

Handle: Saeth Cae'thue
Location: Kyhlo, Ascalon
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Warrior. I tend to focus on Earth and Fire Magic—the combination of these two transforms me into a heavily armored tank that can also dish out some extreme pain both in spike damage and over time. It can be a nightmare to put me down and out, so either I'm the first on the team to die or the last.

Handle: Do Sho the Monk
Location: A small island nation far to the east across the Great Ocean
Preferred Character: Monk/Warrior. Do Sho specializes in long-lasting Enchantments, mostly protection, but a little healing, too. Eliminating damage spikes is Do's stock and trade as well as damage reduction in general. He generally uses Mark of Protection as his elite skill, which lasts for a little over 15 seconds. Do Sho carries a sword, but he doesn't use it much. He is a lover (well, he thinks he is) not a fighter.

Handle: Lorca ZoSo
Location: Regent River Basin
Preferred Character: Warrior/Monk. Fighting from a distance was always my first choice, but I do enjoy the straightforward approach of a Warrior. I just don't like getting too close to my enemy. After all, their breath usually smells.

Handle: Drake Demonborn
Location: Ascalon
Preferred Character: Ranger/Monk. I like being able to pick off my foe at a distance and as many as possible at a time. Also, I've gotten skilled at knowing when a battle isn't going our way and falling back so as to revive my fallen comrades and win the day.

Handle: Meade Dail
Location: Beetletun
Preferred Character: Mesmer/Elementalist. I like to do as much damage as I can. With the Mesmer I can do damage with anti-spell casting and Empathy. With the Elementalist I can do major elemental damage and take down my enemy quickly.

Handle: Aeq Avani
Location: Somewhere beneath the waves
Preferred Character: Ranger/Mesmer, using Traps, interrupts, degen, and even the occasional Illusionary Weapon or perhaps denying my enemies' Energy. I like to be able to adapt to my friends' needs. I've been a Ranger for a long time and really enjoy the versatility of the job. Add the great efficiency of a Mesmer, and you get someone with a lot of possibilities.

Handle: Kyle Wreign
Location: Northwest of Sanctum Cay.
Preferred Character: Mesmer/Warrior. I find a deadly sort of humor when I rush into battle and my opponents meet their end at the tip of my illusionary blade. I rely mainly on Illusion Magic to do the damage, while using tactics to help keep my fragile Mesmer self alive. With the help of a good Monk, and a little intelligence on my end, I can be a truly devastating opponent in battle.

Handle: Sara Primara
Location: West Ascalon Foothills (a nomadic tribal group)
Preferred Character: Warrior/Ranger. I use Ranger skills of quickness to enhance my attacks. Like one of my mentors told me, the lightning rather than the thunder can be surprisingly effective. Combined with Poison and my rapid axe attacks, I can make quick work of my enemies.


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