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Guild Wars Latino [GWL]

Guild Wars Latino's history goes as far back as 1999 – when their first RPG gaming site was created. Through that site, a lot of Spanish-speaking gamers met, and many friendships were developed as the group played together. In their own words, this was a "golden age" for their gaming community. Though with all things in life, some day they must end – so it was too for their site, as eventually, many people moved on to play different games. It wasn't until August of 2005, when a group of these former site members decided to begin playing Guild Wars together, and to be able to remember that golden age. Thus, the Guild Wars Latino guild was born, and the Guild Wars Latino community was founded - as a meeting point for all Spanish-speaking Guild Wars players.

The guild defines themselves as being a guild of friends, wherein their main goal is simply to have fun with the game while playing together. Whether that means helping each other get through the game, or passing the time with crazy tangents – someone will always be there to join in.

The guild's roster currently includes forty members, hailing from both the cooperative and competitive aspects of Guild Wars. While the guild shows a focus towards the competitive half, they do not consider themselves as being an "elitist" guild with aims of being the top of the ladder or rank 12. Rather, they're in it simply to have a good environment while playing and to constantly improve their game, day by day.

Strategy: PvP Build Discussion

When of GWL's characteristics is their constant experimentation on creating and refining builds until they are at their most effective. In this way, they prefer to keep their strategies dynamic, rather than to settle for a single build/approach. GWL members prefer designing their own new builds, rather than copying an existing one from another guild. While they may not always be as effective as the "standard" builds used in higher tier competitive play, the guild feels that they can have more pride in their accomplishments knowing that they won with their own designs.

Warrior/Necromancer: Berserker Stance, Sever Artery, Gash, Final Thrust, "Charge!", Healing Signet, Plague Touch, Resurrection Signet

Elementalist/X: Eruption, Stoning, Obisidian Flame, Earthquake, Crystal Wave, Aftershock, Glyph of Energy, Resurrection Signet

Necromancer/Mesmer: Spiteful Spirit, Defile Flesh, Rigor Mortis, Conjure Phantasm, Desecrate Enchantments, Rend Enchantments, Ethereal Burden, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Mesmer: Divine Boon, Contemplation of Purity, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Mend Condition, Remove Hex, Mantra of Recall, Resurrection Signet

Warrior/Elementalist: Sprint, Dismember, Axe Rake, Penetrating Blow, Executioner's Strike, Gale, Water Trident, Resurrection Signet

Ranger/Mesmer: Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Flame Trap, Oath Shot, Mantra of Resolve, Dodge, Storm Chaser, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Mesmer: Divine Boon, Contemplation of Purity, Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Restore Condition, Inspired Hex, Drain Enchantment, Signet of Devotion

Monk/X: Protective Spirit, Reversal of Fortune, Word of Healing, Dwayna's Kiss, Purge Conditions, Convert Hexes, Holy Veil, Heal Party

This is GWL's most commonly used build for guild battles. Many of the skills can be changed depending on who is playing each character. GWL may also change some of the skills from the base build in order to fit their needs, for example, sometimes the Warrior/Elementalist takes Eviscerate instead of Water Trident, or an Earth Elementalist may be substituted for a Fire one – in this way, the build remains dynamic.

This build was designed around full eight vs. eight battles. The Warriors charge their adrenaline, and coordinate their attacks on the called target. One Warrior will always carry knock-down skills, particularly to use against the enemy flag-bearer. This helps the team secure the ever critical morale boosts, and keep their foes on the defensive.

The Elementalist's role is to focus on area of effect damage, and weakening several foes at once so that the enemy Monks do not know who to heal first. While one or two enemies usually remain standing after the Elementalist's combo, they are left with little health and are easily killed by the rest of the team.

The Ranger's primary responsibility is to run the flags, and to trap the area around the flag-stand, so that the rival flag-bearer easily dies if he tries to seize the flag-stand. The Ranger uses three stances, two of which are for running, and the last is to prevent his traps from being interrupted. This character attempts to control the time left for morale boosts – both for his team, and for their foes.

The Necromancer in this build is a versatile character – able to easily kill enemy NPCs or pets by casting Spiteful Spirit on them, which also prevents enemy Warriors attacking their allies. This character also uses Ethereal Burden on the enemy flag-bearer, in order to further hinder their ability to capture the flag-stand. Lastly, the third role of this character is to remove Enchantments from called targets, so the team's Warriors can easily kill them.

While this build was designed to function as a group of eight, it can also be used as a split build when necessary. In a split, the first four characters function as the offense team, leaving the second group of four to serve as the defense. GWL will normally resort to a split tactic under one of these two conditions: either the enemy team has split, or the enemies are using a spike build.

GWL finds that the most efficient way to defeat a spike team is to break into a split-group. Since spike groups are most effective if they stay all together, they have difficulty responding to split teams – spike groups cannot control of the flag-stand, defend their base and attack their foes all at the same time.

Member Profiles
Get to know some of the members of Guild Wars Latino.

Handle: Pableras
Location: Madrid, Spain
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: Elementalist. I have always been drawn to playing characters that use magic. However, I typically play as a Monk and am getting very good at playing one. I also like playing as a Warrior and Mesmer, because they are the most dangerous enemies to a Monk, so I like playing with them so I know how they will attack me when I am a Monk.

Handle: [K]night
Location: Seville, Spain
Gaming Background: PvP mainly
Preferred Character: Monks - because of their very important role. I think Monks can salvage a battle that is almost lost. Despite what some may think, Monks are not easy to play. Hundreds of hours playing are required in order to optimize Energy management, skills combos, and synchronization with other Monks.

Handle: Melon
Location: Madrid, Spain
Gaming Background: RPGs, PvE
Preferred Character: Domination Mesmer, I like interruption skills the most, but also the Energy draining skills.

Handle: Grotec
Location: La Seu D'Urgell, Spain
Gaming Background: PvE, PvP
Preferred Character: I like most Sword Warriors, using Sever Artery, Gash and Final Thrust.

Handle: Calavera
Location: Canary Islands, Spain
Gaming Background: RPGs, Strategy
Preferred Character: The Mesmer - I like interrupting and draining the enemy. I believe I have an advantage over other players when I play Mesmer, because I know so many players use identical builds, so I only need a little time to think about a strategy to win against them.

Handle: Fuleiro
Location: La Coruña, Spain
Gaming Background: PvE, PvP
Preferred Character: A Protection or Healing Prayers Monk. My role is to be the guardian of those who stay in the back of the battle.

Handle: Astroscuro
Location: Madrid, Spain
Gaming Background: MMORPG
Preferred Character: Warrior - I like to call the battle commands. My main objective in GvG is calling the targets, trying to find those foes more harmful to my team such Mesmers or characters that lead a spike. I usually play with a Warrior/Elementalist using an axe, but sometimes I change to swords.

Handle: Lolo
Location: Madrid, Spain
Gaming Background: PvP, RPGs
Preferred Character: Earth Elementalist. I always use: Eruption, Earthquake, Aftershock and Crystal Wave, if someone stays alive after this combo I use Obsidian Flame and Stoning on him.

Handle: Aythami
Location: Gran Canaria, Spain
Gaming Background: PvP
Preferred Character: I really enjoy being a Ranger. I'm always improving on new builds, and using different skills and equipment.

Handle: Wolf
Location: Madrid, Spain
Gaming Background: PvE, PvP
Preferred Character: I really like being a Warrior because I have to stay on the front lines, and that is an exciting feeling for me. I believe the Warrior's adrenaline skills are a nice way to compensate for his low Energy level.

Handle: Edu
Location: Madrid, Spain
Gaming Background: RPGs, PvP
Preferred Character: In PvP play, I usually support my team as a Monk. I love the challenge of keeping my guildmates alive.

Handle: Quartz
Location: Cadiz, Spain
Gaming Background: PvE, MMORPGs, Beat'em up
Preferred Character: I like the Monk, because it is one of the most important characters in the game. Almost any mistake can a Monk makes can mean the death of one of the party members and probably the end of the battle. I think it is one of the most difficult characters to play with; you need to be aware of your Energy, Hexes, Enchantments and the whole party health.


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