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Guild of the Week
Guardians of Ethereal Night (GOEN)

Guardians of Ethereal Night, a guild created specifically for Guild Wars, recently reached its half-year anniversary. In that span of time, the guild's roster has swelled to a total of eighty-six members, and there are plans to expand into a second guild. Those who bear the banner of GOEN are a diverse group, which stands as a point of pride for the guild. Membership ages range from ten to over forty-five, and the guild has many members who share a relationship in real life. For example, GOEN has some members who are friends, some who are family members, and some who are dating or married.

GOEN was founded upon the idea of providing a place for all gamers, regardless of their skill level, age, rank, or any other factor that would disqualify them or cause them to be removed from another guild. The guild leader wanted to focus on creating a strong community, and then on helping the members of this community develop their gaming skills, rather than focusing on a good ranking score or fame points. And while the guild is made up of a serious group of gamers who play to win, ultimately, GOEN members never lose sight of their goal: to have fun with the game.

Guardians of Ethereal Night caters to players who enjoy all aspects of the game, rather than focusing on only one type of gameplay. While the roleplaying aspect of the game remains a constant that all of the members enjoy, there are also two teams dedicated to guild-versus-guild battles, as well as players who are active in both the team and random arenas. Forays onto guild battlefields have previously resulted in GOEN entering the top five-hundred on the ladder, which has only steeled their resolve for further improvement. As the guild continues to solidify with each passing day, its members are confident that they can become successful in all aspects of the game.

All of the activities in which GOEN participates tend to become social events unto themselves, although it does hold more organized events. These events include guild meetings and holiday parties, wherein all of GOEN's members come to the guild hall and use voice-chat to catch up with one another and to discuss what they are doing well as a guild and what they feel they need to focus on more. During GvG battles, all GOEN members are welcome to join the guild's voice-chat room to listen in on their team. Whether the guild achieved a triumphant victory, or fought a valiant effort in a losing battle—the guild is there to support its members in all aspects of play.

For Guardians of Ethereal Night members, the guild's crowning achievement is also what they view as their most unique feature. To them, it is not the battles that they have won, the missions they have accomplished, or the size of the guild that is their greatest accomplishment. Instead, it is simply that their guild is a team, one whose members are prepared at any point to help each other with anything that they can.

RPG Discussion

When playing the RPG aspects of Guild Wars, GOEN tends to place a higher priority on the various missions in the game, largely because of the cooperative atmosphere present in working through them, and the potential for greater rewards in their completion. Guild members also use voice communication programs when dealing with particularly challenging missions, in order to better facilitate the coordination of their attacks and strategies.

GOEN recognizes the importance of effective aggro-management skills in order to succeed—especially in regions such as the Southern Shiverpeaks. Perhaps in contrast to popular opinion of the area, Thunderhead Keep is one of GOEN's favorite missions for the challenge that it presents.

The typical build that GOEN employs utilizes a two-Warrior frontline, with pulling support from a Ranger to handle enemy aggro. While this remains the guild's standard build, they run different build variations at times in order to better accommodate the members playing with them. In the eventuality that the guild ends up with a bad pull and the team is unable to fall back to a safe location, they use a split-team style strategy and place their Monks in the middle in order to work through it. With careful positioning, Monks or other casters can then train enemies onto one of the Warriors in order to divert their attention. This gives vulnerable targets the chance to break free and regroup in order to support the Warrior. While this sometimes requires more than one attempt in order to shake off enemies, GOEN's healers have become quite adept at the strategy—which has more than once saved the team!

Player Profiles
Get to know some of the members of GOEN.

Handle: Artanis Of Night
Location: Virginia, USA
Gaming Background: PvE RPGs. I've been playing RPGs ever since they became popular. I've played a few FPSs, but RPG has always been my favorite.
Preferred Character: I like all the professions, though my favorite to this point is my Ranger, Ull Skadi. I really enjoy how versatile the profession is, and it allows me to have both offense and defense in many different forms.

Handle: Evalista De Nocturn
Location: Virginia, USA
Gaming Background: PvE RPGs. I've been playing RPGs and simulators.
Preferred Character: My Air Elementalist, Evalista. I enjoy the amount of offense that it allows me to have. The backline damage dealer is a lot of fun, and I like to play an air spiker in GvG.
Reason for Joining: Artanis of Night is my husband in real life. He was having a lot of fun with the game, and I wanted to join in.

Handle: The Sick Killer
Location: New York, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Necromancer. I enjoy the Health degeneration skills that it employs when I'm playing in PvE.
Reason for Joining: I joined to play with my friends who had also joined the guild.

Handle: Sir Taboo
Location: Vermont, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs and FPS
Preferred Character: My Warrior, Sir Taboo. Warrior seems to be the best compromise for speed and damage for me.
Reason for Joining: I've been playing with Artanis of Night for a long time in this game, even before he ever formed his guild. I enjoy playing with him so I joined because of that.

Handle: Cursed Switchblade
Location: Virginia, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs and FPS
Preferred Character: Necromancer. I like the draining ability and amount of damage that Blood Magic gives me. I also like playing a Hammer Warrior since it's a nice change to go to the front lines where the battle is most heated.
Reason for Joining: To play with my real-life friend, Raito O Mahotsukai

Handle: Riou Mortwei
Location: New Jersey, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: My Ranger Sirion Rondrean. I love the versatility of the Ranger. I think it's unmatched in this game.

Handle: Atamis Forge
Location: Australia
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Atamis Forge, my Mesmer. I really enjoy the versatility this profession provides, and the ability to shutdown other characters is really great in PvP. I also really like to play a Necromancer in a support role.

Handle: Lyonette Azzalle
Location: Australia
Gaming Background: Console Games and Simulations
Preferred Character: My Elementalist Lyonette Azzalle. I really enjoy playing the backline damage dealer role.
Reason for Joining: I joined when my boyfriend Atamis Forge joined and told me how much fun it was to play with this guild.

Handle: Greabow Vie Truan
Location: Florida, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: My Ranger Greabow Vie Truan—I've been playing Ranger characters since I started playing RPGs. The versatility and adaptability of the profession is unmatched.

Handle: Telewyr Draconis
Location: Colorado, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs and FPS
Preferred Character: I like playing my Warrior, Telewyr Draconis. Warrior seems to be the only profession in which weaponry is the most versatile and can change the entire way you play the game.

Handle: Lee Hyun Do
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Monk the Funkmaster, healer—I like playing the healer role because I like being the support mechanism for the team, sort of the "backbone" of the team.

Handle: Lena Olsen/Ima Healing Phool
Location: South Carolina, USA
Gaming Background: Sports and Strategy games
Preferred Character: I like playing my Monk, Ima Healing Phool. I enjoy playing characters that provide support roles. Pacifism is my favorite spell because of the amount of frustration it causes other players when they are attacking.
Reason for Joining: My mother and I play on the same account, and she joined the guild. I then found that I really liked playing with the guild, as well.


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