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The Lost Haven (LH)

Celebrating their second anniversary next month, The Lost Haven is a gaming community that has been a part of Guild Wars since the first beta event. With over two hundred members (nearly half of which in are active in Guild Wars) The Lost Haven supports a variety of activities, such as gatherings to play pen-and-paper roleplaying games, or guild excursions to social events like Renaissance Faires.

The guild's focus is on keeping The Lost Haven a community of family-friendly, mature, dedicated gamers. They also seek to maintain an active social atmosphere with their forums, so that members can form bonds outside of any one particular game. LH feels that the best example of this attitude is the giving nature of their members: since they are a community, they maintain community mules. But it is common practice that anything a guild member needs, muled or not—even non-items, such as assistance with any part of any game—is available for the asking, and often without even needing to ask.

As a guild, LH accepts anyone who fits their criteria for friendliness, obeys their zero-tolerance policy on cheating, and doesn't mind that they don't power-level. The guild contains a wide spread of gamers, with members ranging from ten to sixty-seven years old. Players who earnestly like to help others, and be greater than the individual can be as a team, may find a home with LH. They have no minimum requirement for gaming—though they do suggest that having all the correct letters in the right places in all the words in your complete sentences is a definite bonus. Punctuation is a strongly held belief among the core members.

PvE Game Discussion:

When it comes to playing as a guild, whenever a member logs on, their first question on guild chat is often: "Does anyone need any help?" There are even some members of LH that keep characters in Pre-Searing Ascalon solely to help out new members.

During missions, LH places their emphasis on having fun and communicating during the missions. Many of their members are on voice chat for the entire mission, and since many of them have families, everyone understands if a baby wakes up, or a raccoon shows up in your office (which happened to one of their guild members one night while running through a mission).

When going into a mission, members of The Lost Haven like to invest some time in planning first. Before entering, they will try to assemble a well-rounded party. Since many of their guild members have done all of the missions, they will take the time to share strategies and tactics with new members before the mission starts, or just before a difficult part of the mission.

Some of the tricks that the guild likes to use while playing in missions include:

  • Whenever possible, form a "wall" of Warriors in front of the team by using terrain or structure chokepoints. This enables the casters in the back to freely rain terror on the enemy while not having to worry about healing the entire team.
  • Should their Monks find themselves the target of enemy attacks, they attempt to shake the aggro using the "peeling" method. The Monks will train the attacker onto someone in the party who is less "squishy." That person then holds their ground, keeping the attacker engaged, as the Monk heals the human shield.
  • Playing with guild members lets everyone get to know each other's play style, which helps with aggro management. You will quickly find out who likes to pull lots of aggro, and who plays more conservatively.

The guild's camaraderie while playing can be exemplified by the story of how one of their members, Ichigo The Slayer (Healer of K O E) came to join the guild. While waiting at the Deldrimor War Camp with seven guild members, the LH group found themselves approached by an individual looking to find a group to quest with. They needed to, at first, politely decline his request as an eighth guild member was on the way.

When their eighth member informed them that he would no longer be able to attend, they invited the player who had inquired previously to join them. As it turns out, he was very interested in the guild itself—the members informed him that he could check out their website to submit an application there. The mission itself was progressing well, with the group acting as a cohesive unit, defending the Priest from the hordes. Things took a turn for the worse near the very end, however, when the group ended up drawing the ire of too many monsters. One by one they fell, until only one—their guest—remained standing.

The lone Warrior continued to battle on against impossible odds, while the guild cheered him on. LH's guild leader delivered the statement—if the Warrior could finish this mission, they would invite him to join the guild. Believing it to be an impossible task, the guild leader was quite surprised to see his challenge spurred the Warrior on to ultimate victory. Rejoicing, the guild members asked him to submit an application—to which he replied: he already had! And so it came to be that another member found his way into the LH community of friends and family alike.

Member Information
Get to know some of the members of The Lost Haven:

Handle: Draco Black
Location: Florida, USA
Gaming Background: PvE RPGs
Preferred Character: Monk. After the beta weekends, I saw that a Monk was what the team always needed the most, so early on in the guild, I was the only Monk for a while. Later on I learned what great damage dealers Monks are using Smiting Prayers, I especially love that double damage against the undead!

Handle: Sandra Gloomweaver
Location: Indiana, USA
Gaming Background: Diverse
Preferred Character: My favorite character is Sandra, my Necromancer/Mesmer. She specializes in life draining skills like Conjure Phantasm, Life Siphon, and Well of Suffering, among others. I generally keep her to the back of the group, and drain away.

Handle: Frigeon Serenit
Location: Virginia, USA
Gaming Background: PnP, RPGs
Preferred Character: I play an Elementalist/Necromancer (Frigeon Serenit) who is right now focused entirely on the Death Magic; a Monk/Ranger (Monk Isie) who focuses on Healing Prayers and Beast Mastery (and her friendly Strider, Monkey Dodo) and a Warrior/Necromancer (Suicide Black) who is a close combat drain specialist.

Handle: Mighty Rabbitslayer
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Gaming Background: RTS, RPGs
Preferred Character: My favorite character is the standard "slash 'em till they die" Warrior/Monk. It is nice to see the monster fall dead right in front of you and know that you did your job keeping it away from the less well-protected group in the back.

Handle: Hot Cakes
Location: Illinois, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Hot Cakes, Ranger/Mesmer. I use the Mesmer's Illusion skills to "soften up" my enemy, and then use my Ranger skills to finish them off. My favorite skills to use are: Barrage, Read the Wind, Power Shot, Conjure Phantasm, and Phantom Pain.

Handle: Lord Kirin
Location: Texas, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing all character types except Monk primary. The character that I use depends on the mission that we will be playing.

Handle: Dalamar Black
Location: Florida, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs, PnP
Preferred Character: Elementalist/Mesmer. As an Aeromancer, I've minored in Water magic for the combo bonus between Frozen Burst and Lightning Touch. As an Air mage, I find my strong suit is backing up the Warrior in the party, as I'm limited in my choices of AoEs.

Handle: Healer of K O E
Location: Texas, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: My primary character is a Monk/Necromancer using: Dwyana's Kiss, Heal Other, Healing Breeze, Offering of Blood, Heal Party, Holy Veil, Mend Ailment, and Rebirth. I like to heal people or be there when someone needs help (because most of the missions or quests practically require at least one Monk).

Handle: Maristan Black
Broad Location: Texas, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: Ranger. I like the versatility of the Ranger and have three or four very different builds to use depending on the mission. Rangers don't really need a secondary, they can heal, inflict DPS, interrupt, and trap—you can play a different style every night. I also found the Ranger to be the easiest class to control henchmen with if I was playing late at night when everyone else had gone to bed.

Handle: Black Diviner
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Gaming Background: RPGs, RTS
Preferred Character: Monk, closely followed by the Necromancer. Monks, as a class, generally have the most pressure on them, and as such they strongly appeal to me simply because of to the challenge.

Handle: Lady Faith
Location: Oklahoma, USA
Gaming Background: PnP, RPGs
Preferred Character: My favorite is Lady Faith, a Monk/Ranger. I mostly do Protection and Healing now. My favorite skill is Shield of Regeneration. Between that, Aegis, and Healing Breeze, I find that I do not have to use a whole lot of other methods.

Handle: Blake
Location: Alabama, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: Paus Blake, a Warrior/Monk who relies mainly on adrenal attack skills and a few Smiting spells. He has also recently started to become accustomed to the idea that he is sometimes the last man standing, and therefore now carries Rebirth in order to bring the party back from the brink of doom.

Handle: electr0n
Broad Location: Texas, USA
Gaming Background: PnP, RPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: Valen Blackblood, Necromancer/Mesmer—my first character, and my favorite. I love to play as a minion master but lately have been getting into curses using the Arcane Echo/Spiteful Spirit/Spinal Shivers combo. I love the Necromancer and have a lot of fun playing it. I think it is the most versatile class offering many different, powerful builds.


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