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Keepers of the Shadow Empire (KSE)

The Keepers of the Shadow Empire [KSE] guild was formed with the idea of simply enjoying Guild Wars in a respectful environment free of restrictions and rules. Nearly half a year later, the guild has flourished and now features over eighty members. This is no small feat, especially considering its members were introduced entirely by word of mouth. And while KSE does not share a binding philosophy, it does have its own creed: "It's just a game. So go ahead: Dance." To the members of KSE, the creed serves as a reminder that it really is just a game—if you're a bad dancer, no one will know. In other words, "Relax, have some fun, enjoy the game, and do the best you can. As long as we're all out there trying to have fun and working together, then we know that our guild and Guild Wars will be a great place to play."

Initially, KSE was exclusively a cooperative-based guild, but over time it has grown to include competitive aspects as well. Guild Wars has a lot to offer to players of different styles, so the guild decided to take advantage of this diversity. Because the guild does not take a defined stance to one side of the game or the other, its members have a very simple approach toward assisting one another: to them, it doesn't really matter what you want to do—they will help you out anytime do so.

KSE is actively involved in hosting events for its members. Celebrations have run the gamut from the common—birthdays and holidays—to the more exotic—an in-game wedding. The wedding will be of Selena La Rune and Terrence La Rune, who are engaged in real life. The wedding will also involve Siuil La Rune — who is the real life father to Selena La Rune. This perhaps goes to show that the family that plays together, stays together.

One thing that remains constant about KSE is change. The guild leader has found that one cape design, while serving as a symbol of the guild, gets a little boring. So the leader started changing the cape regularly; in fact, she changes it two to five times a week. And while not all of the members agree with all of the designs (especially when they involve pink unicorns), she thinks it’s nice for them to be able to log on and see a change. The leader tends to receive quite a few emails with comments like, "What did you do to the cape, Arya!?" and "Please… not pink again."

Looking to the future, the guild sees itself together for the long haul. Time has flown by, and its members are looking forward to the alliance features in Guild Wars Factions. Even as the guild continues to grow and become stronger, it will remain open to everyone, with no level requirements. This is a guild that is proud of its identity and accomplishments, and is looking forward to a greater future.

PvP Game Discussion: Barrage Pet Build

Ranger/Monk (x3): Barrage, Distracting Shot, [spirit slot], Brutal Strike, Call of Haste, Comfort Animal, Charm Animal, Resurrection Signet

Each Ranger carries a different skill in the spirit slot: Pin Down, Favorable Winds, and Fertile Season.

Ranger/Necromancer: Barrage, Distracting Shot, Blood Ritual, Brutal Strike, Call of Haste, Comfort Animal, Charm Animal, Resurrection Signet

Necromancer/Monk: Animate Bone Fiend, Animate Bone Horror, Verata's Sacrifice, Blood of the Master, Death Nova, Tainted Flesh, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Mesmer: Mantra of Recall, Divine Boon, Divine Spirit, Contemplation of Purity, Holy Veil/Inspired Hex, Mend Condition, Guardian, Reversal of Fortune

Monk/Mesmer: Heal Other, Dwayna's Kiss, Orison of Healing, Contemplation of Purity, Inspired Hex, Mend Condition, Mantra of Recall

This build was created by Guild Officer Sily Wabbit, and was originally based on a setup created for the new Tomb of the Primeval Kings maps. Some modifications were made to tailor it more for guild battles.

With the addition of four Rangers using Barrage in the build, the offense provides a lot of area-based damage. Additionally, the pets provide utility in the form of body blocking and extra damage. The Necromancer can assist by using Death Nova on pets, or by using Tainted Flesh when faced with enemies using builds with a heavy reliance on physical damage. The Necromancer is also able to raise bone fiends as a means of corpse control, as well as a way to inflict additional damage.

KSE uses an Elementalist to serve as the flag-runner, in large part because this profession is able to sustain run-speed buffs for longer periods of time, and because it has better burst damage. The inclusion of Water Trident as the runner's elite skill helps interfere with the opposing team's ability to run flags as well.

When competing in guild battles, KSE's primary focus is on taking down some of the offensive capacity of its opponents. As Monks are usually adept at protecting themselves, KSE instead makes it a priority to take down Mesmers and Elementalists before going after the healers. They find that this is also beneficial to their own Monks, since the team receives less damage in the process.

As the guild has evolved, so has the place that they call home. Originally residing on the Isle of the Dead, the guild later found the scenery to be a bit too depressing (domiciles of the deceased are not often known for their boisterous nature. The guild packed its bags and moved over to the Wizard's Isle—prime real estate with an excellent view. However, as the guild advanced in its competitive tactics, it made one last switch to the Frozen Isle for the tactical benefits that guild hall offers. As a smaller map, it is easier to navigate when attacking or defending, and the backdoor entrance is easily blocked off so that they need only worry about one way in or out. Another benefit is the lack of catapults (sometimes seen as safety hazards that have led to some unfortunate "accidents").

Member Information
Get to know some of the members of KSE.

Handle: Arya Bladedancer / J-Net
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Gaming Backround: RPGs
Primary Character: I prefer using high-damage casters like Mesmers and Elementalists, though my favorite position is probably an Elementalist/Monk flag-runner. It's challenging, and I know that the battle depends on me capping that flag!

Handle: Akruan Soulblesser / Rob
Location: Puerto Rico
Gaming Backround: FPSs and RPGs.
Primary Character: I prefer a healing/supporting character. I love the rush of having the life of the party in my hands, and the pleasure at the end of having kept them alive.

Handle: Hitaro Soulstealer
Location: Puerto Rico
Gaming Backround: RPGs
Primary Character: I like doing long-distance attacking, especially with Rangers. I love the way that you can interrupt, do damage, or just run around really fast with them!

Handle: Ima Gonna Smash Ya / Ron
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Gaming Backround: RPGs, FPS, PvE
Primary Character: I like to play my Warrior because I can do damage and "da ladies lub him."

Handle: Mage Daky / Dan
Location: Wisconsin, USA
Gaming Backround: RPGs, PvE
Primary Character: I really like playing Rangers because of the tactical aspect to them. I like interrupting spells with a half-second cast time!

Handle: Derraj Of The Dead
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Gaming Backround: PvP, RPGs
Primary Character: I like to play Necromancers because I find they have a lot of damage and support that is essential to winning.

Handle: Siuil La Rune / Greg
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Backround: GW is my first real game!
Primary Character: My only character is a Warrior, and though I don't always know what's going on, I certainly try to keep up with the killing!

Handle: Lewie Shadowmaster / Ben
Location: Australia
Gaming Backround: RPSs, RPGs, Racing
Primary Character: I always try to play Elementalist or Mesmer because they cause lots of damage and havoc. I love being a Mesmer and messing up the enemy Monks!

Handle: Sadsa Asd
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Backround: FPSs
Primary Character: I really like playing the Elementalist because of the massive damage they can do. I love playing warder/Heal Party spammer for GvG as well.

Handle: Xx Shadow Warriorxx
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Backround: RPGs
Primary Character: I enjoy playing Warriors because of the physical damage. I really like smashing characters down and knowing they're saying "Get him OFF me!"


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