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Guild of the Week
Lost In The Labyrinth (LITL)

Coming to us from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, our current guild of the week is a group that formed due to their shared interest in guild battles—and most importantly, a desire to have fun playing with the game. Now four months old, Lost in the Labyrinth consists of about thirty-five members ranging from both new to experienced players.

The guild's philosophy is to game whenever they are able to, and to enjoy the play experience to its fullest. Matters such as rank and rating are only a secondary consideration to its members, who hope to make the Slovakian and Czech community more visible and respected (and they wouldn't mind having their own district in game, either.) The guild strives to maintain a friendly atmosphere that grants the opportunity for any of its members to play in battles, regardless of skill level. Membership is open to any players who speak Slovak or Czech, and who can meet the guild's demanding requirements of being—in their own words—"friendly and cool."

With guild battles being such a dominant focus of the guild, LITL's members naturally have a favorite guild hall—the Druid's Isle (the guild jokingly refers to the Health regeneration water as the reason.) However, their gaming isn't limited only to guild battles, as you may also run across some of the guild's members running bizarre gimmick builds... for no other reason than it seemed like it would be fun.

PvP Team Build "Rainbow Spike"

Elementalist/Mesmer: Air Magic (12+1+3), Energy Storage (10+1), Inspiration Magic (8); Lightning Strike, Lightning Orb, Mind Shock (E), Gale, Drain Enchantment, Mantra of Resolve/Power Drain, Air Attunement, Resurrection Signet

Elementalist/Monk: Earth Magic (12+1+3), Energy Storage (10+1), Healing Prayers (8); Stoning, Obsidian Flame, Glyph of Energy (E), Ward Against Foes, Ward Against Melee, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Restore Life, Glyph of Sacrifice

Necromancer/Monk: Blood Magic (12+1+3), Protection Prayers 12, Soul Reaping (3+1); Vampiric Gaze, Shadow Strike, Mend Ailment, Protective Spirit, Blood Ritual, Aegis, Convert Hexes, Offering of Blood (E)

Monk/Elementalist: Healing Prayers (12+4), Divine Favor (2+1), Protection Prayers (8+1), Water Magic 10; Armor of Mist, Purge Conditions, Martyr (E), Orison of Healing, Heal Party, Aegis, Glyph of Lesser Energy, Resurrection Signet

Monk/Necromancer (x2): Divine Favor (12+1+3), Protection Prayers (9+1), Blood Magic 9; Reversal of Fortune, Divine Intervention (Contemplation of Purity, Signet of Devotion—depends on the player), Mend Ailment, Protective Spirit, Guardian, Holy Veil, Offering of Blood (E), Divine Boon

Warrior/Necromancer: Swordsmanship (12+1+3), Strength (12+1); Sever Artery, Gash, Galrath Slash, Distracting Blow, Battle Rage (E), Resurrection Signet, Plague Touch

Necromancer/Mesmer: Blood Magic (12+1+3), Air Magic 12, Soul Reaping (3+1), Death Magic (0+1); Vampiric Gaze, Shadow Strike, Life Siphon, Blinding Flash, Gale, Offering of Blood (E), Necrotic Traversal, Resurrection Signet

This build allows the team to function either as a cohesive unit or as two separate groups. In the case of a split, the first five characters listed in the build above form the first squad, while the last three make up the second squad. Below are some examples of how these characters are played.

The Elementalist/Mesmer leads the team by serving as target caller. This character also acts as spiker since it has the highest damage output, so protecting this character becomes a priority.

The Elementalist/Monk serves as an additional spiker, and also as a utility character because of its wards, which are used primarily to assist the team's Monks. Situational awareness is important for this type of character, as you will need to watch for enemies attempting to counter your wards with AoE spells or by spreading disease. Additionally, this character assists the team with resurrects when necessary, using Glyph of Sacrifice and Restore Life.

The Necromancer/Monk is a versatile role that is able to assist with the team's spikes using Spells such as Vampiric Gaze and Shadow Strike. This character contributes defensively by using skills such as Mend Ailment on the team's Monks to remove Conditions, and Protective Spirit against spike builds. Blood Ritual helps out any teammates who are the focus of Energy-denial attacks. Aegis is used against Warrior-based builds, while Convert Hexes is used against Hex builds. Finally, Offering of Blood helps keep this character's Energy high.

The Monk/Elementalist serves as an unorthodox flag-runner who comes equipped with spells such Aegis and Heal Party to assist with healing whenever possible. Unfortunately, this character is unable to attack another runner.

The Warrior/Necromancer was specially built to counter the popular Ranger/Mesmer build that used Apply Poison and Crippling Shot. This character often supports the team's runner when the enemy's runner (often the Ranger build described above) is waiting at the flag stand. Healing isn't important for this character, because the runner can use Orison of Healing.

Lastly, the Necromancer/Mesmer serves as a support unit for the entire team or for the defensive split-team. He uses Blinding Flash to make Warriors ineffective (or simply to exhaust enemy Monks; consider that each Mend Ailment with Divine Boon costs 7 Energy to cast, which is equal to 7 seconds of Energy regeneration.)

Member Profiles
Get to know some of the members of Lost in the Labyrinth.

Handle: Opijum/Rapier
Location: Slovakia
Gaming Background: Mostly guild battles, but I also play Heroes' Ascent, Team Arena, or PvE.
Preferred Character: Mesmer, for his flexibility and his adaptability to any style of play. I would rather keep my Skill Bars a secret...

Handle: Pinte Prdola
Location: Slovakia
Gaming Background: PvP, MMORPGs, TBS, RTS... Generally, any game that requires you to think first, act second.
Preferred Character: Monk. It's the most difficult class because you have to know all of the Hexes and their effects, you have to choose good positioning on the field, you have to heal or protect your teammates at the right moment, you have to know the strategy that your enemy is using, you have to withstand characters who are built to stop you, you have to be always ready for attacks from any side, and you have to know what will happen... Simply put: you have to know everything, and that's why it's so interesting.

Handle: Ragnar Runeblade
Location: Czech Republic
Gaming Background: PvP, PvE, RPG, RTS
Preferred Character: The Warrior and Mesmer. I like the Warrior both for his endurance and power, and I like the Mesmer because he is so insidious.

Handle: Tai-pan
Location: Czech Republic
Gaming Background: PvP, RPG
Preferred Character: All types of flag-runners (the unbelievable ones, too). I also like the Monk and Necromancer. Actually, there isn't a character that I don't like to play.

Handle: Nettle
Location: Czech Republic
Gaming Background: PVE, FPS
Preferred Character: Ranger is my favorite profession, because they can have pets, and I love animals. Another reason why I prefer Ranger is that they get to use bows, which I think make good weapons for killing—better than a sword or hammer. It's more elegant, especially for women.

Handle: Tj
Location: Kadan City, Czech Republic
Gaming Background: FPSs, RPGs, PvP
Preferred Character: I love the Warrior both for his big weapons and nice armor.

Handle: Point Dexter
Location: Czech Republic
Gaming Background: FPS, RPGs
Preferred Character: My favorite and preferred character is definitely the Necromancer. I love his versatility and the fact that a Necromancer can find an answer to nearly all things in the game. On the other hand, my primary character in guild battles and PvP is the Monk, especially Boon-Prot. In my opinion, the skills on this kind of character are well known to most PvP players (thanks to Observer mode), so I prefer Signet of Devotion in this build, and I'm really enjoying the Divine Boon + Holy Veil + Contemplation of Purity combo that keeps me smiling in the face of Mesmers.

Handle: Misha
Location: Slovakia
Gaming Background: RPG
Preferred Character: Necromancer—it's a flexible class. He can heal with wells, weaken opponents with curses, or push back enemy forces with his minions.

Handle: Xyiana Tenku
Location: Slovakia
Preferred Character: After 3,000 hours in this game, 1,200 hours of which was played as a Monk, it's obvious that I will play anything except a Monk. I don't have any preferred character, as I like to create and play the craziest combinations without considering their guild-battle performance.

Handle: Masaker Tenku
Location: Slovakia
Gaming Background: RTS, RPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: Even though I have played all characters, I still like the Warrior (in PvP and also in RPG) for his ability to build up adrenaline to attack one target. This often leads the enemy team to believe that the character will then be the focus of a spike.

Handle: HeadShoter
Location: Czech Republic
Gaming Background: MMORPGs, FPS
Preferred Character: I like all professions, but in GvG I often play damage dealers like the Warrior or Elementalist. Some people think that a Warrior is just a stupid simple-killing machine, but that isn't the truth. You have to think tactically when you are playing as a Warrior. Besides Warriors, I also admire Monks and Mesmers.

Handle: Kel the Dark Shadow
Location: Czech Republic
Gaming Background: PvP, sometimes PvE, RPG
Preferred Character: My preferred but not favorite profession is the Monk. My favorite character is the Necromancer, because I played him as my first character.


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