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Guild of the Week: Centuria Europa Nova (CEN)

The Centuria Europa Nova guild was first formed under the name Centuria Europa (GWE) during the Guild Wars Beta Weekend Events. The guild was formed by members of the fansite community. After the Beta Weekend Events, changes in guild leadership led to the reinvention of the guild under its current name of Centuria Europa Nova.

Throughout this period, the guild fought its way through many battles in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings with one goal in mind: claiming the Hall of Heroes and obtaining a Celestial Sigil. With their battles reaching a fevered pitch akin to the summer days passing by, the guild finally saw its victory. Unfortunately, it was only a short-lived triumph as the guild was soon afflicted with another setback. With the crash of the GWE database servers, the fora of Centuria Europa were regrettably lost. Discouraged, several members left the game, including the then current guild leader. Leaving behind their formerly ranked 200 guild, Centuria Europa Nova was again reformed, this time to their new tag of [CEN].

Although the absence of their fora was affecting the guild adversely, CEN continued to push on and rebuild. In August of 2005, Belidon, who served as the secondary administrator of the original forums, restarted the GWEurope fansite with entirely new content. Centuria Europa Nova members rejoined under the banner of the rebuilt fansite, actively participating in the creation of new content and articles for the site.

Currently, all CEN members reside on GWE's fora and have their private boards there. Many of them are still actively involved in forum moderation and the posting of content. CEN has also recently restarted its participation in guild-versus-guild battles with challenging new builds, resulting in their steadfast rise in ranks on the Guild Wars ladder.

The guild's emblem, a rising phoenix, reflects their resiliency. Membership in the guild is diverse, with many players from Scandinavia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Great Britain, and it caters both to players who enjoy the competitive and the cooperative aspects of Guild Wars. It is always looking for new members to be a part of the team.

Strategy: Cooperative Play Tips

  • Try always to have at least one character with high armor and a permanent resurrect spell—preferably Rebirth.
  • If you've lost several members of your party during the course of a mission, defeat easier bosses as a means of refreshing your Resurrection Signet.
  • If you're faced with a fight that you can't win, fall back! The enemies will eventually fall back, and you can return to resurrect your comrades for another attempt.
  • Bring a Longbow for your character, even if you do not specialize in using bows. This helps you manage enemies by drawing aggro from a distance.

Though CEN may be viewed as a "PvP guild," many of its members still play through the game's cooperative content for fun, and to lend a hand to other members in need of assistance. The guild takes a more informal approach to missions, finding ways to overcome challenges with the characters that it has available.

The cooperative side of the game has fostered a lot of camaraderie within the guild, with members often playing through missions on voice chat. This allows the team to discuss its builds and strategies throughout the course of the battle, or to coordinate precise attacks—such as using a Ranger spike build in missions.

Strategy: PvP Build Discussion

  • Monk/Mesmer: Infuse Health, Orison of Healing, Dwayna's Kiss, Healing Touch, Heal Party, Mantra of Recall [E], Inspired Hex, Holy Veil
  • Monk/Mesmer: Reversal of Fortune, Guardian, Orison of Healing, Healing Touch, Aegis, Inspired Hex, Channeling, Mantra of Recall [E]
  • Monk/Mesmer: Protective Spirit, Aegis, Convert Hexes, Martyr [E], Mend Ailment, Inspired Hex, Drain Enchantment, Inspired Enchantment
  • Warrior/X: Eviscerate [E], Executioner's Strike, Axe Rake, Frenzy, Sprint, Shields Up, Fear Me, Resurrection Signet
  • Warrior/X: Devastating Hammer [E], Mighty Blow, Heavy Blow, Frenzy, Sprint, Shields Up, Fear Me, Resurrection Signet
  • Mesmer/Necromancer: Shadow of Fear, Enfeeble, Rigor Mortis, Echo [E], Signet of Weariness, Mantra of Inscriptions, Shatter Enchantment, Resurrection Signet
  • Mesmer/Monk: Shatter Enchantment, Signet of Weariness, Energy Burn, Energy Surge [E], Drain Enchantment, Power Drain, Leech Signet, Restore Life
  • Elementalist/Monk: Mind Burn [E], Immolate, Healing Breeze, Contemplation of Purity, Windborne Speed, Fire Attunement, Gale, Resurrection Signet

The main focus of this build is draining the majority of an opposing team's Energy, which is the responsibility of the four primary offensive characters in the build. Since the opposing team's Monks should be out of Energy for most of the match, the two Warriors should be able to kill their target with little interference, although Rigor Mortis is available to assist the Warriors if necessary.

The Elementalist is included in the build to function as a flag-runner, with the ability to add some quick damage in between flag runs.

The build's main weakness is that it requires a relatively long battle in order to work effectively—against good spikers (and so in the current metagame) it tends not to be successful, because spikers can kill the Mesmers before CEN has time to drain their foe’s Energy. In a later version of the build, Fertile Season was added to improve the team's initial survivability.

Player Profiles

Get to know some of the members of Centuria Europa Nova.

Handle: Zonk
Location: Netherlands
Gaming Background: MMORPG, RTS, FPS, Loderunner
Position: Leader
Preferred Character: I play a Divine Monk to completely support a four-man team, and a Mesmer/Necromancer to steal-spike massive amounts of damage in one shot. In GvG or Tombs, I prefer a supportive role like a Monk.

Handle: Qanar
Location: Belgium
Gaming Background: RTS, SRPG
Position: Member
Preferred Character: Mesmer or Necromancer. I prefer being a support-character rather then a real damage dealer. If I have to deal damage, the Bloodline will help me out, though. I can also play Monk.

Handle: Caldur
Location: UK
Gaming Background: FPS, RPG, and RTS
Position: GvG Officer
Preferred Character: I'll play almost anything, but Mesmer has to be my favourite profession—annoying Monks is so fun.

Handle: Belidon Estuera
Location: Belgium
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS, RPG
Position: Member
Preferred Character: I love all professions, but I'm not really good at playing them all. Perhaps with more practice I could, but I especially like the Warrior profession. At this moment, I'm rebuilding my BWE character, which was a Warrior/Ranger.

Handle: Aganon
Location: Norway
Gaming Background: FPS and RPG
Position: PvP/Recruitment Officer
Preferred Character: I love playing Rangers and Warriors, and Elementalists are also an option. I mainly play a damage dealer, because the damage attracts me. A high DPS is my favorite.

Handle: Jurrit
Location: Netherlands
Gaming Background: RTS, FPS
Position: PvP/Recruitment Officer
Preferred Character: My preferred character is a Monk, and I use almost every skill combo possible. Protection Monk, Healing Monk, Smiting, spam protection, "Victory is Mine!" healer, Infuse Health healer, and so on. You need to keep changing, because the world in the game keeps changing. ArenaNet changes skill properties from time to time. Also the opponent finds new ways to counter the Monk's healing and protection abilities.

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