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Guild of the Week: Milites Mortis Elite (MiMo)

Milites Mortis Elite (Mimo) is a German guild of approximately twenty-five members. Founded immediately after the release of Guild Wars, MiMo was originally created as a cooperative guild dedicated to facing the challenges and exploring the world of Tyria with other players. As its players helped each other progress through the game, the guild began to slowly shift its attention to the competitive aspects of the game, specifically the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

With the achievement of its first victory in the Hall of Heroes, MiMo's competitive focus was cemented. The heated battles MiMo's members saw within the Tombs further kindled their interest in guild-versus-guild matches. Entering into the fray in the early days before guild battles became as widespread, they faced off against some of the top guilds in the game. These encounters taught them a great deal about their new battlefield, and would help to shape the guild into what it is today.

As a guild, MiMo has always designed its own builds to take into battle, despite the challenges this presents. This has made victory even sweeter—and more important—to its members. Every battle that the guild faces is a learning experience, and a catalyst for new ideas on improving its builds and tactics. After every battle, the team goes through a debriefing session and discusses the fight and suggests improvements. In this way, MiMo can emerge victorious from every battle, regardless of whether or not it actually won.

Strategy: PvP Discussion

When playing competitively, MiMo prefers guild-versus-guild matches, because of the greater necessity for strategy and tactics to win the battle. Each of the different guild hall maps offers its own unique challenges, from catapults to lava flows. GvG combat also allows for the possibility to analyze an enemy's strategies, even after an initial defeat in combat—a reason why the guild has had so many memorable comeback matches.

MiMo calls the Burning Isle home, not only for its aesthetics, but because the guild hall fits with the guild's name—translated from Latin, it means "Soldiers of death." The hall also conveys a tactical advantage in that its design prevents rushing during battles.

Voice communication is a key component to MiMo's game, not only because it helps strengthen the social aspects of the guild, but because it allows a quick relay of information during the course of a battle. Members of the guild always use voice chat while playing Guild Wars, and often guests from other guilds can be found on MiMo's server arranging teams to play in the Hall of Heroes.

Relaying information quickly is a boon for target calling—a process that MiMo approaches with versatility. Targets are not called based on a rigid tier, but rather are assessed based upon the build MiMo is playing and what its foes have brought. For example, using a build based around Energy denial to disable Monks, MiMo might target Mesmers or damage dealers, such as an Elementalist, first.

General Tips

MiMo offers the tips below for guild-versus-guild combat:

  • Your Monks should always communicate what they are doing during battle. They need to relay when and on whom they are using skills such as Healing Seed and Hex removal. It's also important to know if your Monks have been hit with Energy drains, or if they are suffering from other problems, since they are key characters for your team.
  • You must always analyze your opponent's build. Don't give up hope when one of your players dies first. Instead, continue searching for your foe's weak point! If you get resurrected at your resurrection shrine, stand next to the Guild Lord and try to lure the enemies to you. You have a better chance to kill foes with the additional support of the Guild Lord's bodyguards.
  • Don't neglect the morale boosts. These are important for your team—especially in longer fights.
  • Develop your own builds and practice with them. Don't worry if you lose—it's the players behind the build, not the build itself, which is most important.
  • Make sure that your character has adequate Energy management for sustained fights. A guild-versus-guild match usually lasts longer than ten minutes.

Build Creation Tips

MiMo offers the following build creation tips:

  • Start off by using three Monks—and modify from there—or your team may die fast. Set aside one character to serve as a flag-runner, but don't dedicate all of your skills to the task.
  • Make sure that at least two characters in your build are pure damage dealers.
  • Discuss and analyze every fight afterward, and don't worry overmuch if your team loses. Remember that it takes a lot of practice to create a successful build. Make sure your team understands the reasons why it lost or won the match.
  • Deliberate on which enemy builds could be hard for you, and make a plan as to how you will deal with and counter those builds.
  • Find the advantages and disadvantages of each skill you are using.

Member Profiles

Get to know some of the members of Milites Mortis Elite.

Handle: Schwancus Longus
Location: Niedersachsen/Melle, Germany
Gaming Background: FPS
Preferred Character: Warrior, because I always use it for leading our GvG/PvP team and target calling. I have a lot of types of Warriors, but I can also play Monk and Elementalist. When I meet people who think that a Warrior is a very easy class to play, I can see that they never truly learned to play it.

Handel: Amakles Hypheron
Location: Germany
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: My oldest character was a Warrior/Monk named Amakles Hypheron. My second was an Elementalist/Mesmer named Harrald Feuersbrunst. Now I play Mesmer, and I love interrupting and Energy draining.

Handle: Rachel Waynold
Location: Germany
Gaming Background: GW is my first online game.
Preferred Character: I like a lot of the classes: the Elementalist, for its large damage; the Warrior, for its defense and sustained damage; and the Monk, since the balance between life and death over your party rests with this character.

Handle: Light
Location: Germany
Gaming Background: RTS
Preferred Character: As I have unlocked every skill, I am able to play every profession. I am used to playing a Monk or Warrior, because those characters are often needed in Tombs.

Handle: Suicide Dog
Location: Germany
Gaming Background: FPS and RTS—GW is my first RPG.
Preferred Character: At the BWEs, I played a Ranger, but I created a Monk for PvP because my guild needed one. I enjoyed playing this class, so my first character after release was a Monk. Now I love playing Monks, because it is really challenging, especially as protector (my favorite), to keep my team alive.

Handle: Megas
Location: Germany.
Preferred Character: My character's name is Megas PvP Monk. He's a healer, and I really like to play him. I always play a healer in GvG, too. I also occasionally play an Elementalist spiker and other builds.

Handle: Lord Sarkam
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Preferred Character: I really like to play a Mesmer because of his ability to shutdown a caster completely. Also, I like playing a Ranger because I think he is the most flexible character.

Handle: Great Enutsch II
Location: Niedersachsen, Germany
Preferred Character: I have played a Warrior/Monk and a Mesmer/Necromancer in the cooperative side of the game, and at the moment, I play a Ranger/Monk, Ranger/Necromancer, and Ranger/Mesmer in PvP. In the Tombs, I play my Rangers as spikers or trappers, and in GvG, I play them as runners.

Handle: Sharp Blade
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I enjoy playing Mesmer or Necromancer. I think those two professions are the most interesting ones in the game. You can play a very defensive Necromancer, with skills like Blood is Power or Well of Blood, but you can also be very dangerous by using Death Magic or Curses. But being a Mesmer is even more exciting; it just feels great to know that you can turn the enemies' weapons against them with Backfire, Empathy, and so on. The combination of Mesmer and Necromancer in PvP is devastating!

Handle: Kinder Happy Hippo
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Gaming Background: PvP
Preferred Character: I like playing with the Ranger and Elementalist. I think Rangers are very important, because they deal good damage and are good runners. The Elementalist is also a good damage dealer, but he can also be used for Wards, which can be very useful.

Handle: Kela Ven
Location: Germany
Gaming Background: RTS, RPGs
Preferred Character: Although I have unlocked every skill in the game, I prefer playing one of the more magic-based characters, like the Mesmer or Elementalist. In GvG and PvP, I almost always play one of the two healing Monks, coordinating with my healing/protecting mates to negate the damage our opponent inflicts upon us.

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