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Guild of the Week: Fallen Angels (fA)

Founded as a Tombs guild that has since moved into the realm of guild battles, Fallen Angels was built on a foundation of close player relationships. Accepting only acquaintances with whom the guild's members have good rapport, fA now stands at twelve members—all of whom are on a first name basis with each other. Fallen Angels feels that this is important in fostering a friendly atmosphere, as interpersonal connections can extend beyond the confines of the game.

Active within the competitive community of Guild Wars, Fallen Angels aims to be creative and one step ahead of the competition when it comes to ideas for character and team builds. In fact, fA opposes using "Flavor of the Week" builds and exploiting a certain character type in builds, such as the Ranger Spike, or IWAY.

Strategy Discussion: PvP

Below, fA shares with us a build that it has often used when playing in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings. It is essentially a pressure build with two Trappers, so there is a focus on inflicting the enemy with excessive Conditions. An aspect the guild especially enjoys about this build: the two Warrior/Mesmers, which fA members feel typifies the way that they think about playing Guild Wars—taking a different approach.

  • Warrior/Mesmer: *Eviscerate, Axe Rake, Executioner's Strike, Frenzy, Sprint, Cry of Frustration, Power Drain, Resurrection Signet
  • Warrior/Mesmer: *Eviscerate, Executioner's Strike, Wild Blow, Frenzy, Sprint, Cry of Frustration, Power Drain, Resurrection Signet
  • Mesmer/Elementalist: Leech Signet, Power Drain, Signet of Humility, Mantra of Inscriptions, Shatter Enchantment, Windborne Speed, Gale, Resurrection Signet
  • Ranger/Mesmer: Spike Trap*, Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Flame Trap, Savage Shot, Throw Dirt, Distortion, Resurrection Signet
  • Ranger/Necromancer: Spike Trap*, Dust Trap, Barbed Trap, Flame Trap, Lightning Reflexes, Savage Shot, Consume Corpse, Resurrection Signet
  • Monk/Mesmer: Spell Breaker*, Dwayna's Kiss, Heal Other, Aegis, Inspire Hex, Healing Seed, Orison of Healing, Channeling
  • Monk/Warrior: Orison of Healing, Dwayna's Kiss, Heal Other, Healing Seed, Heal Party, Victory is Mine!*, Remove Hex, Convert Hexes
  • Monk/Mesmer: Martyr/Restore Conditions*, Mend Ailment, Shielding Hands, Guardian, Aegis, Channeling, Inspire Hex, Protective Spirit

The basic strategy of this build is to overwhelm the other team with negative Conditions. The two Warrior/Mesmers have Eviscerate to inflict Deep Wound on foes, while the Trappers are able to Cripple, Blind, cause Bleeding, and set foes on fire. The Mesmer/Elementalist targets the opposing team's Martyr/Restore Conditions character and uses Signet of Humility and Mantra of Inscriptions to shut down that character's Elite Condition-removal skill. The build has brought a great many victories to fA in Tombs, and its members enjoy that it is well-rounded and has just about everything the game has to offer.

Voice communication is a vital part of fA's strategy, particularly in regards to target-calling. An example of this makes use of the build mentioned above. The two Warrior/Mesmers usually attack different targets, damaging those targets and interrupting any spells they attempt to cast. Throughout this process, the Warriors build up their Adrenaline. When a decision is made to take down a target foe, one of the Warriors calls the target. Both Warriors then attack that target with Eviscerate and Executioner's Strike while using Frenzy. At the same time, the Mesmer uses Shatter Enchantment on the target to do a hefty amount of damage and remove one of the protective Enchantments that was on the target.

Fallen Angels also make use of voice communication in a less common manner. The guild has two separate channels—the "damagers" channel and the "Monks" channel. fA has set up binds so that the damagers and Monks can communicate with each other from separate channels, while still allowing the Monks to communicate with each other only on Hex/Condition removal and other healing or protecting issues. Fallen Angels find that this eliminates a lot of confusion when it comes to the communication aspect of the game.

Member Profiles

Get to know some of the members of Fallen Angel.

Handle: Slash Rank (Anthony)
Location: Massachusetts, USA
Gaming Background: RPG, FPS
Preferred Character: I pride myself on being able to play any build for any type of character, but if I had to choose, I would have to say that Mesmer is my favorite class to play. I don't get to play it much, though, because all of my guild mates will cry, so I usually get stuck playing something else. I also really enjoy playing the fA Warrior/Mesmer, or any character that makes the other team scream "please kill that guy, he is owning me."
Position in the guild: Leader/Dance Coordinator.

Handle: Josh Axiom (Josh)
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Gaming Background: FPS
Preferred Character: Shut-down/Interrupt Mesmer. I enjoy the meta-game of interrupts and shut-down because it requires you to get inside the head of your opponent as thoroughly as possible, anticipating and reacting in equal portions. The obvious downside comes in the form of your own lack of damage, leaving you with a split objective—thus the combination of a Warrior/Mesmer or Ranger/Mesmer has slowly morphed into the most flexible/capable character in the game, I believe, and one that I very much enjoy playing.
Position in the Guild: Co-Leader
Why did you join the guild? Building community is the reason I am a gamer, and this guild is based around that mentality.

Handle: O I Hello Kitty I O (Mike)
Broad Location: Utah, USA
Gaming Background: MMORPGs, FPS, and RTS
Preferred Character: I would have to say that I enjoy playing everything. With that said, I am almost always stuck as the kitchen sink . . . as in, every skill they wish they had for every situation on one bar.
Position in the guild: Officer/Kitchen Sink
Why did you join the guild? I didn't—I was tied up and placed in the back of a van for three months, and when I saw daylight again I was here.

Handle: I Grand I (Aaron K.)
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Gaming Background: MMORPGS and FPS
Preferred Character: I love Elementalists—the sheer instantaneous damage that this class can produce is just immense, especially when combined with the shut-down abilities of a Mesmer or the Energy-management skills of a Necromancer. Normally in guild groups, I run an Elementalist/Mesmer spiker.
Position in the guild: Officer
Why did you join the guild? It all started with a random Tombs group. I joined up with them for some PvP in Tombs, and for literally the first time, I didn't get a lot of criticism for my play style or my attitude.

Handle: Vienna Zayle (Laura)
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Gaming Background: Little to None
Preferred Character: Anything other than Warrior. I'm much too indecisive to choose a favorite.
Position in the Guild: Naysayer/Officer
Why did you join the guild? To have the opportunity to play with a team that equally values everyone's opinion, and promotes originality. The cash bribe helped, too.

Handle: Six String Samurai (Kyle)
Location: Washington, USA
Gaming Background: MMORPG, FPS
Preferred Character: My favorite thing about Guild Wars is that this game has never failed to surprise me. New tactics and combinations are still being invented and used in interesting ways, even long after the game's initial release. As said by someone I use to hang out with, "I'm using skills now that a couple weeks ago I thought were useless. That's why I love this game." That quote sums up for me why I play Guild Wars. My favorite character is the one the enemy asks you about after the fight is over.

Handle: Divine Muse (Bridgette)
Location: Washington, USA
Gaming Background: MMORPGs
Preferred Character: I am a Monk addict and love to play a healer for fA. My favorite basis for a healer build is Offering of Blood, Orison of Healing, Dwayna's Kiss, Heal Other, Infuse Health, and Holy Veil, filled in by two other skills to complement the situation. I absolutely LOVE contemplation of purity when space permits.
Position in the guild: Officer
Why did you join the guild? I met fA randomly on a Tombs run. They are a fun, active group. I joined them because I was impressed with their organization, strong leadership, and the rational way they make decisions.

Handle: Stone Jackal (Aaron J.)
Location: Daegu, South Korea
Gaming Background: FPS
Primary Character: Casters or flag runner. I suck at Monks or Warriors.
Position in the Guild: Water Boy, Traitor.
Why did you join the guild? After only a few Tombs runs, I knew I loved the attitudes of everyone in the guild, and that I had to play with them more often.

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