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Guild of the Week: Dark Saga (www)

Dark Saga traces its origins back to over half a year ago in the Mediterranean. It began with only four Turkish gamers who had found their way to Guild Wars. Within three months, by word of mouth or in-game contacts, the guild had swelled to an impressive one hundred members. While Dark Saga places no restrictions on membership, currently the entire guild is comprised of Turkish players. Because they share a location and language, Dark Saga members not only play together in Guild Wars, they also get together outside of the game.

A self-professed group of "hard to please" gamers, the original members of Dark Saga invested a great deal of time exploring other online titles before coming to Guild Wars. Out of all the games they experimented with, however, they found Guild Wars to have the best competitive play. Now six months later, Dark Saga's members confess that the game has become something of a lifestyle for the guild. Through dedicated playing, the guild's members seek not only to improve their standing on the ladder—but also to enjoy themselves while they compete.

Dark Saga is a guild that caters to those who favor both the competitive and cooperative aspects of Guild Wars. Guild members play through the game's quests and missions not only to gain skills, but as a way of exploring the play styles of the different professions. When newer members are ready to get their feet wet in the competitive aspects of the game, the guild is there to help. Every week, Dark Saga sets aside a day dedicated to help acclimate new players to the competitive game.

Strategy: PvP Discussion

When playing in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, Dark Saga prefers to run balanced builds. Taking this approach allows its members to be flexible in their encounters, as they never know what they might be facing off against. They also find these built types more enjoyable to play , as a balanced approach means that all players are fulfilling roles of equal importance. When confronting more than one team within Tombs, Dark Saga often attempts to lure the weaker of the two teams toward the more dangerous one. This allows the Dark Saga team to find the weaknesses of their opponents without giving away information about their own build. They can then jump back into the fight just before it ends, giving their enemies no chance to recover.

For guild-versus-guild battles, Dark Saga calls the Wizard's Isle home. The guild prefers this hall for the tactical possibilities it presents with the catapults and alternate routes to the enemy's Guild Lord. Although Guild Lords are often well guarded, should the Dark Saga team find the enemy has left behind its Guild Thief, they push the offensive, since they need not worry about their opponents attempting a similar attack on their Guild Lord.

While waging its battles, Dark Saga sets a hierarchy of priority for choosing targets. The highest priority are Monks running Life Bond, if any are present. The next highest priority targets are classes centered on disrupting the flow of battle, namely the Mesmer and Necromancer. While focusing on their target, the team's own Mesmers occupy themselves by interfering with the enemy Monk's ability to Heal and support his team.

PvP Build Discussion

  • Warrior/Ranger: Eviscerate, Disrupting Chop, Axe Rake, Penetrating Blow
  • Ranger/Mesmer: Four traps (user's choice), Mantra of Resolve
  • Mesmer/Necromancer: Mind Wrack, Energy Surge, Energy Burn, Consume Corpse
  • Elementalist/Monk: Mend Ailment, Armor of Mist, Healing Breeze, Earthquake, Aftershock, Obsidian Flame
  • Elementalist/Mesmer: Glyph of Energy, Earthquake, Aftershock, Obsidian Flame, Ward Against Foes, Ward Against Melee
  • Monk/X (x 2): Word of Healing, Infuse Health, Heal Other, Orison Of Healing, Healing Touch
  • Monk/X: Protective Spirit, Aegis, Guardian, Reversal of Fortune

For use in guild-versus-guild battles, this build takes a balanced approach to combat. The Elementalist/Monk character serves as the team's flag-runner, due to its ability to attack and defend itself, even while carrying the flag. When Dark Saga has possession of the flag stand, then the Elementalist can serve as an additional attacker.

The Ranger/Mesmer Trapper helps set the pace of the battle by setting traps within the thick of the enemy's ranks. By using Mantra of Resolve first, the Trapper is then able to set her traps without fear of interruption by an enemy. Preference is given to Dust Trap and Barbed Trap, for their ability to inflict foes with Blindness and Health degeneration.

The second Elementalist in the build focuses on dealing area-of-effect damage via the Earthquake and Aftershock combination. The Elementalist can also help in damage spikes by using Obsidian Flame. The inclusion of Ward Against Foes and Ward Against Melee adds some battlefield utility to this character as well; when not on the offense, the Elementalist can use the Wards to assist his teammates.

The Monks equip Infuse Health, as well as Protective Spirit and Aegis to help protect against an enemy's damage spikes. These Monks can make use of the Mesmer subclass to add some additional functionality and Energy management.

Lastly, the Warrior in the build serves as the target caller for the team. If they find themselves playing in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings instead of in guild-versus-guild battles, they will substitute the flag-running character for a second Mesmer who focuses on Energy-denial skills.

Member Profiles

Get to know some of the members of Dark Saga.

Handle: Chokk Tikky
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Gaming Background: FPS, MMORPSs, Strategy
Preferred Character: I prefer playing Mesmers, because they have good skills and are flexible. I play many versions of an Energy-denial build and use interrupts if necessary. I also play a Healing Monk, but I'm not as good with it as I am with the Mesmer. Additionally, I like to play as a Trapper, as it is fun to spring traps on people. I usually play this class when I get bored.
Position in the guild: Evening News Speaker

Handle: Deaths
Location: Cologne, Germany
Gaming Background: FPS, RTS, RPGs
Preferred Character: Earthquake/Aftershock Elementalist. I also like playing as a Necromancer or Monk.
Position in the guild: Minister of Foreign Affairs

Handle: Khell Oglan
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Gaming Background: Every single-player game since the time of the i386. This is my first online game.
Preferred Character: I prefer playing a Healing Monk. Also, my guild forces me to play the healer.
Position in the guild: Minister of Health

Handle: Last Candle
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Gaming Background: RPGs, MMORPGs
Preferred Character: I prefer to play Monk, but I'm very fond of the Necromancer. A lot of people don't like to play as an infuser, but I do. It's not an easy character, but if you have good eyes, feelings, and concentration you can do it.
Position in the guild: Prime Minister

Handle: Poison The Red
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS, RTS, and "old school" games
Preferred Character: I prefer to play an Earth Elementalist or a Healing Monk. Earth Elementalist skills can be very powerful when combined with Ether Prodigy if you play carefully and have great timing. Also, I like to play a standard Monk/Mesmer combination. They don't run into Energy problems when using Channeling and Inspired Hex.
Position in the guild: Minister of Conservatism

Handle: Phantom of Opera
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Gaming Background: RPG, FPS
Preferred Character: I prefer playing an Earth Elementalist for its protective Wards and high-damage skills, or as a Mesmer using Energy-denial skills to annoy enemy Monks. Secondary professions for these characters differ for each team, so I take whatever my party wants.
Position in the guild: Parliamentary

Handle: Shavade Aurora Location: Istanbul, Turkey Gaming Background: MMORPGs Preferred Character: I prefer playing as flag-running Ranger in GvG, and as any type of Mesmer, but I am flexible and have experience with many builds. Position in the guild: Roadrunner

Handle: Stormrider Location: Ankara, Turkey Gaming Background: MMORPGs with PvP, FPS. Preferred Character: I enjoy playing as a Ranger. In Tombs or GvG, I generally play some sort of Ranger. Someone need a Ranger? I'll be there. Position in the guild: President

Handle: Teh Bebe
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Gaming Background: Pong
Preferred Character: I prefer playing as a Protection Monk. Since I'm a control maniac, I can't rely on another Monk to keep me alive. I also play Earth Elementalist and Warrior when I'm bored.
Position in the guild: Da Grandpa

Handle: Xenocide The Turk
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Gaming Background: FPSs, RPGs
Preferred Character: I prefer playing a Healing Monk.
Position in the guild: Minister of Religion and Alcohol

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