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Guild of the Week: Forever Knights (FK)

Formed over five years ago, Forever Knights members have remained together throughout their adventures across a variety of online games. The guild was drawn to Guild Wars during the Beta Weekend Events, when some of its members became addicted to the game. By distributing their Friends' Passes to one another, all of the guild's members soon found themselves hooked. Now over forty members strong, FK just celebrated its anniversary in Tyria this past August.

Forever Knights members focus on the art of roleplaying—not just within the world of Guild Wars itself, but also by bringing their own stories into the game. They adhere to a code of honor that governs how they act and interact with other players in the game. Upon reaching the rank of Knight, members must swear to uphold these values, which center prominently on respecting fellow gamers.

Forever Knights also makes use of an active awards system. Awards are given out for various accomplishments, which include recruiting new members, being an active long-time member, doing a good deed for the guild, giving the guild a good reputation, participating in outstanding roleplaying, engaging in acts of bravery, or winning one of the guild’s PvP tournaments. These awards are shown as graphics (rings) added next to the names of the members on the guild’s forums and website.

A dynamic ranking system within the guild helps its members gain a sense of achievement every time they gain a promotion, leading to their eventual knighting ceremony upon the steps of FK's guild hall. Members are promoted for the amount of time and dedication they put into the guild, and they move a step closer to promotion each time they assist the guild without the prompting of another or when they perform other good deeds.

Players seeking to immerse themselves in the role of a Guild Wars character and to explore the vast lands of Tyria may find a place within FK. Home to those who are interested in both the cooperative and competitive aspects of Guild Wars, FK is committed to excellence in every way and is proud of what it is and what it aspires to be.

The Story of the Forever Knights:

During the Guild Wars beta, FK developed its own unique lore, which evolved largely through its colorful RP forum threads and events in game. Although the guild's lore is forever evolving, it essentially revolves around a small band of men and women known collectively as the Forever Knights. A brief introduction of their lore follows:

Legend tells of a small band of mortals hailing from the Canthan islands, known together as the Forever Knights. Only through song are their deeds now known, much of which is thought to be of fantasy and myth. Today, come the true Forever Knights. After the Searing devastated the lands of Ascalon, noble men and women of the ancient blood have sworn an oath to ride once more as Forever Knights and reclaim the glory of songs lost!

Men and women of the order carry a great horn borne with the markings of a great drake written in ancient characters. Many of the order wear clothing that also bears the symbol of the drake, while others carry the mark of the drake upon their swords and spears.

Warriors of the order are known to sing the oath of the Forever Knights as they charge into battle:

"Guardians of the people
Guardians of the land
Lost is he who has not honour
Lost is he who has not love
Only when one is pure of heart
True of soul and sound of body
May he count himself among us...
The Forever Knights!"

The Quest for the Wyrm Maiden

One example of a story that FK has brought into the Guild Wars world is their own version of the grail quest (which gives its members a great excuse to travel throughout Tyria!). The guild's search is not for a holy cup but for a being known only as the Wyrm Maiden. Below is a brief introduction to FK's ongoing quest:

Punished for deeds long forgotten, the lady known only as the Wyrm Maiden waits in her cell—built with walls of ice located in a secret place, unseen by mortal eyes and untouched for thousands of years. Here she lingers, using her mystical energies to enter the dreams of men and women, searching for those gallant and valiant, for it is only those most virtuous who may enter her enchanted chamber, breaking the spellbound ice keeping the Wyrm Maiden prisoner. Yet to her dismay, her messages are seen as fantastic dreams. The lady waits... passing into folklore.

Not all men and women have believed these messages to be dreams. One such woman was Amithiel Hanodel. Besieged by visions of the Enchantress since as long as she could remember, Amithiel, inspired by the Wyrm Maiden, became an outstanding soldier and natural leader, thus becoming a heroine of the Canthan islands.

However her triumph came short lived. As Amithiel spirited warriors to glory, her dreams became darker, often taking her to the verge of insanity. At the age of twenty-seven, Amithiel Hanodel took a troop of loyal men who, leaving behind their wives and children, began the search for the lady of myth and dreams. Through this quest, this group became Forever Knights, but they never again returned to their homeland.

They set forth, knowing nothing of the perils that awaited them. And even as word of successive failures reached their ears, they continued the search unabated, establishing new paths, setting out fresh way-markers for those who would follow.

The Eternal Quest of the Wyrm Maiden has brought doom and folly to many, but it is this continuing search that inspires Forever Knights to experience aspiration, failure, and one day, hopefully, the ultimate achievement!

Member Profiles:

Get to know some of the Forever Knights:

Handle: Lord Elwvyan
Location: UK
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: In both PvP and PvE I prefer to play an Elementalist specializing in either Air or Fire. My secondary is usually a Mesmer, as I love to make the most of my high damage spells by using Echo.

Handle: Niro Of Odine
Location: Netherlands
Gaming background: RPGs, FPS, and RTS
Preferred Character: Warrior/Monk. The Warrior class has many interesting skills to choose from. Combining these with skills from other secondary classes can lead to many surprises. A Warrior in PvP can have a vital role—if it is being played correctly. Calling out the correct targets and equipping the most effective skills is an important factor in every battle.

Handle: Philorth de Vaird
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Gaming background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I can play a Warrior, Healing Monk, or Fire Elementalist. I prefer to play a Healing Monk in GvG using Monk as primary with Necromancer as secondary. My favorite skill is Offering of Blood.

Handle: Merilyn Elwvyan
Location: Netherlands
Gaming background: RPGs and RTS
Preferred Character: My preferred character is a Ranger, although I started playing Guild Wars as a Monk. I find Rangers to be very versatile and able to fulfill a number of roles depending on the situation: trapper, disruptor, or even just a damage dealer.

Handle: Katelyn Cathbhar
Location: Canada
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Ranger—the first character I Ascended with!

Handle: Sylas Redgrave
Location: UK
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Sylas is mainly a Monk, preferring Healing or Protection Prayers, and his secondary is usually either Mesmer or Necromancer for use of Energy-management skills. Mara Redgrave (another character) is a Ranger who specializes in interrupt skills, and her secondary is used to provide defensive capabilities. In both cases. I prefer to stay at the back, making attacks of opportunity.

Handle: Leonidas The Great
Location: Cyprus
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: In cooperative play, I prefer to play a Warrior using a sword and shield. I prefer to use Monk as a secondary because this helps me survive longer, and it makes it easier for the Monks.

Handle: Maximus Delion
Location: Colorado, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS, and RTS
Preferred Character: Warrior, since I like to get up close and personal with my foes.

Handle: Astral Paladin
Location: Canada
Gaming background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Warrior—I am a rock upon which my enemies break themselves!

Handle: Kaziya Wyvern
Location: Minnesota, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I like to keep the party alive with my Monk, get up close and personal with my Warrior, and shoot from a distance with my Ranger.

Handle: Kerros Bloodwolf
Location: USA
Gaming Background: RPGs and FPS
Preferred Character: Warrior/Monk. I prefer the "hit-first-ask-questions-later" style of play.

Handle: Phoenix Oathwind
Location: New York, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I prefer playing a Healing/Protection Monk operating in a support role. The challenge of keeping a group alive through a wide range of situations, both in PvP and cooperative play, is a rewarding experience in itself. I enjoy having to adapt to different strategies and situations as they offer a dynamic opportunity to learn skills and abilities.

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