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Guild of the Week: Angry Businessmens (aB)

Formed in the summer haze when temperatures were rising and stocks were falling, the Angry Businessmens is a guild that values having fun over winning. Disagreeing with the stance that guilds must only play to win, where some may not even play at all unless fielding their eight best players, aB instead chooses to allow anyone who so wishes to try playing competitively with them at least once. Players who are looking to learn or improve their competitive skills in Guild Wars and enjoy themselves in the process may find a good match in aB. The guild's motto, "Enable the community" reveals their desire to help foster a community where all players can perform well, even by the standards of the best of teams.

One thing that people may notice about aB is the questionable spelling of their name. It was originally intended to be the "Angry Businessmans" guild, but the guild leader, Xerin, mistakenly typed an "e" instead of an "a." The guild members all agree that the spelling of the name has since grown on them, although some would argue that they should be the Angry Businesspeoples, since they also have female members. The guild's cape is representative of the stock market; it continues to decline until it reaches the bottom, and the red is indicative of their losses!

aB's membership currently totals around 40 members, and they predominantly spend their time in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings or in guild-versus-guild battles. Their entire membership may not be strictly within the guild all at the same time, as their players often guest in other guilds in order to help fill in a missing spot for a guild battle. The vast majority of their core members never leave the Angry Businessmens, however, not even for a day—as someone needs to remain behind to keep an eye on the market conditions.

PvP Strategy Discussion

The Angry Businessmens also make use of voice communication to help coordinate their battles. aB feels that actively using voice chat during PvP is an easy way for a mediocre player to become better than an excellent player, since the fast communication allows your teammates to assist you if you make a mistake. This is a distinct advantage over even a skilled player who is unaware of what the rest of his team is doing. If all else fails, voice chat serves as an excellent method to motivate team members by playing inspiring music in an attempt to get players to "power up."

When determining the priority target during matches, aB usually calls the Warriors and Rangers first, as they are often the toughest targets. By going for these targets first, they're able to "save the best for last." They consider it as a kind of a treat to themselves: if they're able to finish off the Warriors and Rangers, they then get to deal with the easier targets. For aB, this serves as a method for staying calm and relaxed while in guild-versus-guild battles. The guild feels that if a build is strong enough to take down a Warrior while the enemy Monks are still standing, then it is strong enough for GvG. Otherwise, it's back to the drawing board.

When playing PvP, aB generally sticks with guild-versus-guild battles, as they feel that the Guild Wars Ladder provides a good milestone of their success. The guild prefers to use Nomad's Isle as their guild hall, for the tactical benefits that the quicksand provides. As many guilds are not familiar with art of quicksand combat, they may find themselves confused as to why their healing and attacks are suddenly less effective. aB, on the other hand, has tailored their builds to make the most out of this combat mechanic. One trick they have found useful is to use Quickening Zephyr while fighting in the quicksand. Caught unprepared, their enemies often run out of Energy fast enough that the guild can easily take down their strongest of targets, while leaving aB's offensive spells recharging faster than ever.

Within the halls of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, where teams may need to face down more than one opposing faction, aB stresses the importance of situational awareness and tactics. If the guild becomes caught in a pincer attack from two opposing teams, they coordinate with each other so that their members each leave the fray individually, staggering their escapes one after another. Were the entire team to attempt to push through their opponents, their movements and strategy might become obvious to the opposing teams—by sneaking off, the guild can gradually reform and attempt to catch the other teams while they are battle-weary and unprepared.

PvP Build Discussion

Elementalist/Monk x3: Glyph of Energy, Obsidian Flame, Heal Party (may also use Wards)

Mesmer/*: Mantra of Recovery, Phantom Pain, Shatter Delusions

Monk/*: Focuses on using Life Bond and Protection skills

Monk/*: Healing Monk, casts Life Bond on his comrade

Monk/Necromancer: Healing Monk with Rend Enchantments and Shadow Strike

The Elementalists in this build serve a fairly straightforward spiking role. Before beginning their attacks, they use Glyph of Energy, which negates the casting cost of Obsidian Flame, but more importantly, will prevent the next spell cast from causing Exhaustion. Exhaustion can easily cripple an Elementalist's offensive ability, especially in a drawn-out match; by using Glyph of Energy as it is available, the process of accumulating Exhaustion is slowed by nearly half. The Elementalists can also serve the secondary purpose of laying down protective Wards, and supply some tertiary healing for their team.

The Mesmer also takes a direct approach in battle, using Phantom Pain and then Shatter Delusions on the spike target. The final character in the build can be a flag-runner if the guild is playing GvG, or a utility slot (such as a Necromancer who manages corpses) when in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.

Cooperative Game-Play Discussion

Knowing that there is more to the world of Tyria than just battles for fame and glory, aB also partakes in the cooperative aspects of Guild Wars. It is one of the guild's quirks—one among many—that they refuse to undertake quests unless all participating members are in a roleplaying mindset. By adopting an "in-character" mindset, their players are better able to immerse themselves in the experiences that the world of Guild Wars has to offer—whether that is a glorious victory over the hordes of Charr, or issuing a declaration of war upon the otherwise harmless beasts found roaming the countryside.

Of all the lands and exotic locales in Tyria, aB's favorite part of the world remains the Ice Tooth Cave. This cave is where the guild has taken to holding their bi-daily meetings to discuss the "State of the Guild." Because of the ethereal and serene setting, the Ice Tooth Cave has also become the location of choice for hosting the guild's ceremonies. These events may include the knighting of one of their members to the rank of officer, or the promotion from Peon to Guild Member. The location has also played host to weddings between members, although these usually take place in the International Districts, as it is often less crowded or hectic there. The guild's first wedding at the Ice Tooth Cave was between one of aB's best players, Sirius, and his wife, Nunya. The event was a memorable one for those who attended, and it served to strengthen their conviction that some of the best experiences players can take away from the game may not strictly be playing the game itself, but having interactions with otheres within its confines.

Member Profiles

Meet some of the members of the Angry Businessmens.

Handle: Xerin
Location: Georgia, USA
Gaming Background: PvP games; anything with robots.
Preferred Character: Warrior. They get the best attack skills with which to scream into Ventrilo. You can't really play a Warrior without a burning passion and justice on your side. That's why I have my own theme song.
Position in the Guild: Spectacular Insane Leader

Handle: Derek Ravenclaw
Location: Washington, USA
Gaming Background: PvE MMORPGs
Preferred Character: Monk/Mesmer Life Bonder with Signet of Midnight and Mantra of Inscriptions. If Rangers or Warriors are messing around with you (and they will be, since you're the bonder), you can blind them! They won't make that mistake twice!
Position in the Guild: Captain Commander of the Angry Businessmens War Division

Handle: Sirius Bizinuez
Location: North Carolina, USA
Gaming Background: I don't play games.
Preferred Character: Ranger/Monk. This is the best PvE class, and will guarantee you invites to any random pickup group you encounter, especially in Grenth's Footprint. Not only can you help destroy the enemy, you can help heal your party using Healing Prayers!
Position in the Guild: Suave Captain of the Kitchens

Handle: Samyel
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Gaming Background: Solitaire, MMOs
Preferred Character: Monk. I'm probably the only real Monk in the guild. Usually we run a lot of people with Monk as their secondary, since we don't have many primary Monk players, but all of the effective healing spells really come from my hands! I also like how the female Monks look; it matches my real-life look better than any other class, since I am a girl, too.
Position in the Guild: General of English

Handle: lazuliM
Location: Internet
Gaming Background: Track record of holding highest ranks in guilds without ever actually playing.
Preferred Character: Calling strategies and tactics over Ventrilo without actually being in the match.
Position in the Guild: High Chancellor

Handle: Tap Tap
Location: Michigan, USA
Gaming Background: PvP 100%, except for that 23% when I'm running our teammates around Tyria.
Preferred Character: Monk. It's a lot of fun to heal and protect, plus I get to keep our team angry with my nicely timed "non-heals."
Position in the Guild: Angry Bovine Master

Handle: Sam-
Location: Ontario, Canada
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS, MMO
Preferred Character: Mostly Ranger, simply because I read up on a build involving a Ranger/Mesmer that looked pretty powerful, and I have been sticking to it ever since.
Position in the Guild: Guild Dojo Owner and Facilitator

Handle: Premade Avatar
Location: Arkansas, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Anything, but mostly a Monk because it's hard (I'm a control freak and won't relinquish the responsibility of using Protective Spirit to anyone else).
Position in the Guild: Director in Charge of Affairs

Handle: David the Humanitarian
Location: Washington, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: Life-Bonding Monk with Signet of Midnight for blinding any attackers that come near!
Position in the Guild: Interpersonal Communications Liaison

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