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Guild of the Week: Order of Dii (Dii)

Celebrating its one year anniversary this month, The Order of Dii was formed at the end of the Guild Wars World Preview Event. Dii was created specifically for this event, and was made up of players acquainted with one another from a previous gaming community (one which you may already have discerned). The guild’s membership soon found themselves hooked on Guild Wars, and it was decided that the guild would continue on together from that point.

Dii maintains a balanced outlook on playing Guild Wars, choosing to focus on both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game. As a part of this philosophy, Dii allows any of its members to participate in all of the aspects of the game, including GvG. The guild chooses not to exclude people on the basis of their talent, but rather to include players of all levels of skill so that everyone has a chance to experience the rush of a competitive match.

The guild’s roster, now just under 60 members, includes players from a variety of locales around the world. Despite their diverse backgrounds, members of Dii share a common respect not only for their guildmates, but for the Guild Wars community at large. As the guild has grown it has seen many changes, but its goals have remained the same. With this growth, Dii looks toward a future of making a greater name for themselves and earning recognition for that which is most important to them: having fun.

Strategy: PvE Discussion

When approaching the PvE aspects of Guild Wars, Dii members prefer to take their time and focus on helping guildmates through their progression of the game, rather than to focus on “rushing” or constant farming for the best equipment. For playing through PvE, Dii offers the following advice:

  • In the face of seemingly insurmountable enemy forces, your best bet is to find a location where your party is safe and remain there to observe your foes. Enemies will often follow a pattern of movement, and by recognizing this, you can determine the most opportune moment to strike. Singling out enemy groups to pull them to you can be made easier by carrying either a longbow or a flatbow, as they have the longest attacking range. Even if your group does not have a Ranger, bows are still an effective means of pulling aggro.
  • When playing through missions or explorable areas, be certain to study the skills that the enemies are using. Even if you fail at a mission, you will still have gained valuable information that you can use to reassess strategies for your next attempt. For example, in the mission Thunderhead Keep, knockdown can be a common problem thanks to the Giant Stomps of the Dolyak Riders. Knowing this, Warriors can use the Balanced Stance skill in order to prevent these interruptions. This can be particularly useful for Monks with a Warrior subclass, allowing them to better avoid interruption from knockdowns.

Strategy: PvP Discussion

Currently residing within the top 100 guilds on the Guild Wars Ladder, Dii prefers to participate in GvG battles. They find the competition to be of the highest caliber, and that the tactics required to win are commensurate to that challenge. The straight fight between two guilds is another appealing factor of GvG for Dii, as they can concentrate on having a good match with their opponents, and not worrying about two teams ganging up on another. The guild also prefers to run balanced builds, as opposed to “gimmick” or one-trick builds. Dii has a few words of advice to share for PvP play:

  • Play with the members of your guild, and play with them often. Knowing the play styles of the members on your team is valuable in all aspects of the game. The most intricately designed builds or the most ingenious strategies can all be for naught without the unspoken coordination that comes from knowing how your team members will act and react.
  • Try to catch your enemies off guard with your called targets. Dii will often start by attacking a random target—an Elementalist for example—so that the opposing team will move quickly to use their Protection spells on the vulnerable character. While attacking this character may seem pointless to the other team, in reality it allows Dii’s Warriors to quickly build up their Adrenaline. When the group is ready, they will rapidly switch targets and unload their damage in rapid succession. With the enemy having spent its time and energy focusing on protecting one target, they may be thrown off balance by the sudden switch, making it easier to fell the real target.
  • When playing in multiple team matches in Tombs, use the other teams against each other. If you find your group dwindling or outnumbered, you can dart between your opponents and essentially force a face-off between the two other groups. While they are joined in battle, you may be able to slip off to resurrect your team members or to reorganize for your next attack. If you are at full strength, you could go through one of the groups and exercise a pincer movement to flank them.

Member Profiles

Meet some of the members of The Order of Dii:

Handle: Xircon
Broad Location: Oregon, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs and FPS
Preferred Character: I prefer Warriors and Monks. With Warriors, I like the Bleeding skills because there is nothing like watching someone running away to bleed to death. Healing Monks I like because of the challenge and feeling of keeping a team alive. It is non-stop action.

Handle: Diab The Vindicator
Broad Location: New York, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I play Sword Warriors mostly, with a Monk secondary, usually with some Smiting skills and Vital Blessing for that extra Health.

Handle: Zero Djinn
Broad Location: Redditch, England
Gaming Background: RPGs and RTS
Preferred Character: Has to be my Ranger. I’ve been playing Rangers since the first WPE and have never looked back. I play a mixture of roles with her, be it melee, Beastmaster, trapper, or archer.

Handle: Plottski
Broad Location: Kansas, USA
Gaming Background: Mostly FPS or RTS, and in Guild Wars it’s all about the PvP.
Preferred Character: I prefer the Arcane powers of the Mesmer. Being able to totally shut down a caster is a lot of fun.

Handle: Undead
Broad Location: Michigan, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs and FPS
Preferred Character: My preferred character is anything non-mainstream—to me it isn’t fun playing cookie-cutter builds that someone else came up with. Generally I like to play a Necromancer of some sort. Necromancers and Mesmers have some powerful spells that many people don’t even realize exist.

Handle: Tsume
Broad Location: Texas, USA
Gaming Background: RPGs, FPS, and RTS
Preferred Character: I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades but my first character was a Mesmer, and I will always be a Mesmer at heart. I share the sentiments of Undead in that I can’t stand doing something overly typical. I love the Mesmer, but you will never see me playing something like a Fragility-Virulence spike build.

Handle: Happy
Broad Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
Gaming Background: RPGs and RTS
Preferred Character: My preferred class is a Warrior. I like to charge Adrenaline skills and then switch to a different target and unload them. I always carry some sort of sprint skill.

Handle: Bowie
Broad Location: Maryland, USA
Gaming Background: P&P RPGs, console RPGs
Preferred Character: Healing Monk. I attempt to use skills and tactics that will in part compensate for the effects of getting old, and my general lack of computer/keyboard skills.

Handle: Minelle Tempest
Broad Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Gaming Background: Varied
Preferred Character: I started out as a pure Healing Monk, but have since expanded to playing a Beastmaster and various incarnations of an Elementalist/Necromancer. I despise playing any kind of Warriors, whereas Mesmers are still a blank for me.

Handle: Clash
Broad Location: Connecticut, USA
Gaming Background: Varied
Preferred Character: I enjoy trying out all sorts of skill combinations, but I usually play as a primary Warrior or Mesmer in PvP, as they excel in their ability to cause chaos and confusion among the opposing team.

Handle: Goo
Broad Location: England
Gaming Background: RPGs
Preferred Character: I love Monks and Mesmers; I think that being able to play one well means you have an advantage over the other. When not GvGing, I like to constantly experiment with silly ideas in the Arenas!

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